Young: With Miro or Zuckerman, Vermont is done for

by Dave Young

Miro Weinberger isn’t seeking re-election as Mayor of Burlington Vermont. It’s being reported that he will run for Governor of Vermont. Miro’s Burlington has led to the highest crime, homelessness, drug overdoses and deaths, and taxes it’s ever seen. Do you think, as Governor, he will do anything better for the State of Vermont?

Let’s lay this scenario out:
1) Miro Weinberger, a Progressive Socialist (same as Bernie was as Mayor) runs for Governor. Phil Scott, incumbent Republican Governor runs for another term. Vermont is at least 73% Democrat/Progressive. Who do you think wins that matchup? Miro.

2) Miro Weinberger runs for Governor. Phil Scott decides not to run for re-election (knowing full well that Vermonters will choose Miro over him AND because the Democrats hold a super majority in the House and Senate, any bill veto by Scott can be overridden.

3) Lieutenant Governor David Zuckerman runs for Governor. He is as far Progressive/Socialist Left as there is in Vermont.

6) Miro wins: Vermont is done for.

7) Zuckerman wins: Vermont is done for.

In Vermont, 83% of our Legislature is made up of P/D (Progressive/Democrat/Liberal/Socialist). This will leave Vermont with:
a) Senior Senator – Bernie Sanders (Progressive/Socialist)
b) Junior Senator – Peter Welch (Democrat/Liberal)
c) Congress Person – Becca Balint (female version of Bernie Sanders)

If Miro wins and Zuckerman runs for re-election:
d) Governor – Miro Weinberger (Progressive Socialist)
e) Lt. Governor – David Zuckerman (Progressive/Socialist)

Democrat/Progressive run cities:

  • Burlington
  • Rutland
  • Barre
  • Montpelier
  • Brattleboro
  • White River Junction
  • Winooski

Unless you are a barely employed, roommate/renter, the policies and Bills that will come out of future Vermont leadership will crush every homeowner/taxpayer, because they will need every dollar they can lay claim on to fund their dystopian programs.

The author is a Charlotte resident.

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  1. Is the implication that we are somehow better off with Scott? That Scott will deliver us from this result. Unfortunately no. Scott has not been the least bit principled and he gave away the state for good when he signed on to mail in voting. That will be his legacy no matter what happens. 

  2. Both Skum of the earth period!!
    WAKE UP Americans wake up!! Are you awake yet people??

  3. Perhaps the implication of Mr. Young’s article serves as yet another warning of the failing socialist/marxist/totalitarian style of government that has decimated Vermont’s business and industry, created a crippling taxation and fee structure for those that choose to work and live a traditional lifestyle. 
    All this has been warned for decades now- and ignored- in pursuit of a socialist nirvana that cannot exist.
    Those that can, will leave- those that choose to stay will be subjects in this regime.

  4. When the coffers are full of blood money, they can’t lose can they? Evil is what evil does and in Vermont, the purest evil is plain to see and hear for those capable of it. Above all, evil knows no party or religious affiliations. They all drink from the same fountain of their Master.

  5. I hope I am dead soon….from the best to the———— fill in the blank folks