10,000 VT households get extra $350 for fuel

About 10,000 households will get an additional $350 fuel benefit through the Seasonal Fuel Assistance Program to help offset high energy prices, Governor Phil Scott and the Department for Children and Families (DCF) announced today.

The one-time payment is in addition to an already all-time high in LIHEAP funding for needy Vermonters.

“The impacts of high energy costs on Vermont are affecting everyone, but especially those with lower income, which is why must continue focusing on making Vermont more affordable, while supporting those in need,” said Governor Scott. “Although this one-time payment will help, we know there’s more work to do.”

To receive the benefit, households must have received an oil or kerosene benefit issued between November 9 and February 28. They must have also been active fuel households as of February 28. Vermonters with questions about the extra benefit can call 1-800-479-6151.

DCF will also provide an additional $500,000 to the five community action agencies in Vermont so they can help more households that are facing heating emergencies.   

In October, Governor Scott was joined by Senator Leahy, Senator Sanders and Congressman Welch to announce the State was receiving a historic amount of LIHEAP funding to support eligible households with their heating and energy needs.

Seasonal Fuel Assistance helps eligible Vermonters pay part of their home heating bills, whether they own their homes or rent, pay for heat directly or as part of rent. Find more information and apply here.

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  1. As long as the Green New Deal Libtards keep pushing their anti-petroleum based agenda, people who as of this point are just beginning to feel the pinch of their politics will be needing the support of LIHEAP, and other such programs. But I guess that turning productive, independent citizens into serfs who are dependent on government social programs is their goal, and they are working towards that end.

  2. Well we all know you voted for Biden so it’s your fault Phil!

    Why don’t you dump your millions in to fix it!

    • Or pete welch who made 2 million off his Exxon stock deal!! boornie millionaire sanders who cares soooo much for the poor Vermonters!! Phony’s all of them.

  3. How about changing the rules so the rest of us who don’t currently qualify for the help, can get some help. — I know of people who get so much free stuff that they have more then the people paying the bills for them. It needs to be corrected.

  4. Didn’t buying votes used to be illegal???? What Prop did I miss on that one?

    The middle class is intentionally being strangled. The goal is to have EVERY citizen as poor and in need as the next – with the exception of the “ruling class”!

    Ain’t Communism fun already? Thanks, Bernie!

    • That indeed is the only mathematically possible outcome of the current policy. That or insolvency. Unfortunately the influx of Federal Funny Money favors the former and delays the latter.

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