#3 read story of `21: Covid kills more vaxxed Vermonters than unvaxxed for third straight month (November 30)

Deaths per capita still higher among unvaxxed

By Guy Page

Editor’s note, Dec. 31 – several online commenters said the headline should have balanced the accurate fact that more vaccinated Vermonters died with the equally accurate fact that the death rate among the unvaccinated was higher. The secondary headline above was added the following day.

For the third consecutive month, a majority of Vermont residents who died of Covid-19 were vaccinated. 

59.4% of November Covid-19 fatalities were fully vaccinated. In October, 58% were fully vaccinated, according to statistics provided today by State of Vermont statistician Erik Filkorn of Buildings and General Services (BGS). 

In September, 76% of Vermont fatalities were Covid-19 ‘breakthrough’ cases who had been vaccinated (no breakdown between partially and fully vaccinated), according to data from the Vermont Department of Health. 

As shown by the data (republished verbatim) sent this morning by Filkorn to Vermont Daily Chronicle, the rate of fatalities per capita was about 50% higher both October and November among the unvaccinated. At present, 72.9% of Vermonters are fully vaccinated.

From Oct 1 –31:

Among VT Residents there were:

Fully vaccinated deaths: 26 (rate of .61 per 10,000 residents).

Partially vaccinated deaths: 0

Unvaccinated Deaths: 19 (rate of .97 per 10,000 residents).

From Nov 1 – Nov 30:

Among VT Residents there were:

Fully vaccinated deaths: 19 (rate of .44 per 10,000 residents).

Partially vaccinated deaths: 0

Unvaccinated Deaths: 13 (rate of .69 per 10,000 residents).

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  1. But, UVM Medical Center is stating that the vast majority of deaths have been unvaxxed patients. The real whole truth is being manipulated on purpose by officials who work for us, the people. Just how many of those officials are making money off of the so called vaccines?????

  2. There’s hardly an unvaccinated Vermonter left, so it should be pretty obvious that more vaccinated than unvaccinated Vermonters would die from a vaccine which, as is widely known, is not 100% effective.

    • Do you seriously believe that there were zero partly vaccinated covid deaths for two months? No, what’s happening is that the partly vaccinated are being counted as “unvaccinated.”

      Bear in mind that people who are in the two-week waiting period post vaccination are more vulnerable to severe disease than if they had not been vaccinated.

  3. THAT’S CRAZY! Just like the woke administration we are being exposed to and should get inoculated against.

  4. Again I have to ask, What treatments or therapies were given to these Covid patients who died??? Was the treatment given too late???? Why???? Who is responsible for these deaths???


    • Agreed, Mary! The US has been dramatically slow in approving new therapies & then not even ordering sufficient supplies. Other already approved remedies that many doctors & even other countries use with success – are discouraged & even disallowed here.

      I call this genocide. NEVER thought I’d see it in this nation, but what other plausible explanation is there?

      • There is none, you hit the nail right on the head!! The CDC, FDA, FAUCI, AND ALL THE OTHER EVILS are just that, pure Evil!!! Politics and Greed, no regard for human lives.

  5. Deaths higher rate among the “unvaccinated,” which includes those with one dose and the vaccinated in the highly-vulnerable two-week waiting period. Only those who are fully unvaccinated should be included in the unvaccinated category.

    Don’t believe the official propaganda about the clotshots.

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