28 months for dealing fentanyl at sober house

Two ODs day after drug deal

A Vermont woman received a 28-month sentence March 15 for dealing fentanyl at a Burlington sober house, resulting in two overdose deaths.

Brittany Busby, 31, formerly of Washington, Vermont, was sentenced on March 15, in federal court in Rutland to 28 months of imprisonment following her guilty plea to distributing fentanyl. Judge Geoffrey Crawford also ordered that Busby serve three years of supervised released and pay $250 restitution to the family of a victim.

On September 26, 2022, Busby pleaded guilty to distributing fentanyl. According to court records and proceedings, Busby was a resident of Northern Lights, a transitional housing program for women located in Burlington.

Before it was closed on June 30, 2021, Northern Lights was intended to provide a sober living environment, as well as vocational training, substance abuse treatment, medical care, and other programming for women to reenter the community.

On January 11, 2021, while at Northern Lights, Busby distributed fentanyl to at least one other Northern Lights resident. On January 12, Burlington Police responded to Northern Lights and found that two Northern Lights residents had fatally overdosed after using fentanyl and other controlled substances.

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  1. 3 people dead and gave a slap on the wrist, in comparison to her and a slap in the face of 250 dollars to one victims family. I guess our justice system doesn’t value a life much do they! PLEA BARGAINS NEED TO GO

  2. This is a big risk whenever you gather together people in recovery, voluntary or mandated, and from any type of addiction (substance, psychological): there is never a better market for dealers. Dealers therefor cluster around these groups, and relapse becomes a matter of time. Make no mistake: I am not sure of how to make it better, but there has to be SOMETHING. Everyone has made mistakes, and these people deserve a fair chance to pull out of their downward spiral without dealers preying on their vulnerabilities.

  3. Where did the fetanyl come from? Noticing since the USA is no longer in Afghanistan (the land of poppy fields) the heroin slowed down and replaced with fetanyl. The number of overdoses and seizures of copious amounts of fetanyl is a daily occurance and skyrocketing? A drug more lethal and toxic than heroin? A weapon of mass destruction? Until the profiteers are taken down and brought to justice (real justice, not Soros financed justice) don’t expect any changes and more lives destroyed and eliminated.

  4. Like we have a problem defining what is a “woman” these days, it seems we also have a problem with defining exactly what is a “sober house”. When dealing with addiction, let’s just admit that the honor system cannot be used reliably. The use of the phrase “sober house” is mainly invoked during the phase of the project to sell the idea to neighbors and skeptical municipal officials.

  5. The fake regime profiteers from both the drug and the addict. The grifter non-profits who pretend to help take their cut off the taxpayer funded “programs.” The politicians and the justice system take their cut from the sale and distribution. If that were not the case, there would be no illegal drug problem. As 45 pointed out, there is no problem like this in China because the death penalty is an effective deterent.