Windsor lawmakers condemn State House vandalism

by Scott Frye

Four Windsor County Democrat legislators are condemning last Saturday’s vandalism at the Vermont State House following the overturning of Roe V. Wade.

They were responding to this constituent’s inquiry: “I’d like to hear your take on this action that happened the other day, shortly after the Supreme Court decision on Roe v Wade and the Dobbs case. “Capitol Police say that shortly after two a.m. this morning, an unknown person or persons vandalized the Vermont State House, breaking seven windows on the ground floor across the front of the building. Additionally, ‘if abortions aren’t safe you’re not either’ was spray painted on the front portico of the State House.”

“I have two reactions,” Sen. Dick McCormick said. “First of all vandalism and threats, like rioting, are an outrage. The damage to property itself is bad enough. But property can be repaired. Worse is the damage to civility, to our constitutional system for resolving conflicts. 

“For all our disagreements, we Americans ought to agree on the ground rules for addressing such disagreements. Policy achieved through threats of violence, even good policy achieved through such threats, is a betrayal of our nation’s founding and defining principles. 

“Second, why would an abortion rights advocate vandalize the VERMONT State House? And threaten the VERMONT Legislature? Vermont is a pro choice state. So the vandal is not only an enemy of orderly, constitutional process, s/he is a bit of a buffoon, attacking people who agree with him/her on the underlying issue at hand.” 

“I find it appalling, period,” Rep. Alice Emmons (D-Springfield) said. 

“Defacing a Statehouse which has only supported reproductive liberty was a weird choice,” Senat Majority Leader Alison Clarkson said. “Defacing anything is so unproductive and uncivil. And, who gets to pay the tab to clean it up? Taxpayers.”

“Violence and vandalism in any form is not condoned by normal law abiding citizens,” Rep. Kristi Morris (D-Springfield) said. “There are peaceful ways to voice one’s opinion. Such acts, as seen at our State Capital, are not it. Done under the darkness of night this is another cowardly act that ultimately costs the taxpayers from both sides of the debate.” 

The author is a Springfield resident and occasional news reporter.

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  1. I’m sorry, I just don’t trust the sincerity of these statements. These policymakers create all kinds of extreme legislation: LGBTQWHATEVER for the classrooms, children & non-citizens voting, allowing DANGEROUS criminals back out onto our streets, amoral laws re: abortion which are akin only to laws in locales such as China & North Korea, etc. etc.

    And NOW they are only beginning to see their own turning against them – which they ultimately fear. They witnessed a US Supreme Court decision that they see will NOT allow them to remove guns from most Vermonters as they had hoped, they know well that their followers are largely naive younger folks & follow like sheep w/o independent thought, and these legislators have been all hush-hush re: all VT. violence on our streets before —- until they now see it has hit home.

    If they weren’t actually “afraid” of their radicalized followers, they wouldn’t have taken steps to enact legislation that “the people” (those of us who actually ARE the government) can be arrested if they feel “threatened” by them.

    They have incited, encouraged, & enabled violence for the past few years, and now that it’s HERE (and likely here to stay if Welch is elected) – they are in fear of their OWN!

    Someone wrote on the Capital that “they” are not “safe”…….but it is all good when Vermonters are getting shot, robbed, & beaten up by thugs who are supposed to be in JAIL, huh guys??? Um, NO.

    You live by the sword, you die by the sword.

    You created this twisted mess & now you’re squealing like the proverbial stuck pigs.

    You reap what you sow.

    “Enjoy” like the rest of us.

  2. That these politicians, like Becca Balint and Joe Benning, didn’t openly and vociferously express their opinion on the matter until they were asked to do so is telling. That they are speaking now is a classic CYB response. It tells me they really aren’t as outraged by the violence as they are now letting us believe they are. ‘Crocodile tears’, nothing more.

    • With this latest cry of condemnation from the Windsor crew we see a classic example of “A day late and a dollar short.”……..Too little too late to be taken seriously.

  3. What vandalism, this is the looney left showing off what they do best, and not understanding
    the facts, just following the agenda……

  4. The Party line……when asked… is so “politician” TERM LIMITS

  5. When do we learn more on who vandalized the State house? Pictures? videos? Perp walks? Let me guess. Since this act of vandalization was likely committed by a Cultural Marxist we don’t prosecute these people. Why is this OK? The hypocrisy is on full display here.

  6. Anyone who is unhappy with this bunch and wants to see one of them replaced in November should consider supporting my campaign for State Senator in Windsor County.

  7. The glaring issue in their coerced crocodile tears is that they only seem to have a problem with the vandalism/violent threat because the perpetrators seem to be confused about who they are targeting, since VT is about the MOST pro-choice state in the US. I personally think the marxist anarchists who did this were simply lazy and did not want to travel to a pro-life venue to deliver their message. Maybe the high gas prices are really responsible, and we all know that is the fault of Russia, Russia, Russia.

  8. I laughed out loud at McCormack’s response: “Policy achieved through threats of violence, even good policy achieved through such threats, is a betrayal of our nation’s founding and defining principles. ” Empty words, since no policies are going to change in VT in response to these acts.

    I wonder if this is how he feels about the threats against the SCOTUS members or the rioting, looting, vandalism, and utter violence wrought by BLM and Antifa? I can guess the answer that he and the rest of the self-aggrandizing hypocrites would give. Excuse the violence as “free speech” if the perpetrators are your supporters.

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