Trump, or not? More readers weigh in

Vermont Daily Chronicle asked many readers and contributors, pretty much at random, this question: “What do you think of Donald Trump’s announcement that he will seek election in 2024?” The first installment of responses was published Friday. Readers were asked to email their thoughts as well. The second (and likely final) installment is published today. Readers are encouraged to add their comments below.

Aaron Warner, Hartford – “Trump is like chemotherapy”

After reading the responses published yesterday (Friday) in the VDC, I was struck by how many respondents have taken the position of never Trumpers.  For anyone paying attention that is the exact position the opposition party (Prog/Dem/Globalists/Marxists) want you to take.  They’ve spent over six years pounding the hatred of Donald Trump into the national airwaves, knowing that eventually the messaging will stick.

 They went even farther though, by rioting, looting, killing and even burning churches in Washington D.C. to intimidate both him and his supporters.  He didn’t flinch and his support showed up in 2020 with the second* most votes for a president and the most ever for an incumbent. They bought and brought Russia Collusion charges, lying to the paying public and wasting our time.  They lied about his support for white supremacists and his “both sides have fine people” comment while rejecting his open condemnation of bigotry.  They called him a racist despite his record growth for black entrepreneurs (which were destroyed by COVID lockdowns); record low unemployment for black Americans; extending a ten year funding to Historically Black Colleges; a black head of the HUD department and black Surgeon General.

The coup de grace was their fake coup d’etat on January 6th.  Even a blind, dumb and deaf person can tell what’s going on at this point.  We are in the grips of a fascistic, globalist takeover led by elite politicians, business people and media who view Donald Trump as a threat – perhaps the biggest threat – since he refuses to play along. 

They say “follow the science” as they ignore it saying men can be women and boys can be girls. They forced people to lose their jobs over a vaccine that is now proving to be deadlier than the virus they promised it would prevent.

They are practiced at stealing elections, lying, killing and destroying the greatest nation on earth because it’s the freest nation on earth.  They want to enslave you and Donald Trump stands in their way. 

They are a cancer.

Donald Trump’s greatest sin is that he is uncouth and unpalatable to the sensitive class that is so deeply in denial about what we’re up against they are enjoining themselves to the delusion that is leftism.  At worst he is unlikable, at best he is a warrior who loves America and its people.  Perhaps the best comparison for Trump is he is like chemotherapy.  Yes he will likely make you sick but he is the only thing proven powerful enough to fight to rid us of this cancer. 

I can wait four years for Desantis and let the Teflon Don get his revenge on our shared enemies. 

Tom Kelly, Barre – “Would like to see him get another shot at the swamp”

I am happy to see Donald Trump announce he is running for a second term. He had a successful first term by any objective measure, whether one considers the economy, energy independence, foreign policy, the judiciary, the border, the military – just to mention a few areas.

And paradoxically, the billionaire has been a Man of the People; he expanded the Republican base seemingly everywhere and essentially opened the party up. The Democrats are now the party of the elites. Donald Trump has been by-and-large a defender of the Rule of Law and our Constitution (I say by-and-large because I’m not a big fan of his wholesale, Obama-esque use of the Executive Order).

He made some mistakes – at the top of the list, he let Dr. Fauci and other “experts” essentially dictate bad national COVID policy which encouraged unnecessary lockdowns, a dangerous vax (look up VAERS data, the rise in All-Cause Mortality and Ed Dowd’s “Cause Unknown, Epidemic of Sudden Death,” available on Kindle now) and unjustified mask-mandates.

And, he did not “drain the swamp.” I would like to see him get another shot at The Swamp and hope he will champion a Convention-of-States to amend the Constitution with a focus on term limits and a mandated balanced federal budget. In the end, after the two-year Biden fiasco with two more to come, who won’t welcome Trump competence and strong leadership? Trump-DeSantis in 2024!

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  1. I’m glad that someone else noticed that he didn’t praise Nazis and White Supremacists. He made an equivocal yet accurate statement. Not to mention that there are murderous Antifa. They aren’t “very fine people” either.

  2. A convention of states is a safe way to propose Constitutional amendments. In addition to the purposes Tom mentioned a third purpose is to end tyrannical federal government actions by reducing its jurisdiction. People can help call the convention using Article V of the constitution by volunteering at conventionofstates.com/take _action States must exercise their constitutional power by limiting the federal government that they created.

  3. Really liked what both of these gentlemen had to say. Oh, by the way Mr. Dame? “Let’s Go Brandon.”

  4. Donald Trump had dealt with the corrupt NYC politicians and the insane policies of Albany, NY. For those who are uninformed, the leader of the NY assembly was indicted and went to jail. Coumo was driven out over his sexual attacks on women and the current governor is a female dictator who took on the Supreme Court and lost with her gun control schemes. NY is a corrupt state run by progressives.

    Trump had experience dealing with the likes of these politicos and he was in the elite circles of the big shorts in NYC. He survived and flourished by working around the corruption to build his businesses. When he got to Washington he met the real snakes and backstabbers. I don’t think he realized how entrenched the corruption was and that he couldn’t trust anyone in his circle because they were all tied to someone else who owned them or could blackmail them.

    Vermont republicans and some independents are so naive about what really goes on in DC and the forces aligned against the people. Trump is a threat to all those grifters, back slappers, back stabbers. It should be very evident to even the most uninformed that Washington is not currently our friend. Watching people try to discredit Trump only proves how uninformed they are or they can’t see the forest through the trees.

    We had 4 years of prosperity and a long list of things already discussed here and in less than two years the country is in decline. 5 million illegals have entered America, store shelve are empty, energy prices doubled, Afghanistan lost along with 82 billion in war material, vehicles and weapons left to our enemies, billions disappearing in the Ukraine, our defensive national petroleum reserves depleted, military being purged with vaccine madness and wokeness by unqualified political generals and of course this is the short list.

    Vermont has turned sourer in my lifetime. The people are shallow, manners are to be desired, common sense is no longer common, critical thinking gone, self reliance a thing of the past, a government that no longer represents the people. Our constitution and customs under constant attack, unconstitutional gun control, crime, drug use, criminals from other states, climate change tomfoolery, racial nonsense and a state motto of Freedom and Unity torn in half and people complain about Donald Trump.

    Welcome to the Vermont Twilight Zone where nothing is real, where up is down, where black is white, where boys can be girls and where the suicide is one of the highest in the country. We are experiencing the indoctrinated idiot apocalypse. It’s all Donald J Trump’s fault. Beam me up!

  5. Donald J. Trump the man who gave up a billionaire lifestyle only to be humiliated, ridiculed, impeached twice, investigated three times, called a Nazi, a traitor and slandered by communists and Rinos in order to save the American Republic.


  6. I seriously question the idea that “ Mr Trump is only interested in himself and isn’t thinking about the country at large”.I find the reasoning on the whole hard to swallow after all he has gone through.While I would concede Trump has made some poor political choices, his instincts are right. He certainly could achieve better results by being less confrontational.As his past indicates his biggest challenge going forward will be restraining himself and his demeanor.

  7. Originally Ben Carson was my choice in 2016. The swamp would have ate him alive and spit out his bones. Trump was the only fighter and survivor. Don’t get me wrong I like DeSantis but Trump has been through the learning curve and DeSantis would be mistake prone with the swamp until his second term. Trump is the best choice for 2024.

  8. Not True. “And paradoxically, the billionaire has been a Man of the People; he expanded the Republican base seemingly everywhere” If you check where republicans are and have been in control it remains the same or now that 2020 has come and gone it is very much depleted. The lean democratic party has increased by seven states since 2018. We had 34 governorships in 2017 and its down to 26 now. In 2018 the GOP controlled 32 state legislatures. It is down to 28 now. In 2018 the democrats only controlled 7 state legislatures and the republicans 18. Now the democrats control 17 legislatures and the republicans 11. I think it is important that we have clear thinking and the real facts when we consider who we support going forward. The bottom line is that the GOP base has been depleted because of Trump.


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