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’22 homicide rate highest in almost 30 yrs / High fuel costs slow weatherization / the Flash runs out of legal options

WCAXSoaring fuel costs exacerbate weatherization contractor backlog
WCAXVt. homicide rate in ‘22 highest in nearly 3 decades
WCAXDid rap video keep alleged Burlington shooter behind bars?
WCAXVt. lawmakers move forward to establish reconciliation commission
WCAXVermont debates how to use opioid settlement windfall
VT DiggerFinal Reading: Waiting for the price tag on child care reform
Seven DaysBurlington Allows Parish to Demolish Historic Cathedral
WCAXHollywood actor, Ezra Miller agrees to change plea to avoid jail time
WCAXRutland School Board agrees to ‘Rutland’ name for new mascot

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  1. Truth: Some stuff happened. 90 years ago. No one alive now was here then. Reconciliation: Don’t waste time, money and angst on this garbage. LEAVE US ALONE, WOKE PEOPLE. LET US MOVE ON.

  2. In regards to the article “Vt. lawmakers move forward to establish reconciliation commission”. What a bunch of intellectually challenged boobs ! Just for gits and schiggles let me confirm what these people are saying about me. I am a sixty six year old white male, and I am responsible for every inequity that has ever, or will ever occur in this world . Please take my God given rights, civil rights, truck, house, and any monetary holdings I may have acquired over the years. because I’m a baaaddddd boy ! Yea right !

  3. So it was bad when the State sterilized people in the 30’s, but now it’s fine for the State to use teachers to secretly convince your kid they’re the wrong gender and… sterilize them. Because “reproductive autonomy.” Got it.

  4. I see WCAX feels obliged to tell us that the violent criminals escalating Vermont’s murder rates are 83% male. What else do they have in common? And why can’t we even mention it? Until we can, we can’t make a good faith, conscientious effort to make things better. We’ll just keep blaming everyone but those who actually bear the responsibility. Anarcho-tyranny is a real thing, folks, and it’s 10% malice and 90% naive, emotional stupidity.