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VT Headlines: Impact of cannabis use behind the wheel raising concerns in Vermont

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WCAXImpact of cannabis use behind the wheel raising concerns in Vermont
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  1. Is there data on the impact of cannabis use behind the wheel or is this speculation as the brief wcax news article doesn’t mention anything of substance?

    I could see it being an issue if there was a correlation between cannabis use and accidents but without that correlation it’s just speculation and a fear mongering headline. I know cannabis users who drive and haven’t noticed any casual correlation.

    • Try a perusal of easily accessible government and university studies online. Try locating the testimony from physicians who spoke before your VT legislature over the years with data & research in hand, or ask your legislator for a copy. I’m sure they can locate one in a jiffy for you.

    • You are funny. Believe what want!!!without proof you say you don’t think it’s a problem??? You are obviously a pot smoker???

  2. wHy ArE aUtomoBilE acCdeNts uP, MaN?

    Seriously, the Interstate lane drifting in particular is getting out of hand. Also lane crossing on left hand curves of regular roads. I smell weed at least once a week. Worse than cell phones.

      • No increase in crash risk except when combined with alcohol. That’s the headline of the article you linked to. Good try. And studies in Colorado have shown legalization doesn’t lead to an increase in use. So the same people who were consuming and driving before are doing it now.

  3. So they have no data that cannabis is causing any new accidents, but they ran with that headline anyway. Stay classy, WCAX. also, the Gov signed the bill allowing cocktails to-go to extend beyond the pandemic. Because that makes sense.

    • I don’t trust any lamestream network whatsoever, but the government actually has PLENTY of evidence that Marijuana causes DUI & increases traffic accidents, and hundreds of physicians (which I’m taking a wild guess here that you’re not one of) testified before as well as signed letters to the VT State Legislature detailing this drug’s deleterious effects. This data, research, and testimony from experts can be perused on a variety of different sites online, but unfortunately NEVER on CNN, MSNBC, networks, or any other government-controlled media. But not to worry, I’m sure there’s some other rational or irrational explanation for the sudden surge in deaths on Vermont’s highways this year – particularly the rash of drivers crossing the center divide. Just continue to toke up, enjoy the new Amerika, and always follow like sheep!

  4. IF people choose to use common sense and acknowledge facts, they will recognize the effects of the THC in Marijuana on the human body and brain.
    To name a few: Paranoia, lethargy, memory issues, depression, motor skill delays, decrease in brain IQ (that won’t regenerate) and overall long term health issues. This is especially true for our young people whose brains are still developing.

    The legalization of Marijuana in Vermont back in 2004 began the the downhill slide of depravity. Adults are supposed to protect children from harm and tell them right from wrong. From back then, we have “regressed” to where a majority of toddlers and babies are now breathing in the dangerous smoke and aftermath of the legalization of Marijuana.

    Remember when we used to oppose and protect humans from the “health hazards” of second-hand cigarette smoke? What happened?

  5. What??? You mean the substantial increase in automotive fatalities in states following the legalization of this hallucinogenic drug in locales such as Colorado wasn’t mere COINCIDENCE??

    You mean all the physical and mental health dangers posed by marijuana as testified to in great length by physicians and psychiatrists directly in front of the VT State legislature over the years were TRUE??

    And do you mean all the droves of research which concluded that in states which approved recreational Marijuana use – auto fatalities increased substantively are also accurate???

    Well, I’ll be. Now WHAT, Vermont? I know. Nothing as usual. Not your problem…..as long as your constituency are dumb & happy and you raise yet more “free” money for more social welfare programs, all is good. Oh, and by the way, not that it means a hill of beans to you – this oft-dangerous drug remains illegal via federal law. But then again, so do “open” borders.

    And please, don’t bother with the “lifesaving” benefits thousands of Vermonters need desperately that this drug provides – medical Marijuana was approved years ago which contains little/no THC rendering it unable to produce a high or any other mind-altering effects.

    You reap what you sow – here and the hereafter…regardless of whether you personally believe so or not.

    • Legalization doesn’t lead to increase in use. Marijuana isn’t a hallucinogen. Medical marijuana does contain THC. You’re doing a wonderful job of making VDC, or at least it’s readers, look like a fringe partisan news source with your ridiculous comments on every single post.

      • Increase in use is not the question, increase in driving while ability impaired is. Something that is in fact a little hard to document in the case of THC, since there is no approved field test, nor agreed upon blood content levels to determine this. A peer reviewed article in Frontiers of Psychology indicates that indeed there is a strong and direct link between legalization of Cannabis and increased DUI related accidents and traffic stops. https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fpsyt.2021.689444/full

      • Medical Marijuana was passed as a legal excuse to use Marijuana. There is/was an abundance of legal and effective drugs available for medicinal purposes. The whole subject of Marijuana has become a confused mess and those who partake in it like it that way.

        Do you care about the damage to the brains and bodies of human beings? Do you care about ALL who are forced to breath in the second hand smoke and aftermath of Marijuana especially young children? Do you care if stoned persons are driving on our roads, operating equipment, etc?

        Legalization by state governments gives permission and sends the wrong message. Marijuana is still illegal federally.

  6. The premise of pot smoking leads to higher accidents these days is pure propaganda. Since the late 1960′, young people were not driving around smoking weed? Seems to me the number of accidents went way up with cell phones, copious amounts of prescription drugs, and now unknown chemicals injected into millions of arms. The stress of endless mental psyops since 2020 probably doesn’t apply either.

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