Thieves steal truck and ATM, set both on fire

Vermont State Police are investigating a string of crimes spanning North Troy and Newport Center, including burglary, grand larceny, aggravated operation without owner’s consent, arson, and unlawful mischief.

In the early hours of May 28, authorities were alerted to a break-in at a restaurant located at 1688 VT RT 105 in Newport Center.

Shortly after, police were informed of a truck and cattle trailer engulfed in flames on River Road in North Troy.

Upon further investigation, it was determined that the truck—a 2011 Ford F-550, along with a gooseneck cattle trailer—had been stolen from Chaput’s Family Farm late on May 27.

After the theft, the perpetrators drove the vehicle to the restaurant, where they forcefully entered the building and stole an ATM.

The truck and trailer were then driven to River Road, where the criminals set the truck and the ATM inside the cattle trailer on fire.

The North Troy Fire Department responded and extinguished the flames.

Authorities are urging anyone who may have witnessed any part of these crimes or who may have relevant information to contact Sgt. Joshua Mikkola at 802-334-8881.

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  1. Welcome to Vermont! Now largely run by legislative leftist lunatics!
    Commit crimes and Suffer no Consequences!
    We also provide Special Exemptions to Accountability based upon your Particular Race and Age!
    We’re so Lenient with Criminals, even the Crime-Friendly Feds have had to Step In to Ensure Proper Justice!
    Come One, Come All!
    Coming to Town Near You!

    Ah…..what a sick, evil State we have become. You reap what you sow.

  2. This sounds like another opportunity for our US Attorney to invoke the Hobbs Act and use serious Federal law in the complete vacuum of adequate enforcement of statutory laws by woke Vermont prosecutors.

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