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Guy Page

Guy Page is the principal of Page Communications, and the editor and publisher of Vermont Daily Chronicle, the Chronicle of the Vermont State House, and Vermont Water Cooler

Electric fencing protects against chicken predation

Keeping a small flock of chickens at home to provide eggs and meat has become increasingly popular, but many first-time small-scale poultry farmers are discovering that several species of wildlife like the taste of chicken as much as we do.  The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department urges poultry owners to use electric fencing and follow other precautions to protect their birds from predation.

Tayt Brooks named ACCD deputy secretary

Tayt Brooks is a loyal Vermonter. The only time he ever left Vermont was to attend St. Lawrence University in 1997 to get a history degree. Twenty years ago, he said he never would’ve thought that he was going to be the deputy secretary of the Agency of Commerce and Community Development (ACCD), a role he recently accepted.

Keelan: except for a few, we are all Flatlanders

Using today’s “standards,” the original builder would be described as a “flatlander” or a non-native Vermonter: he was not born here, nor did his family have roots that went back six or eight generations. The flatlander migrated from Avon, Connecticut, in the year 1763, and his name was Remember Baker. He was better known as a first cousin to Ethan and Ira Allen.