2A supporters encouraged to attend speech by anti-gun professor

Gun Owners of Vermont is encouraging Second Amendment supporters to attend the upcoming lecture in Springfield by Marlboro College’s anti-gun Professor of Politics Meg Mott: “Do We Still Need an Armed Citizenry?” Tuesday Sept 21 at 6 PM at 96 Main St.

According to a Facebook post by GoVT president Eric Davis, Mott has given a series of previous lectures and written op-eds in which she argues that the right to keep and bear arms is an outdated relic and the idea that the individual right to armed self-defense is some sort of new right granted by the Supreme Court, rather than what the founders intended.

This event was originally scheduled to occur at the Springfield library, but after a few inquisitive emails, the location was changed to the town hall with minimal notification. The speech will be held on the third floor of Springfield Town Hall, 96 Main Street, Springfield.

The Eventbrite notification for Mott’s speech (which is free) states: “For most of its life, the Second Amendment was a very sleepy amendment. Unlike the First Amendment, which quickly raised the vexing problem of what speech is protected, the Second Amendment received very little attention from cities and states until after the 9/11 attacks.”

The speech is sponsored by the Vermont Humanities Council, a non-profit established by the Vermont Legislature with programs is funded by private grants and some federal Covid-19 money.

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  1. “she(MS. Mott) argues that the right to keep and bear arms is an outdated relic and the idea that the individual right to armed self-defense is some sort of new right granted by the Supreme Court, rather than what the founders intended.”

    That there would ever be a doubt or an alternate reality where the individual citizen’s right to defend themselves, or family was just so foreign to people at the time of our revolution that it needn’t be mentioned is probably the reason that it was not specifically mentioned. That the SCOTUS has ruled that personal possession of a firearm in defense of one’s self is Constitutional to me is just affirmation of this. That the State of Vermont does spell this out very succinctly in the Constitution of the State of Vermont, should at least give Ms.Mott pause to argue the point that she, and her ilk continue to raise in an attempt to neuter the U.S. Constitution, leaving citizens as lambs to the slaughter. (sheeple)

    Article 16 of the Constitution of the State of Vermont
    “That the people have a right to bear arms for the defense of themselves and the State, and as standing armies in time of peace are dangerous to liberty, they ought not to be kept up, and that the military should be kept under strict subordination to and governed by the civil power.”

  2. We need protection more than ever now since the lawmakers are diverting away fro the constitution and are passing laws contrary to common law!

  3. Many science-fiction series contain some kind of hand-held ranged disabling device (usually either called a “stunner” or merely “set to stun”). Until such time when humans have access to these devices, small arms remain the least destructive implement that actually confers something approaching equality between people.
    Given the copious examples in history of governments massacring their own people, and the ever-increasing nuttiness of British attempts to eliminate violence by outlawing anything pointy, I find it more and more difficult to believe that advocates for disarmament are merely naïve.

  4. The ability to defend oneself is even more important now that there is defunding of law enforcement, more violent/ drug/ gang violence and attitude that violent offenders should not be incarcerated.
    Law enforcement cannot be everywhere and are only notified after the incident has occurred.

  5. We all know once the government forced everyone to wear a useless mask the next step is to disarm the populace. They are trying even now to eliminate the surplus of ammunition. Once the disarming of Americans happens then we will be a police state. Inner cities are combat zones the fringe alt left moonbats have no plan to address we clearly see so will it be everywhere once the left begin the end of Our Constitution.

  6. I was going to attend the lecture, but thought better of it. This is a speech by an anti-gun professor whose mind is made up and who will be extremely well prepared. Therefore, the only purpose to attend would be to present a counterpoint to the audience. However, this is not a moderated debate where the opposing arguments will be given a fair hearing. On the contrary, the professor supposedly loves to argue, and I see someone not sufficiently fast on his/her feet being trampled. I suggest that this rigged forum is best avoided as there is a real danger of doing more harm than good. If someone wanted to give a scholarly presentation about the relevance of the 2nd Amendment in the 21st century I wonder if Springfield would allow it. Perhaps someone well versed in the subject should try. I’d go to that one.

  7. Yes MS. Mott take away our guns and we will end just like what is happening in Australia!!! If she thinks guns are that bad then don’t but one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I was kind of one of the protagonists that notified a BUNCH of people in my town in regards to this. Yet, I missed the sign-up . An overflow crowd is a GOOD thing. I just might be in the overflow group outside.

  9. If guns kill people, likewise, 🖋️ pens, 🖊️ ✏️ and pencils, chalk, and computers create skillful or amateur sentence structures. This Prof probably wants to defund the police, too It’s okay to murder infants through full term, but we must abolish capital punishment. These are what this nutty professor believes, and I don’t know her, but I know she’s a Bernie communist.

  10. If the presenter thinks that only after 9/11 towns and cities took notice of domestic security, she is misguided. Firearms have always been an important aspect to we Americans. Now, at this time, more than ever, we fear for our family’s safety and security. We are faced with rioting mobs, dangerous gangs, street side shootings, political, racial and social upheavals. Cities right here in Vermont are downsizing or discontinuing police services. Fire Departments cannot answer 911 calls for help. Homes, businesses, churches are all subject to attack. Law officers are avoiding areas of dangerous behavior. Whole areas of cities are being held hostage by criminals. So what should we citizens do? Welcome the rabble and let them burn, destroy and injure or kill? This is an example of educators (and politicians) doing their most, to allow and encourage us to be under the control of outside influences and eliminate our loyalty, respect, pride and appreciation of that which is our American Way of Life. Even our Work Ethic is being compromised. Now, for lack of a better term, mobs are attacking our Southern borders, completely with no sense of order or control. And you would propose to take our only personal protection? What would you have us do? We would be our last line of protection for our family? Throw rocks? That would be frowned on as hostile!

  11. What part of any of it does nobody get? The NWO has an agenda – this Mott also has an agenda and she along with others like her bring a whole new meaning to brainwashed, programmed or the like. Their plan has been spinning for a LONG time and given that they have basically lost their battle their 16 year push (8 years of tear down assigned to Mr. O and 8 year clean up assigned to HRC – a laugh) to toss their threats at us was divinely interrupted in 2016. As they licked their wounds and regrouped those threats hit full speed. Connect the dots people – this is America – land of the free – home of the brave – we will not be stripped of anymore, but try as they may only some will fall for the plot as great numbers are waking up every day as we the people reach the numbers and the momentum to fight back – guns in hand if need be. Our forefathers were guided by the heavens in writing the Constitution for just such a day as this!

    Keep searching!

  12. The only thing keeping the Chinese from physically invading the US, is the Right to bear arms, and we have millions of them and ammo!

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