126 MPH on I-89, 3 other 100+ MPH speeding busts since Thursday

Three men, all from out-of-state, were stopped and cited for speeding over 100 MPH on I-89 in separate incidents this weekend. Also, on Thursday a Vergennes man was cited for traveling 100 MPH in a 45 rural MPH zone. 

At 7:35 PM Friday Dec. 2, state troopers conducting speed enforcement on I-89 in Berlin confirmed via radar a vehicle traveling 126 mph, which is 61 mph above the posted speed limit. The vehicle was also passing unsafely and weaving in and out of traffic. The vehicle was stopped without incident and the operator was identified as Shammael Simon (22) of E Weymouth MA. He was mailed a speeding ticket for $889 and 2 Points on his license, and was issued a citation to appear in court for negligent operation.

At 11 PM on Saturday, Dec. 3, state troopers stopped a vehicle traveling south on I-89 in Bethel travelling south at speeds exceeding 107 MPH. Morgan Gill, 31, of Hartford, CT was arrested and issued a citation to appear in Windsor Superior Court on January 31.

At 10 PM on Sunday, Dec. 4, troopers conducted a traffic stop on I-89 south in Royalton. Police say the vehicle, driven by Mathias Wakilongo, 21, of Manchester NH, was traveling 109 MPH in a posted 65 MPH zone. Wakilongo was cited to appear in court for careless and negligent operation. 

(The state police press releases do not mention any fine or points for Gill or Wakilongo.)

Also, at 6:36 PM Thursday December 1, Timothy Gebo, 31, of Vergennes, was stopped for traveling at 100 mph in a 45 mph zone – Rte. 17, Town Hill Road in New Haven. Gebo was given a speeding ticket for $806 and eight points on his license, and released with a citation to appear in court January 16 to answer to the charge of negligent operation and excessive speed.

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  1. “Rights & Democracy VT”, the Burlington City Council, George Soros’ $, Sarah George & the VT legislators all deserve gratitude for the “diversity” they have effectively ushered into the Green Mountain State.

    Despite this grand achievement – for what must be completely unrelated reasons, our state is no longer the safest, crime is rampant, Real Estate values are beginning to decline, police are understaffed, businesses are closing up, and tourism is decreasing in many areas. And what more do they wish now? Why, MORE low-income housing, but of course!!!!!!!!!!

    As always: The democrat “progressives” are successful! Successful in their quest to create fear, chaos, poverty, additional addiction, & reliance upon government (which is designed to be OF the people, BY the people, & FOR the people) all in an attempt to implement socialism.

    But as a DIRECT result of a biased media that censors, lies through omission & propagandizes on behalf of the DNC – as well as a public that remains largely uninformed and/or apathetic —- this lunacy reigns!!!!

    • Luckily for the regressive far left politicians they have successfully brainwashed unthinking Vermonters into constantly voting against their own best interests.

  2. Think of the imminent danger to the innocent, especially children from these speed monsters…instead of a kiss on the wrists for these demonics…suspend licenses for years…they are the lurking potential murderers running amok on our highways…where are you, pansied legislators…take a stand!

  3. Need harder sanctions for this stuff. Jail time. More than a year. In addition to permanent loss of license. And large fine.

  4. Does anyone else notice – I see some seriously dangerous bonehead maneuvers on the road in recent months. Not only involving excessive speeding, but running through red lights, stop signs, unsignalled abrupt turns, etc. I hear many complaining in other places seeing similar things…it’s getting pretty dangerous just to trek to the local store and back.

  5. Like everything in the VT justice system, this is a slap on the wrist. Until criminals who put others in danger start being punished accordingly, nothing will change.