So far in October, 47% VT Covid fatalities were fully vaccinated

By Guy Page

So far this month, eight fully vaccinated Vermonters have died of Covid-19, the Vermont Dept. of Health reported this morning. Nine unvaccinated Vermonters have died. There are no fatalities among the partially vaccinated. 

In response to a request by Vermont Daily Chronicle, DOH Spokesperson Ben Truman emailed this morning:

“Based on our latest data, from 10/1/2021 – 10/16/2021, among Vermont residents deaths associated with COVID-19:

Fully – Vaccinated: 8; Rate among fully vaccinated Vermont residents: 0.18 per 10,000 residents.
Partially Vaccinated: 0
Not vaccinated: 9; Rate among not vaccinated Vermont residents: 0.45 per 10,000 residents.”

89.3% of eligible Vermonters have received at least one dose of vaccine. 80% of eligible Vermonters are fully vaccinated, according to the Dept. of Health dashboard

As reported yesterday, Last week Vermont Covid-19 hospitalizations decreased two percent among less/non-vaccinated Vermonters, while rising nine percent among the fully vaccinated, Vermont Dept. of Health statistics say.

Hospitalization among unvaccinated/not-fully-vaccinated Vermonters remains 3.2 times greater than vaccinated Vermonters. The statistics show the gap of infection and hospitalization rate – long much higher among the unvaxxed/not-fully-vaxxed – growing smaller in recent weeks.

This post is updated from a previous post this morning, due to updated information provided by DOH.

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  1. This is all to be expected. Makes sense since most of our population is vaccinated that those that do get severely ill in total numbers, not percentages, will at this point have been vaccinated. The percentage to focus on is not of those who have died, but of the vaccinated population, how many were infected and of those infected, how many succumbed vs. of the unvaccinated, how many were infected and of those infected, how many succumbed. That is a more enlightening set of statistics. The numbers Guy reports also make sense, now that the virus has evolved to the point that the vaccines are no longer a match. This is what virus’s do. And with 7.8 billion people in the world, most of which have not been and never will be vaccinated, the virus has lots of warm bodies in which to mutate to go around our body immune system defenses. Add to that the people that are being treated with immuno-suppressants, that contract the virus, but whose immune systems are not fully capable of killing the virus, but instead act as kind of incubators training the virus on how to evade our immuno-defenses. Think about the cold virus that year after year hits us. Our bodies may have experienced the cold virus last year, but this year’s is a mutated strain that is able to at some level end-run our immune system defenses. I say at some level as our bodies’ previous experience with the cold virus in years prior give our immune system some level of ability to address the variant so that its impacts are lessened. One only needs to remember how when Native Americans encountered western Europeans and the diseases they carried with them, how these exposures devastated the Native American peoples. This was due to the fact that to the Native Americans, these virus’s were “novel”, their bodies’ immune systems having never encountered them ever before and were totally unprepared to defend against them, resulting in the death of 80-90% of their populations over a few generations. So, in sum, we are all better off having taken the full vaccine regimen. While it may not prevent new infections by the mutant virus forms of the COVID-19 variant and prevent all deaths, it certainly gives our immune systems the training to more quickly and more effectively knock back the virus than if our bodies were dealing with a novel virus situation. Here is a link to a summary that is helpful toward our fully understanding the situation we find ourselves in:

    • “. . . but instead act as kind of incubators training the virus on how to evade our immuno-defenses.”

      Unfortunately, this is just what the vaccines are inadvertently doing.

      According to many vaccinologists, including mRNA developer Dr. Robert Malone, mutations are being enriched in VACCINATED people due to the imperfect pressure put on the virus by non-sterilizing vaccines. The current vaccines, which may reduce symptoms but do not kill the virus, only attack a single protein, the spike, which allows plenty of terrain for the virus to evade that response. (By contrast, a natural immune response recruits the full complement of B- and T-cells that attack multiple epitopes of the virus, which is why naturally acquired immunity is superior.)

      According to the data at, Delta exploded last Dec-Jan, right when mass vaccination took off: Because it is a leaky vaccine that doesn’t kill the virus, we’re going to be playing whack-a-mole until the end of time because of the enrichment of these variants. We might have avoided this mess if we had focused on vaccinating only the most vulnerable–or if they had actually come up with a vaccine based on a whole attenuated virus–but now the die is cast.

      And meanwhile, Antibody Dependent Enhancement–the Achilles Heel of every previous attempt at a coronavirus vaccine–lurks just off-stage. Stay tuned. This winter will tell us a lot.

  2. Jim Jones Juice hasn’t flattened the curve, hasn’t protected anyone, hasn’t prevented illness, hasn’t prevented spread. After all this time, the mortality rates in Vermont are higher than any other time. An anomaly? Truth – review and research Operation Dark Winter – 2002. John Hopkins University, the CDC, et al. war gaming a bioweapon attack with Small Pox – Plannedemic indeed!

  3. A valid question that will likely never be answered is how many of these deaths, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, could have been avoided had the CDC, NIH, WHO, FDA, etc…. not demonized effective treatments. Or simply allowed doctors to treat their patients as they saw fit? This isn’t science. This is deliberate pitting of citizens against each other. Early treatment is key, and there ARE effective treatments.

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