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VT Watercooler: eating disorders get Legislature’s attention

WCAXBill creates working group on eating disorder treatment in Vermont
WCAXVt. Cannabis Control Board issues 1st retail marijuana cultivation license
WCAXVt. teen attempts record-setting tightrope walk in sky-high heels
WCAXVermont law creates panel, fund for opioid settlement
Seven Days

Environmentalists Both Encouraged and Troubled by the Legislative Session

VT DiggerDr. Catherine Antley: THC limits in cannabis concentrates are essential
Seven Days

Expanding Horizons: Two Vermont Schools Selected to Host Arabic and Mandarin Teachers

WCAXVergennes to upgrade wastewater treatment facility

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  1. Eating disorder! The whole state is disordered! Scientist have long suspected their brains may have been install upside-down and in reverse. Sadly, however, at this point a recall has not as yet been issued.

  2. I don’t really understand the State’s role in contemplating eating disorders. Is it illegal to under-eat, over-eat, or purge your meals? Will the committee’s findings lead to new laws being legislated that will somehow curb this non-public health issue? I’m just baffled how elected officials have time for this nonsense. We need good companies here to offer good middle class jobs, we need affordable housing, we need INTERNET in huge pockets of the state, we need the cops unafraid to make a traffic stop and curb the amount of drugs being trafficked here from western Mass, we need your “New Americans” to stop shooting at each other in Burlington…. Just to start.

  3. Anyone who goes out into the world can see that OVEREATING is a much bigger health issue than undereating. Does the State of Vermont really feel that it needs to get involved in every aspect of peoples’ private lives???

  4. Alcohol abuse studies of our Vermont and Congressional government officials and political leaders would go a long way to pointing the finger in the right direction of addicts and narcissists, corrupt to the core, abusing their positions of power, via by the book addiction behavioral studies.

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