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VT Watercooler: Vandalism suspect to undergo mental health eval

WCAXVermont’s delegation to the U.S. capitol secured funding for road infrastructure development
WCAXSuspect in Burlington vandalism spree ordered to undergo mental health evaluation
WCAXARPA grant money to bring books into Vermont prisons
WCAXEmerge Vermont women win big in primary
NBC 5Women aim to make history after strong showing in Vermont primaries
WCAXHow much will taxpayers be asked to fork out for new Burlington school?
NBC 5Vermont Uber driver arrested after report of lewd conduct
VT DiggerFranklin County sheriff suspends captain seen kicking suspect on video

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  1. According to WCAX, Accused of “causing tens of thousands of dollars in property damage to South End homes and the city bus terminal early Tuesday morning. Police say he has a long rap sheet with more than 100 involvements with officers prior to Tuesday. Superior Court Judge John Pacht ordered Mafuta into the custody of the mental health department for an in-patient evaluation. ”
    You don’t need to be a meteorologist to tell know that it is raining out . Do you really need to be a psychologist to determine that someone who has a record like this should be locked up somewhere ? City Hall in Burlington, or the White House maybe ?

    • My bad! Forgive me please. I forgot to add the State House in Mount Peculiar to the list of mental health care facilities available to those who require those services.

  2. Vandalism suspect was ARRESTED a year ago for car-jacking

    Suspect SHOULD have been in Jail but , they have SArah George letting people off.

    • That carjacking should have been prosecuted by the US Attorney as a violation of federal law.
      However, in Vermont it’s tough to get a jury to convict when the “melanin defense” is invoked.

  3. Don’t forget Phil Scott in this, I’m sure he’d say this is just “one of the countless contributions of the New Americans”, like hacking a wife to death and hacking her mother w/a meat cleaver, gunfire, drug dealing, & shootings, etc etc..But Phil & Slippery Sarah would claim all these folks are “UVM’s”, “Underprivileged, Vulnerable, & Marginalized” & deserve a 2nd chance, & a 3rd, 4th, maybe over 100 like Vandal Guy had..They are all just misunderstood! 3 cheers for Bumington, Vt.!