11 deaths, 68 serious Vermont vaccine ‘adverse events’ reported

By Guy Page

As of July 9, 11 Vermont deaths from Covid-19 vaccination have been reported on the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), according to research conducted for Vermont Daily.

Vermont Health Dept. Commissioner Mark Levine said VAERS reports are not verified as accurate by health professionals. “The reality is they are just raw reports,” he said at today’s press conference.

However, merely finding a VAERS report on the cumbersome CDC website is not a simple task. Filing one is daunting. Also, falsifying a VAERS report is a federal crime punishable by imprisonment. 

There are no reported incidences of vaccine-related Guillan-Barre syndrome, which has emerged as a major concern worldwide. 

Serious adverse events total 68, per the breakdown by age below:

Many reports from the link above resemble the report about a woman who survived: “Patient experienced dizziness, numb tongue, difficulty swallowing, difficulty breathing, and inability to move arms and legs. The patient had no COVID prior vaccination and had not tested post vaccination. Therapeutic measures were taken as a result of the events which included: Epinephrine, ER treatment, and Prednisone. The events resulted in: Emergency room care and life threatening illness.”

Of those 68 serious adverse events, 8 occurred same day.

Of those 68 serious adverse events, 7 occurred within 7 days.

Also, Covid-19 vaccines make up 30% of all reports to VAERS for all vaccines since 1990. 

Further, Healthcare providers are required by law (42 U.S. Code § 300aa-25) to report to VAERS. Vaccine manufacturers are required to report to VAERS all adverse events that come to their attention. Yet for whatever reason, experts say, the trend is to under-reporting.

Former FDA Commissioner, Dr. David A. Kessler (MD, JD) stated, “Although the FDA receives many adverse event reports, these probably represent only a fraction of the serious adverse events encountered by providers.” 

A 2010 federal study commissioned by Health and Human Services (HHS) and performed by Harvard consultants on behalf of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) found that “fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events” are ever reported to VAERS. 

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  1. My understanding is these reports must be made by a medical professional – a doctor or physician assistant. Are our own health officials saying these are not factual reports by medical professionals? The average Joe cannot file a report. The premise of 1% of incidents are reported so it stands to reason the tolls are far higher. Is the CDC reporting misinformation? Are licensed professionals spreading disinformation? The Truth is they are hiding the Truth and continue to downplay the jab effectiveness and destructiveness. Big Pharma is controlling the disease and the so called vax – pretty sure we can see the invisible enemy now….

  2. I only read the 1st 2 pages of the adverse events, but at least 2 of the patients were in a hospice dying from Cancer already. Why they would vaccinate them makes me scratch my head. Just perusing a few more some of the others were in end stage dementia or very old and suffering from some really bad metabolic issues that should not be surprising to anyone that their respective carts got over turned.

    I am not a proponent for or against the vaccination but it certainly looks like there is much more to this story than “11 (perfectly healthy) Vermonters died from getting vaccinated” Not up to par with your usual reporting.

    • Kinda like the 80% that died of covid lived in nursing homes? Lord only knows how meny Had preexisting conditions.

  3. https://rumble.com/vk1vsx-45k-dead-from-the-covid-shot-watch-atty-renz-lay-out-his-lawsuit.html

    According to the lawsuit described above it is significantly underreported by over five times. Which would mean it’s more likely that 55 Vermonters have died from the ‘vaccine’, and there has been 340 serious adverse events. Those numbers would rival Covid’s numbers and make someone really contemplate if the cure is worse than the disease.

    I have heard but if not been able to verify that the vaers system requires an ICD-10 code, and that there is no ICD-10 code for a covid 19 ‘vaccine’ death which makes it difficult to file.

    There are also convincing videos out there claiming that the vaers data is being overwritten so as to downplay the severity of the affects of the vaccine. It would seem that per the lawsuit in the video above that this may be true as well.

    Something is for certain:

    I’ve never seen the government or corporations incentivize me to do anything that was good for me.

  4. The vaccines ARE SAFE! Sit DOWN, shut UP, and TAKE IT! We MAY even throw in a beer or a burger when you COMPLY..Have we EVER LIED to YOU? Well, except for JFK, RFK, MLK, TWA Flight 800, 9/11, Weapons Of Mass Destruction, NEVERMIND! Shut UP and TAKE the VACCINE! TAKE it or we’ll knock on your door and “Cancel” YOU! What have you got to LOSE? TRUST US!

  5. Does anyone remember the swine flu vaccine in 1976? Watched a replay of Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes interviewing a young woman and her husband. I believe the number of people adversely affected then was 50K before they pulled it. We likely have gone way past that mark today. The old game is the new game – dusted it off and started it again. Fauci was also involved in the HIV/AIDS pharma game as well. He’s made a fortune on this game.

    • I’m not sure about the adverse events but it was only 50 people that died before they stopped it.

  6. Steve Merrill must be a classic liberal. He’s the only one yelling and screaming…🤣

  7. As of 7/9/2021, 40 Vermont youth between ages 11-18 have experienced adverse events from the COVID-19 shot. There are the 9 classic CDC symptoms they have experienced, but also 56 other symptoms our Vermont youth have sustained, including but not limited to seizure, appendectomy, getting the wrong brand not marked for their age, getting two different brands for shot 1 and shot 2, rapid weight loss due to multiple side effects, abnormal blood, MRI, and chest x-rays, rashes, and many other symptoms. These 56 other symptoms are well beyond the 9 that CDC said were common, and it is so sad when CDC states that the two most common symptoms of youth having with COVID-19 are fever and cough. I pray that all recover and that the shot stops being advertised as tye best choice for everyone.

    • If you go to page 17 of this document you can see that they knew what most of these side effects were (Most of these last I looked are not on the labeling, paperwork required to sign, or paperwork included with the vaccine in the box) back in October of 2020.


      Listed here for clarity:

      Guillain-Barré syndrome
       Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis
       Transverse myelitis
       Encephalitis/myelitis/encephalomyelitis/
       Convulsions/seizures
       Stroke
       Narcolepsy and cataplexy
       Anaphylaxis
       Acute myocardial infarction
       Myocarditis/pericarditis
       Autoimmune disease
       Deaths
       Pregnancy and birth outcomes
       Other acute demyelinating diseases
       Non-anaphylactic allergic reactions
       Thrombocytopenia
       Disseminated intravascular coagulation
       Venous thromboembolism
       Arthritis and arthralgia/joint pain
       Kawasaki disease
       Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome
      in Children
       Vaccine enhanced disease

      • Anecdotally, I can report that two friends of mine developed Shingles soon after they received the vaccinations. Coincidence? Perhaps.

      • Jay it’s hard to tell. If you read up on what the spike protein does inside the body and what graphene oxide does it seems as though it could do many things to the body. That’s what’s so devious about this in so many ways. Pointing the finger is nearly impossible….

        One thing I know for certain is with a list like that and the government pushing you so much it can’t be good for you.

  8. I’m obviously (from all past posts) a Conservative, and a major Trump supporter, generally don’t trust the government etc., however this is one scenario I’m NOT buying at face value. I read the medical details provided by the link and the purported cause/effect seem pretty weak to me without further exhaustive research.

    First of all, approximately 600 THOUSAND people have died from the China virus & countless more were seriously sickened, hospitalized, and have after-effects from the infection just in the USA alone. So supposedly a few thousand nationwide that died loosely linked to the vaccine pales in comparison. You assess your own risk to benefit when it comes to getting vaccinated or not – and leave others alone. It goes both ways.

    The findings within the link range from a 96 year old dying from a heart issue to several feeling “dizzy” to a few others who passed away who had pre-existing health conditions & medications a mile long, to another who had respiratory symptoms for days before their vaccination (Covid19?) to the requisite cases of anaphylactic shock where many weren’t even hospitalized to those with vague symptoms who essentially never even sought medical care thereafter.

    People DIE. Every day in every way. Ninety-six year olds are fortuitous in having lived a life longer than expected. Thousands become ill annually from Anaphylactic Shock from everything from nut allergies to eggs to insect bites to vaccines. This is life. It’s not conspiracy. Every BODY is different & everybody needs to assess the risk/benefit themselves.

    Every adult, particularly older adults I know has chosen to receive this vaccine and each one of those people, myself included, is fine.

    Will we all still be fine in 10 or 20 years? I don’t know. How about in 10 or 20 seconds? I don’t know. Will those of you who choose not to take the vaccine be fine 10 seconds or 20 years from now?

    You don’t know either.

    But if China or China Joe has anything to say about it, probably not.

    • If you were inquisitive enough to read the details of all of the cases (I did too back when it was 8 deaths and sort of agree with you at least with what has been submitted from VT) then I’m surprised you never went and read the details on the CDC site.

      The CDC stats have quite the disclaimer on them which says that only 5% have died from Covid. The others had an average of 4 or more comorbidities when they died. So the actual number of Covid cases is lower than the 600,000 cases you specify (would be around 30,000). This is further lowered by the way that the CDC has asked for the death certificates to be filled out beginning in March of 2020 in which they stated that even a “suspected” case of covid should be marked covid. Then you add on financial incentives including paying for the burial that get hospitals and family to agree to mislabel the death certificate and you don’t really have a lot of cases at all. Certainly not enough for this to be an emergency and not to justify the draconian means at which the world was shut down.

      “So supposedly a few thousand nationwide that died loosely linked to the vaccine pales in comparison” – this changes this statement significantly when less than 30,000 people have died from covid, and it’s a bit different when someone you know has passed because of a cure that they didn’t really need.

      Please also know these facts:

      VAERS database is known to collect only 1% to 10% less than what has actually happened per studies that have been done for years.

      The number of deaths from the covid ‘vaccine’ in the VAERS system still dwarfs the number of comparable reported deaths in the VAERS system from every other vaccine we have had since the 80’s even if it’s under reported.

      There is a lawsuit with a sworn affidavit saying that in one system alone that tracks deaths (not the vaers system) there have been over 45,000 deaths within 3 days of the ‘vaccine’.

      In 1976 we stopped a swine flu vaccine because it had killed ~25 people and given 100’s of people a rare side effect called Guillain-Barré syndrome (Interestingly enough a complication of the Covid ‘vaccine’ as well and has a reported number currently of 383). Suddenly today it’s ok to kill thousands (or 10’s of thousands as I have explained above).

      The PCR test is not accurate. The inventor of the test said that it should never be used for diagnostics. if you turn up the cycles to 35 and beyond you are likely to find any strand of DNA on the planet. We are running that at 40 – 42 cycles here in Vermont.

      You can tell that there is a likely political agenda to this just by looking at the map on the CDC website below. Look at the dates of when it really started to spike. Right around election time and magically it lowers right down once the new regime is installed.

      The median deaths of covid patients are 2 years above the average lifespan in the United States.

      The media and tech companies have suppressed the discussion of all of this in every way that they have at their disposal from social media cancel culture to out right lying and misinformation campaigns.

      The government is now working side by side with social media platforms and cellular companies to suppress what they deem to be ‘misinformation’.

      This is the first time I can think of in my lifetime that the government and corporations have given out free stuff to entice us to be a ‘less sick’ person.

      Covid is tied to the Great Reset initiative (formerly New World Order, Agenda 21, Agenda 30) and the head of the Great Reset explains it in his own book entitled Covid 19: The Great Reset. (Hint read the reviews to find out more). It certainly did a number on us spiritually, economically and politically.

      There are “fake” scenario documents and have been meetings about this for decades that are following the same outline as to what is happening and has been happening. These even include the names of the variants and if I remember correctly the next one after Delta is Lambda.

      I respect your right to take the ‘vaccine’, I just wish it were done under more transparent and less hidden circumstances for both our sakes. With that said will you stand behind those of us that have decided against taking this as this medical tyranny progresses?

      • Of course, I respect everyone’s opinions & decisions regarding the vaccine, and always have. But I must add that I consider the majority of lawyers nothing more than “ambulance chasers”, and the fact that there are firms filing suit and have made “information” available publicly with regard to the supposed specifics of these adverse reactions, doesn’t lend any credibility to this situation for me, personally. My brother is a partner in a large firm on Wall Street – and he has noted for decades: “I’ve lost cases I never should have lost, and won cases I never should have one”.

        These suits are following the money, as lawyers always will.

        Lastly, the Covid19 deaths on the CDC site that list “pneumonia” or “pulmonary failure”, “organ failure” etc. etc. etc. as causes of death along with Covid simply means – in many cases – that the Covid19 infection was the precipatory event —– & the others were the related, resultant health issues the virus caused that contributed to death in the individual.

        Numerous “causes” of death are very often listed on death certificates as one medical malady causes another. The same is the case with the annual flu – it’s not necessarily the influenza alone that can cause death, but the serious & severe illnesses it results in (as above).

        This data is all VERY complex for non-medical professionals to decipher (myself included) and until this is all sorted out – the government cover-ups re: the Chinese lab, Fauci, states refusing to allow for certain medications to assist in remedies against the virus, the worldwide death count, etc. – I made the decision after deliberation, to be cautious & get vaccinated.

        In the meantime, I remain comfortable with having been vaccinated being fully capable of assessing what was best for me based upon my age & heath history. That being said, if I were under the age of 40 or so – I would have likely made a very different decision & children under 18 should NOT be coerced or forced into doing so under any circumstances.

      • I’m glad that we can agree to support our respective decisions.

        In regards to lawyers and your brother I personally believe that yes they follow the money but more importantly so do the courts. That’s why he has won cases he should not have and lost ones he should have won. Personally I believe that the court is still the civil way to solve a problem and this is a big problem and one that is long past due to be tried in court. I think the credibility comes from where you get the data from. I have given you very specific reliable sources above for that reason.

        In your words:
        “Lastly, the Covid19 deaths on the CDC site that list “pneumonia” or “pulmonary failure”, “organ failure” etc. etc. etc. as causes of death along with Covid simply means – in many cases – that the Covid19 infection was the precipatory event —– & the others were the related, resultant health issues the virus caused that contributed to death in the individual. Numerous “causes” of death are very often listed on death certificates as one medical malady causes another. The same is the case with the annual flu – it’s not necessarily the influenza alone that can cause death, but the serious & severe illnesses it results in (as above).”

        When reading those two paragraphs in response I started to explain how they list it and about how they changed the death certificate and what not but then it occurred to me that what you’re really saying is that this the flu. I mean WHERE DID OUR FLU GO?? Isn’t the flu a common killer of those that are close to the end anyways and would it not be considered the “precipatory event” as you put it? They just insured through their death certificate changes in March of 2020 that covid would be listed if it was even suspected; again to hype up the numbers.

        Just a couple of months ago a friend of mine and I ran through the covid numbers individually by state per 100,000 population and came up with very close to the same number as flu deaths as a percentage of population and was relatively consistent from state to state. With the knowledge that the number of deaths per year did not go up significantly (they went up twice as high from 2018-2019 vs. 2019-2020 even including a population increase) it’s easy to conclude that this is a merely a manipulation of reporting numbers.

        I don’t personally share your belief that the numbers are complicated to decipher. It really appears very clear to me that we’ve been had 6 ways from Sunday.

        As for your last paragraph we have similar beliefs. Leave the children alone for sure, and I had said early on that if I were in my 60’s I may have made the choice to be vaccinated as the risks were higher. With what I know now I would have taken my chances and bought Ivermectin as a backup.

      • Hey Brian, I just happened to notice just now that you had posted again several days ago, to explain why I didn’t continue our conversation. I do check the “box” when submitting that enables you to receive an “alert” that someone replied, but at least for me – it never works.

        But I don’t believe I can add anything to our conversation other basically what I have already related. I respect every person’s personal decision to either receive or refuse the vax and that children & teens require neither a mask or a vaccine. But as a person who has zippo background in medicine, my opinion on these vaccines is merely that: my opinion – based on my circumstances, advice from trusted sources, & a somewhat educated guess in order to have made my decision.

        As far as the flu goes…..can’t guess. This might be cause for suspicion or it might have been a “light” influenza season OR the fact that so many were masked due to Covid19 it spread less OR it was due to the reality that MANY more people opted to get a flu shot last season as they didn’t want to become infected both viruses(??) I certainly have no idea.

        But here’s what I do know: my friend’s mother (in her late 70’s) died a horrible death from it when, after she finally “recovered” – began bleeding from all her orifices & died that way. Then, our former Parish Parish priest who had stated very vehemently he would never get the vaccine as he was only in his mid-forties, became extremely ill after contracting it, spent three full weeks in the hospital with half in the ICU on life support but who finally did recover, though still feeling totally wiped out & unable to return to his duties just yet.

        Whatever we decide to do, the government should NOT be deciding for us. But here’s my prediction (which is kinda, sorta off topic): Ebola is going to be the NEXT pandemic or plague or epidemic we will see in these United States. With psycho Joe Biden & his seedy, Marxist operatives enabling, encouraging, & allowing diseased people from third world countries (including those in Africa) in through our borders by the millions – Ebola is soon to come.

        And who will these detestable, disgraceful, power-mongering, soul-less traitors blame then?

        Why, Donald Trump. Of course.

        Mark my words (insofar as the Ebola outbreak)…….

        STAY WELL!

      • It didn’t tell me about your response either…

        Apparently though the CDC was listening because they answered the flu question for us the same day:


        From the article:
        “CDC 2019-nCoV RT-PCR assay select and begin their transition to another FDA-authorized COVID-19 test. CDC encourages laboratories to consider adoption of a multiplexed method that can facilitate detection and differentiation of SARS-CoV-2 and influenza viruses”

        Meaning that PCR test can’t differentiate between the flu and Covid, I don’t know how else to interpret their statement?

        I’m sorry about your friend’s mother. That seems like a horrible way to die. I’m not sure I had seen that as a symptom of Covid.

        As for the priest (I hope he’s better now) I would suggest that you listen to this video as Dr. Bryan Ardis explains that the ICU protocols that were being followed (at least initially) were absolutely horrible for anyone with “covid/flu”. The protocol itself actually created an 8% chance of dying. The Dr. explains it much more clearly than I can and it’s really important information.


        I’m not sure about Ebola, seems like they are pushing vaccine issues as a Delta variant and are about to lock us down again.

        I do agree with them blaming Trump, they already are… The Whitehouse is now calling it the Trump developed vaccine.

        Stay Well too.

  9. Does anyone know of data showing that the mRNA ‘vaccines’ have better efficacy over the long term (a couple of years from now at least) than does the natural immunity one develops when exposed to the Covid virus and/or its mutated permutations?

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