12 U.S. agencies pushed Covid censorship

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Over 50 Biden Administration Employees, 12 US Agencies Involved in Social Media Censorship Push – Documents | 6 Sept 2022 | More than 50 officials in Joe Biden’s regime across a dozen agencies have been involved with efforts to pressure Big Tech companies to crack down on alleged misinformation, according to documents released on Aug. 31. Senior officials in the U.S. government, including White House lawyer Dana Remus, deputy assistant to the president Rob Flaherty, and onetime White House senior COVID-19 adviser Andy Slavitt, have been in touch with one or more major social media companies to try to get the companies to tighten rules on allegedly false and misleading information on COVID-19, and take action against users who violate the rules, the documents show… The documents were part of a preliminary production in a lawsuit levied against the government by the attorneys general of Missouri and Louisiana, later joined by experts maligned by federal officials. Plaintiffs said the massive pressure campaign amounted to a “Censorship Enterprise” because it involved so many officials and agencies. Responses from the Big Tech companies also revealed more officials involved with the effort.

CDC Gave Facebook Misinformation About COVID-19 Vaccines, Emails Show | 6 Sept 2022 | The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) passed misinformation to Facebook as the partners worked to combat misinformation, according to newly released emails, in the most recent example of CDC officials making false or misleading claims. In a June 3 message, a Facebook official said the CDC had helped the company to “debunk claims about COVID vaccines and children,” and asked for assistance addressing claims about the vaccines for babies and toddlers, including the claim that the [often deadly] vaccines weren’t effective. Several weeks later, after U.S. regulators authorized the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines for young children and the CDC recommended them, a CDC official responded by offering unsupported information. “Claims that COVID-19 vaccines are ineffective for children ages 6 months to 4 years are false and belief in such claims could lead to back vaccine hesitancy,” the CDC official wrote. The names of all of the officials mentioned in this story were redacted in the emails, which were released as part of ongoing litigation against the U.S. government.

Judge Orders Fauci, Other Top Officials to Produce Records for Big Tech-Government Censorship Lawsuit | 6 Sept 2022 | Dr. Anthony Fauci, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, and other top Biden administration officials who were resisting efforts to obtain their communications with Big Tech companies must hand over the records, a federal judge ruled on Sept. 6. U.S. District Judge Terry Doughty, a Trump appointee, ordered the government to quickly produce documents after it was sued by the attorneys general of Louisiana and Missouri over alleged collusion with Big Tech firms such as Facebook. The initial tranche of discovery, released on Aug. 31, revealed that more than 50 government officials across a dozen agencies were involved in applying pressure to social media companies to censor users. But some of the officials refused to provide any answers, or answer all questions posed by the plaintiffs. Among them: Fauci, who serves as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and chief medical adviser to Joe Biden… In the new ruling on Tuesday breaking the stalemate, Doughty said both Fauci and Jean-Pierre needed to comply with the interrogatories and record requests. 

Study Found ‘Foreign Metal-Like Objects’ in 94 Percent of Sample Group of Symptomatic People Who Took mRNA Vaccines – Italian Doctors –Among a study sample of over 1,000 people who developed symptoms, researchers found ‘graphene-family super-structures’ | 7 Sept 2022 | Three Italian surgeons conducted a study analyzing blood from 1,006 people who developed symptoms after they got a Pfizer/BioNTech or Moderna mRNA injection and found 94 percent of them to have “aggregation of erythrocytes and the presence of particles of various shapes and sizes of unclear origin,” one month after inoculation. Erythrocytes are a type of red blood cell that carries oxygen and carbon dioxide. “What seems plain enough is that metallic particles resembling graphene oxide and possibly other metallic compounds…have been included in the cocktail of whatever the manufacturers have seen fit to put in the so-called mRNA ‘vaccines,'” the authors wrote in the study’s discussion and conclusions. Franco Giovannini, Riccardo Benzi Cipelli, and Gianpaolo Pisano, are the surgeons who authored the study, which was published on Aug. 12 in the International Journal of Vaccine Theory, practice, and Research (IJVTPR). 

Excess Mortality Doubled for Americans Aged 35 to 44 – Edward Dowd on New Society of Actuaries Data –American Thought Leaders | 6 Sept 2022 | A former Wall Street analyst and BlackRock portfolio manager, Edward Dowd has been analyzing excess mortality data from the CDC and from insurance companies with his partner, Josh Stirling, an insurance analyst. Excess mortality or excess deaths refers to the number of deaths from all causes above what would be expected under normal circumstances. Earlier this year, the CEO of a major life insurance company said death rates among working-age Americans had gone up 40 percent from pre-pandemic levels. A recent report by the Society of Actuaries now reinforces this alarming data, Dowd says. “In the 25 to 34 [age group], they saw 78 percent excess mortality in the third quarter of 2021. They also saw, in the 35 to 44 age group, 100 percent excess mortality,” Dowd says. (Video)

Canadian leaders weigh ‘online harm’ bills which would further restrict free speech | 6 Sept 2022 | Political leaders in Canada are moving forward with plans to impose further restrictions on online free speech. They have assembled an “expert advisory group” to develop so-called “online harm” bills which will hold online service providers “responsible for addressing harmful content on their platforms and creating a safe online space that protects all Canadians,” according to the government’s website. However, others worry that the Canadian government is stoking fears regarding hate speech, child exploitation, the sharing of non-consensual images, incitements to violence, and terrorism — all of which are already illegal — to pass sweeping restrictions against free speech that the government just doesn’t like. Douglas Blair, an American writing for the Daily Signal, warns that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s “brand of authoritarian speech-policing” may soon metastasize in the U.S. Citing Trudeau’s stringent crackdown on the truckers of the Freedom Convoy, who were protesting continued government shutdowns earlier this year, Blair claims that elites in both Canada and America “will ruthlessly enforce orthodoxy toward leftist positions and accuse peaceful protests against them as hateful.”

Winter is coming: Prague’s 70,000-strong protest shows what’s in store for Europe –The recent demonstration saw Czechs rally against NATO and the EU amid a looming energy crisis | Around 70,000 people gathered in Prague’s Wenceslas Square on Saturday to demand the resignation of their government in response to what they see as a failure to address the ongoing energy crisis. The protesters were also explicitly against the two foremost Western institutions that the formerly Eastern-aligned nation is a part of, namely the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Biden Requested Trump FBI Action – Proof | 5 Sept 2022 | On August 8, the FBI executed a search warrant against the estate of former President Donald Trump, raiding his home called Mar-a-Lago, in Palm Beach, Florida. The next day, Joe Biden denied having anything to do with it, or having any knowledge of it. Proof is now out in a government court filing which proves Biden arranged the whole debacle. In a filing in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida (SDFL), the government, in its own paperwork, admits: “On May 10, 2022, NARA informed Plaintiff that it would proceed providing the FBI access to the records in question, as requested by the incumbent President…” Here are the images from that government filing…

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  1. Any fast vaccine response to a pandemic involves evolving science, not settled science so government and media attacks on “misinformation” are to be treated with great skepticism and scrutiny. After this pandemic and the subsequent shutdown of businesses, churches etc, disruptions to economies, and vaccine mandates with threats to the livelihoods of those who are vaccine-cautious, and all the other infringements on civil liberties, the seriously inconvenienced inhabitants of this planet are now entitled to some answers. The big question is: where did this plague come from?…was it man made or spontaneous in origin?…and did governments and Big Pharma play parts in disseminating their own “misinformation” in the interest of control and profits???

  2. Glad this is finally getting some public awareness. We’ve not only been forced to wear masks, but we’ve had the wool being pulled over our eyes.

    • First and foremost, nobody “forced” you to do anything. I never wore a mask or got a “clot shot”. If some store hassled me, I simply said “Show me the law” and if they still wouldn’t let me transact my business without a mask, I said “Guess you’d better call a cop then”. No one did. Nor have I patronized any stores that hassled me since, just as I told them I would do. Get woke, go broke, right?

      So, YOU locked yourself down. YOU put that mask on. YOU didn’t stand up for your rights. I couldn’t find anywhere in the Constitution that said “You have the right to XYZ, UNLESS there’s a mandate”.

      Bottom line, mandates, executive orders, and whatever authoritarian sounding terms you can come up with do not carry the weight of law. Legally speaking, they are “suggestions”, nothing more, nothing less.

      Butbutbutbutbut, you say, it’s a MANDATE. To which I give the following example. Let’s say VT loses its collective mind and elects me governor. Being male, I appreciate the female form, so I mandate all women between the ages of 18 and 45 must go topless when outside from June through August. Are you going to blindly follow my mandate, call me out as a stupid imbecile, or will you just defy my mandate because, well, it IS stupid.

      I think I know the answer.

      Doesn’t anyone remember real science? Like “Any living organism’s first priority is to multiply. If it’s a deadly organism, it has to mutate to be less deadly… to survive”. Therefore, SARS-Cov-2 has to follow that pattern – larger spread, fewer dead”. How about “Sunlight kills viruses via vitamin D and ultraviolet light”? How about “Trying to stop a virus with a mask is like trying to stop mosquitoes with a chain-link fence”? How about “If I pass gas and you smell it through my underwear, my pants, and your mask, maybe your mask isn’t doing much for you”. And on and on and on.

      And to top it all off, I don’t know anyone who had worse than flu symptoms from SARS-Cov-2, but I do know someone who died from the clot shot – my sister – who had a clean bill of health, got convinced to take the clot shot, then died of myocarditis 3-4 weeks later.

      Your life is your life. If you want to live it bowing down to everyone who “knows better than you”, go ahead. It’s a free country, at least for a little while yet. I choose to enjoy the time I have left, and I enjoy waking people up. I hope I’ve gotten you at least started on that path.

      • Butbutbutbutbut, you say,… Tell that to the hundreds of military service folks who have been discharged for refusing the vaccine mandate. Or the 34,000 healthcare workers who lost their jobs for refusing the mandate. Or the 2.3 million Walmart employees, alone, who were required to take the vaccine. Not to mention Federal, State and Municipal employees.

        Sure, it’s your life. If you can afford to lose your job and your house and feed yourself and your family.

        Doomsday preppers are getting ready for more than the mere colapse of western society. It’s the inevitable tyranny that precedes the colapse that will get you first.

      • I’m glad you didn’t experience pushback but my sister was forced to make a Decision to wear the mask or lose 29 years of dedicated loyal time as a teacher with one left before retiring ,or be fired .She retired . It was a disgrace .When the Vt Governor says no one was forced or affected by the mandates with such pride, he was uninformed or refused to listen .Many were .There are many ways to force people to do something.

  3. Is there any compensation for those who refuse to comply with a lie? Is there any compensation for those forced to comply with a lie? Is there any compensation for the victims of the bioweapon and the experimental jab? Time to demand Covid Reparations? Get full compensation from Fauci and Billy Gates’s assets including every bureaucrat, elected official, medical professional, and employer who backed the “science” and committed crimes against humanity.

    • It’s not a lie. It’s a ‘conspiracy theory’. And it’s a racist conspiracy theory put forth by white supremacists, misogynists, and homophobes. On MSNBC they’re claiming that these MAGA fascists have some sort of derangement virus. It’s the proverbial pot calling the kettle black. The differences are irreconcilable. Conflict seems to be inevitable.

  4. Using the Gov.’t to CENSOR info-outlets IS a violation of the 1st Amendment and an IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE, period..Swearing to uphold and “defend the Constitution” under oath upon taking office then violating it by CENSORING SPEECH & not enforcing immigration & other laws is IMPEACHABLE. Would Pee Wee Welch or any other party members do to Biden what BOTH parties did to Nixon in 1974? I doubt it, thank God for the sane in other states who WILL vote out the hacks in 60+ days from now!

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