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Dems gamble on pension fund – what will it mean for 2022?

The political credibility Progressives bought with labor leaders is not the only factor working in their favor. By delaying the pension issue to next year, Krowinski is not only kicking the can down the road, she’s setting it up for a time closer to the 2022 elections. This issue will be much more ripe in voters minds, and union members in particular will be more likely to recall whatever actions the Legislature takes next session.

CFV: Pension reform NOW

The reality is that reform has to happen this year. Our retirement liability has grown $1,000,000,000 in the last twelve months and it’s only going to grow more. This will require more draconian cuts from beneficiaries and a more burdensome tax increase on Vermonters.

Unions hate House pension reform plan

Word began circulating last week that the Speaker had a “secret group” of legislators working on a pension plan, the Campaign for Vermont (CFV) reports. That “secret group” turned out to be the leaders of the House Government Operations Committee, who released their proposal on Wednesday.