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Tag: H133 Gun Seizure

How YOUR representative voted on gun seizure bill

Those voting YES believe H133 and court-ordered gun seizure is a reasonable protection for victims of domestic abuse. Those voting NO believe this is a violation of the Second Amendment the US and Article 16 of the Vermont Constitutions, by taking away rights to bear arms without due process of law, noting that the subject of the order is not required to be informed of the hearing and the order can be granted without the defendant having an opportunity to be present, present evidence or have any representation.

Gun carry ban limited to hospitals

A new version of the S30, Chittenden Sen. Phil Baruth’s proposed ban on carrying firearms in many public places, strikes all the previous wording and establishes a single new criminal punishment for carrying a gun inside a hospital. It also includes a study to determine if the policy prohibiting firearms at the Statehouse is sufficient or if it needs to be “strengthened” through legislation.