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State employee says mandatory ‘equity’ indoctrination racist, sexist

by Ben Morley

I have been employed by the State of Vermont for seven years. Throughout my career working for the state, I have received consistently outstanding evaluations and high praise from my supervisors. I even was awarded employee of the year in 2015. 

Now, however, my job is in jeopardy. I have been threatened with termination twice in the last two months. Why? 

Because I have questioned the training that I and all the other employees in my division have been subjected to while working remotely for the State in 2021. In a staff meeting, I was excited to find out that a large sum of funding had been set aside for career-focused training and development in our department. 

However, the State instead instituted mandatory “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” training in the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, where I work as an adult vocational rehabilitation counselor. The mandatory trainings total 15 hours. The trainings felt like “struggle sessions” in which we were intimidated and humiliated in order to be indoctrinated into a new orthodoxy which is racist, sexist, and anti-American, but are presented by the facilitators as unquestioned truth.

Other employees and I were repeatedly required to express our innermost emotions and personal information. The speaker, Mirna Valerio, told us at the beginning of the sessions that we must practice “critical humility” and “vulnerability” in order to do “the work”. Ms. Valerio defined “the work” as “dismantling all kinds of isms, including white supremacy from which all kinds of isms are derived”, and dismantling “advantage and disadvantage based solely on skin color”. 

The first thing we were required to do at the sessions was to tell Ms. Valerio how we were feeling “emotionally and physically.” This requirement was repeated multiple times during the trainings. 

However, Ms. Valerio told us, “I do not take questions. It serves to derail the work…. questions are very self-serving, and sometimes people ask questions to stop the progress of the group.” Ms. Valerio required us to share our feelings about whiteness, white supremacy and white privilege. People responded with feelings of guilt and shame. Ms. Valerio encouraged those feelings. She told us to “sit with the discomfort”. Ms. Valerio told us the United States is a country of “systemic and structural racism”. She lectured us on “microagressions” and “cultural appropriation”. She made it clear several times that “color blindness” is racist. Everything in our society, according to Ms. Valerio, must be seen through the prism of race. 

She told us that the “nuclear family” was something that was “pushed on us” by the white power structure, and even BMI (body mass index) used by the medical profession is racist, because “corpulence” is associated with “African savages”. The most distressing part of her training was her degrading of black Americans. The only black Americans she mentioned during the entire trainings were those who were involved in police shootings. She never spoke of outstanding black Americans—except for one: Candace Owens. She said that Ms. Owens was guilty of “internalized racism” because she doesn’t agree with Ms. Valerio’s ideology.

Ms. Valerio did not stop there. She said that “the work” “comes under the umbrella of social justice.” She defined “social justice” as follows: “Meets all of their needs as human beings in which resources are equitably distributed and ecologically sustainable.” 

I read Merriam Webster dictionaries definition of communism as: “A system in which goods …are available to all as needed…A final stage of society…in which economic goods are distributed equitably.” 

Ms. Valerio made it clear that white Americans, especially white American males, are white supremacists, unless they become “antiracists”. How does that occur? Ms. Valerio gave us marching orders: 

‘She said we must talk about racism and race repeatedly. We must analyze our circle of friends, and talk with our families at the dinner table. We must give money and time to the cause, be active at a political level in local and state politics. We must constantly check our own behavior.’ 

This is not the end. We have been told the next step is an “equity audit”. An equity audit, according to the Racial Equity Group, includes an “institution-wide assessment that scores level of commitment to racial equity.” It calculates an “inclusion score that measures employee level of belonging in the work environment”. The score is based on a continuum where “color blind” is lowest, and “committed” to promoting racial equity is highest. The U.S. Supreme Court has repeatedly stated that our constitution is “color blind”. Under this logic, dismantling white supremacy includes dismantling our color blind constitution.

 Vermont state employees are going to be subjected to evaluations based on their commitment to this destructive ideology. It is my belief that this cannot continue to be tolerated in our democratic society. 

Ask yourself, what kind of public servant would I be if I did not share this information with you? I care too much about my country and people in my community to be silent any longer. 

The author is an adult vocational rehabilitation counselor with the State Vocational Rehabilitation Division in Vermont. He holds a master’s degree in public administration management from Norwich. He lives in Orleans.

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  1. Ben,

    Keep ALL pertinent records & a log of events as they occur – then LET the State fire you!

    Go to the EEOC & file for discrimination in the workplace & then you can consider transferring your legal complaint to a large law firm OUTSIDE of Vermont (it sadly won’t get touched here) but an attorney licensed to practice in this Godforsaken state where evil now dwells where Christianity once strongly did.

    Good luck – I went through similar circumstances decades ago as a woman in a mostly male workplace & it was AWFUL. However, two “wrongs” NEVER make a right & treating you in a disparate manner is not merely wrong, but it is ILLEGAL.

    • “Christianity” isn’t the answer. Equality and respect for the Billof Rights would solve problems.
      And, of course, “equity” becomes an absurdity. Even Marx knew better.

      • Oddly you miss that this CRT is itself a false gospel. It is a cult that has all of the underpinnings of religious observance.

        Rather than systemic sin via man’s nature, it introduces systemic racism mainly among whites people.

        Rather than freedom via Grace, subjects are required to work for their salvation and, like Sysiphus, it is a perpetual uphill battle.

        Rather than religious clergy leading you in absolution, you have CRT teachers like Miss Valero doing the same but with no results.

        Rather than the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and you have the gospels of Ibram, Marx, De Angelo and Foucault.

        Thoughts are tightly controlled. Those not in the cult are to be shunned. Information is strictly controlled and disseminated. Loved ones are vilified as others if nothing adherents. Outward displays of allegiance are rewarded and questioning is verboten.

        Believe me, you would rather have actual Christianity and the vision of the founders than this toxic and deadly virus that will make COVID look like a cold sore.

      • No but faith “is” – different deal all together than Christianity. It has an amazing way of turning darkness into light and that is what has been missing for far too long.

  2. Gee wiz, you mean the VSEA is not going to bat for it’s members ? At least smile, that was a joke !

  3. Keep fighting this nonsense. And I’m not sure exactly what Ms Valerio’s creds are beyond being a fat black woman who appears to be making quite a good living off of these paltry credentials. She was even on the cover of Seven Days as she’s into running despite being fat. No surprise she’s targeting BMI’s as “racist”. Sad that our tax dollars are going to the likes of her to spread her nonsense; hope she ends up working a real job doing something useful some day.

  4. This is not diversity training, it is marxist indoctrination. If any other ethnic group was told in their workplace to be ashamed because of the actions of people who looked like them and lived decades ago, it would be grounds for a civil rights lawsuit. Unfortunately, in Vermont these things go through the marxist “Human Rights Commission”, where caucasians, males and straight people never get a fair shake. BMI is based on health SCIENCE…yet another venue where hard-core leftists defy the science while pointing their long,bony fingers of indignation at those that disagree with them and accuse them of being “anti-science”. The entire taxpaying population of Vermont should be questioning the content and expectations of this “job training”. We should all be ashamed that this all runs counter to the quote made by a great American: “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character”. Martin Luther King would roll in his grave to see what has become of his “dream” in Ummerica today because of Alinskyite marxists like we have running the State of Vermont. If this treatment of a Vermont State employee at taxpayer expense alarms you, you can bet your children will soon be exposed to the same hateful propaganda in school, paid for by YOUR TAX DOLLARS.

  5. How do we win against this mad indoctrination by devious Marxist social justice warriors clad in impregnable social justice armor? If you complain, why, you must be a racist. No questions, she states. This Mirna Valerio was brainwashed herself in Marxist training sessions, and now it’s time to pay it forward to us white racists. Wow! Revenge ain’t the answer. But we live in a state with a communist senator who wants to give the congress power over our military. Smells and looks just like common, old, communism. Thanx, Bernie.
    That was smart checking out her rhetoric: MS. Valerio did not stop there. She said that “the work” “comes under the umbrella of social justice.” She defined “social justice” as follows: “Meets all of their needs as human beings in which resources are equitably distributed and ecologically sustainable.”

    I read Merriam Webster dictionaries definition of communism as: “A system in which goods …are available to all as needed…A final stage of society…in which economic goods are distributed equitably.”
    Power-mad Progs. The editors for the Barre Times and the FreePress are right behind this culture chaos.

  6. His school board needs to defy their superintendent who is threatening his job…and remove the superintendent. If not, remove the board members, one by one, until there is a majority who won´t allow CRT like ideologies be preached in OCSU.

  7. Who is Valerio and what are her credentials ?
    From Sevendays.
    “Not surprisingly, Valerio makes significantly more money as a full-time sponsored athlete and influencer than she did as a boarding school teacher. Last year, she made about $120,000; this year, between her new contracts and her anti-racism trainings, for which she charges a registration fee of $200 per household, she expects that figure to double.”

  8. To require, or even offer, to attend such an orientation offering is disgraceful, demeaning and a bunch more negative words and phrases. The companies that offer these so called racial programs are nothing more than despicable, “medicine show” shysters. They pray on racial “do gooders” who entertain the belief that they are elite and want to direct us common folk with a magic pill called CRT. Unfortunately, Vermont has too many of these residents, sitting on a cloud directing the symphony of deceit. These companies have no intention of education beyond selling a deceptive product that is momentarily a popular, but cunning, fashion. Many, many other state governments have disallowed this practice. The Secretary of Education of the United States has removed the reference to this illegitimate program. Vermont needs to reconsider it’s effect upon our schools, businesses and local and state governments. Any parent that is thinking about schooling children, in Vermont, would certainly reconsider the the probable damage to both the family and the children. We must resist this effort for a small cadre to force this upon us.

  9. This is disturbing. Makes you think, “glad it’s him and not me.” I’ve seen my daughter undergo this training through the Mill River School District. She was ashamed enough to take the laptop (zoom meeting) out of my earshot. VERY similar to what is described above.

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