Students learn building skills, old farmhouse renovated – ‘win-win’ says Scott

Gov. Phil Scott (with crowbar) shows young tech students in Newport how it’s done

Giving students hands-on experience renovating old housing is a win-win for Vermont, Governor Phil Scott said at a groundbreaking ceremony Friday September 29 in Newport at the vacant farmhouse, where local tech students will gain hands-on experience in its restoration.

Scott advocated for this new program alongside local Rep. Michael Marcotte, other lawmakers, and stakeholders. The innovative program aims to provide students with hands-on construction experience, thereby increasing Vermont’s housing stock and aiding community revitalization.

Scott emphasized the critical need for more tradespeople, particularly in light of the significant federal funds invested in various sectors such as housing, transportation infrastructure, and broadband expansion in Vermont. 

“This project is a great example of how we can get creative and help tackle multiple challenges. We’ll train the next generation of plumbers, electricians, and carpenters, and renovating this home will benefit Newport and its future homeowner,” said Scott.

The project originated in Spring 2022 through a collaboration led by Representative Mike Marcotte. Governor Scott signed Act 183 on June 8, 2022, which aims to enhance learning opportunities, foster community partnerships, rejuvenate buildings, expand housing, and teach trade skills. To finance the property, the Vermont Community Loan Fund, approached by Newport City Downtown Development (NCDD) and the local tech center, administers no-interest loans.

Report turkeys, some deer online – Vermont hunters will be able to report turkeys and some deer they harvest this fall online through the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department’s website www.vtfishandwildlife.com. Turkeys may be reported online or in-person at a regional big game reporting station. Deer may be reported online or in-person during the archery and muzzleloader seasons, but must be reported in-person during the youth and novice deer hunting weekend on October 21-22 and during the regular deer season on November 11-26. Bears must be reported in-person at a regional big game reporting station.

State seeks disaster declaration for AUGUST flooding – Governor Phil Scott Sept. 27 asked President Joe Biden for a Major Disaster Declaration to help communities in Addison and Rutland counties recover costs for repair of public infrastructure damage caused by rainfall and severe flooding on August 3-5. If granted, a federal Major Disaster Declaration unlocks Federal Emergency Management Agency Public Assistance Program funding to reimburse municipalities for 75% of funds already spent on things like debris removal, road and public building repairs, and staff overtime responding to and cleaning up after the storm.

Loan forgiveness for med school grads who return to VT – a new UVM Medical School scholarship will forgive medical school loans for graduates who return to Vermont within a year following his residency and fellowship programs. Endowed by David and Eleanor Ignat, the incentive aims to strengthen the physician workforce as the state competes for physicians nationally and globally. 

In rural communities nationwide, lower rates of pay make it challenging to recruit young physicians. In Vermont, an aging population has increased the demand for health care providers, and, as older physicians retire, Vermont’s physician shortage continues to rise. The inaugural recipient is Cliff Reilly, scheduled to graduate in May. 

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  1. Good to see the teaching of much needed and practical building skills by renovating an old building.

    My question is: Will they taint what should be the learning of valuable building skills by using unrealistic and unaffordable products and methods to be in keeping with “woke” and their “green new deal?”

    • Do you mean teaching kids about green technology so they could work for, I don’t know, maybe Beta technologies which employs 400 people in Vermont while being the largest electric airplane manufacturer? Get with the times

      • Dear Chris,

        I don’t know how much hands on building experience you have, so I don’t know what you are specifically talking about. I’m all in for new products and technology that are practical, affordable and serve a real purpose.

        I’m speaking from hands on experiences where new products and methods are being used only because they are deemed “woke and green” while only evaluating them superficially. I’m NOT for using them only because they make the earth worshipers feel good.

        One thing I do know for sure; those who really know how to function in the building trades are a dying breed. If we don’t start training younger people in the building trades of plumbing, electrical, carpentry, excavating, etc., who will know how to build and fulfill the necessary trades in the future?

      • You mean beta males know how to pour the concrete, drive the heavy machinery, lay the wires, and connect the plumbing so soy boys can sit dormant staring at a screen for hours trading Bitcorn[sic] and adding more zeroes to a bankrupt system? The beast appreciates your obedience and compliance.