Two Vermont towns have more EV charging stations than some states

Can you guess which ones?

Electric vehicle charging stations are in short supply, especially in rural areas in the United States, writes Al Cross of the Rural Blog.

The post highlights a Bloomberg News article that explores obstacles to EV adoption including a lack of EV stations, reliability problems with chargers, vandalism, and chargers that fall into disrepair.

The problem is particularly acute in the Northern Plains where long stretches of remote highway dominate the landscape.

There are fewer EV registrations in all of North Dakota (roughly 400) and Wyoming (500) than in the Vermont towns of Norwich (204) and Montpelier (314) combined. As of January, Vermont had a total of 4,776 all-electric vehicles.

The Vermont data was included in a presentation made at a Bradford Selectboard meeting earlier this year as the board mulled over a proposal to install EV stations at a public parking lot next to Denny Park. The board approved the plan last month. – republished from the Journal-Opinion

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  1. The Park that is referred to is a small area on Main Street Bradford that sits on Route Five with a turn out area to park and get out to view some very pretty waterfalls, which many people stop at while going through town to admire, take pictures or to have a picnic. The space to park is not that big. It seems sad to me the selectmen of the town would allow electric charging stations to go there when if you drive down the road, maybe a half mile, to the grocery store, you will find I believe, at least three charging stations already. So why take an attraction like the falls and turn it into an eye sore in town when the town is so small and needs all the attractions to bring people in it can get? Has the new generation of woke taken over and common sense been booted out the door?

  2. Word of the day: kickback – a payment made to someone who has facilitated a transaction or appointment, especially illicitly. “the ruling party depends on contributions and kickbacks”

  3. Norwich not a surprise. Home of Saint Peter the Woke Welch.

    And Montpelier….Vermont’s pre-eminent poseur progressives’ playpen and home to Her Highness Anne “Moonbeam” Watson.

  4. I have driven across both North and South Dakota. The towns are at least 50 miles apart. You would have to be a fool to travel there with an EV or be towing a diesel generator. An EV would be my last choice even here where towns are a mere 10 or 12 miles apart. I prefer to be warm in winter and able to see where I am going and cool on a hot day. Also power outages are nothing new here. I have worked the morning dock at freight carriers and if the power went out during the nite the electric fork lifts would not get it done. Just one more reason your freight has been late.

  5. My take away is how much more common sense the folks in North Dakota and Wyoming have than the “progressive” thought of so many in Vermont. It’s not just the legislature and selectmen . . . your friends and neighbors vote them in . .

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