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State police join Homeland Security asking public to report ‘suspicious activity’

The Vermont State Police is joining with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to encourage Vermonters to report suspicious activity to local authorities as part of the “If You See Something, Say Something” campaign.

The effort to highlight this longstanding initiative comes ahead of the nationwide #SeeSayDay, which DHS has designated for this Sunday, Sept. 25.

DHS says the campaign “is an initiative that encourages individuals across the nation to be the eyes and ears for safer communities. A safe community requires the joint effort of all community members. The more observant and involved individuals are in their daily lives, the less likely crime will occur undetected. If we watch and report suspicious activity, we reduce the areas where criminals feel comfortable committing crimes, resulting in safer towns and cities across the nation.”

In Vermont, people can report suspicious activity by calling 844-84-VTIPS (844-848-8477) or visiting In the event of an emergency, call 911.

According to DHS, suspicious activity is any observed behavior that could indicate terrorism or other criminal activity. Examples include:

  • Unusual items or situations: A vehicle in an odd location, unattended luggage/package, open door/window that’s normally closed and locked, etc.
  • Eliciting information: Questioning individuals at a level beyond mere curiosity about particular facets of a facility’s or building’s purpose, operations, security, etc.
  • Observation/surveillance: Unusual attention to facilities or buildings beyond a casual or professional interest. Extended loitering without explanation, particularly in concealed locations with optimal visibility of potential targets. Unusual, repeated, and/or prolonged observation of buildings (e.g., with a video camera or binoculars), taking notes and/or measurements, sketching floor plans.

A handout from DHS on recognizing the signs of terrorism-related suspicious activity is attached to this release. DHS emphasizes that reports should be based only on behavior and not on factors such as race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, the exercise of free speech, etc.

People should report suspicious activity to a person in authority, such as a police officer, or by calling a local law enforcement agency or a tipline. “Don’t be afraid to report something, even if you aren’t sure it was serious,” DHS says.


  • WHAT did you observe? Be specific.
  • WHO did you see?
  • WHEN did you see it?
  • WHERE did you see this occur?
  • WHY is it suspicious?

Again, the contact information for people in Vermont to report suspicious activity is 844-84-VTIPS (844-848-8477) or online at

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  1. The deputization of an army of informants ? That’s not scary ! I hope that those who are calling for this are ready for all the phobic loons that come out of the closet !

  2. There should be a counter demonstration that promotes several themes: “hate has no home here” (turn the tables on these idealists who have no principles. They love to use that tag line but , of course, don’t really mean it ) ; or “promoting the safety and health of women and newborns” (geez, who is against this?) ; finally, “cultural Marxists within our midst” (Call these protesters out for who they really are).

  3. Even if you report something, nothing is ever done..our Essex county sheriff’s office gets it. Our Essex states attorney gets it…They jump on stuff and get things done. But once a person is cited or arrested the judge lets them out on the street again.. We need our judges to get tough. Our criminals need consequences. Our St. Johnsbury State police officers are awesome too… its so frustrating..

  4. the beginning of Nazi type snitch on your neghbors, that they ran to eliminate anyone who didn’t bow down to the indoctrination, even having kids snitch on parents!

  5. have you READ about Nazi’s asking people to inform on anyone or anything perceived as being outside of indoctrinated rules?

  6. I see an open southern border over which 2 million illegal invaders have crossed since sleepy Joe was installed. I see an out of control FBI that acts as the enforcement arm of the democrat party. I see a DOJ that targets conservatives and makes a mockery of the very promise of American Justice. I hope VSP and Homeland Security will check on this ASAP.

  7. Looking at the chart above im left wondering what is an unusual amount of weapons?…..1? 1,000? I cant believe what our country has turned into. This is north Korea crap.

  8. This campaign to “report pre-operational terrorist intelligence gathering activities” is just a distraction from the things that are actually killing us this admin fails to address.

  9. Where do I report suspicious, dangerous, illegal, corrupt activity of bureaucrats and elected officials that isn’t compromised, complicit, or equally corrupted?

  10. This is terrific! Everyone will be cleared for launch as soon as the Vermont General Assembly convenes!!!!

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