Scott: State House vandalism “unacceptable”

Capitol Police are searching for this person who vandalized the Vermont State House after 2:30 AM Saturday morning.

by Guy Page

Speaking at a press conference Tuesday afternoon, Gov. Phil Scott made his first public statement about Saturday morning’s vandalism at the Vermont State House.

Police say someone(s) scrawled graffiti on the granite walkway outside the front door and broke windows in seven first-story window frames. The spray-painted graffiti says “If abortions aren’t safe, you’re not either.”

As recorded on video by WCAX, Scott said Tuesday: “This is unacceptable from any side of the equation. We have proven that we will give latitude in any way in terms of free speech but not in terms of damage to public infrastructure.”

The press conference, held in Grand Isle County, was not attended by Vermont Daily Chronicle.

Sen. Becca Balint, President of a Vermont Senate with windows broken in four committee rooms, still has not discussed the vandalism on her Twitter page. Other subjects discussed since Saturday morning:

School safety: “Arming teachers and staff makes us less safe. Here’s what makes schools safer: passing common sense gun safety laws that keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. These murders are a policy choice by those in Washington who refuse to act.

Student debt: “We absolutely need to cancel all student debt.”

SCOTUS overturning Roe V. Wade: “My anger is real. But I want Vermonters to know first, abortion is still legal in Vermont.”

Rep. Peter Welch, another former Vermont Senate Pro Tem, also has been silent about vandalism on his social media.

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  1. We can see clear photos from Mars, but the VT State House camera looks like it’s taking a photo of Sasquatch.

  2. Please take note that this IS the so-called Republican Governor the State Republican Party supports. He has shown us all in so ………. many ways, he doesn’t keep his Oath of Upholding our Constitutions, both State and Federal, so that means he doesn’t believe in our Individual, Unalienable Rights and Freedoms.

    He is worried about damage to the State House Building while bragging about the freedom in Vermont to Murder Human Babies at any stage, take away the 2nd Amendment Gun Rights of Lawful Citizens and the use our tax dollars to give out free college to those of his choosing.

    He doesn’t believe armed persons in schools will thwart shooters yet, is he willing to give up his personal armed protectors?


    • If he was worried about damage to the State House would it have taken him this long to express his opinion ?

    • I would love nothing better – but AGAIN – who you are going to wind up with instead is David Zuckerman.

      INSTEAD – concentrate on making REAL wins with Republican candidates who are actually going to be ON the ballot come November & SQUASH these lunatic’s nearly super majority in VT. None are “perfect” as only Jesus was, but they beat the hell out of crazies who believe men can give birth & let murderers back out onto our streets because of the color of their skin.

      For those planning to do “write-ins” & vote for GOP candidates who lost the primary? Yeah, it’s your “right” – but honestly? It’s NOT “right” that you already are planning to waste your very precious vote and have it be completely ineffective & useless.

  3. Yes,stand up Vt.let us get our heads out the sand.Let us stand up for our God given rights.we need all of you to vote. We need to know who the right people we need to vote for.We can make Vt.great again.

  4. Re: ““Arming teachers and staff makes us less safe.”

    False: “There hasn’t been a single mass public shooting in any school that allows teachers and staff to carry guns legally. Since at least as far back as January 2000, not a single shooting-related death or injury has occurred during or anywhere near class hours on the property of a school that allows teachers to carry.”

    Re: “We absolutely need to cancel all student debt.”

    Fine. As long as you reimburse me for the debt I incurred when I paid for my children’s college tuition.

    Re: “My anger is real. But I want Vermonters to know first, abortion is still legal in Vermont.”

    So, why are you angry? Just because those in other States disagree with you? Get over it.

    • At the Uvalde school shooting there was two teachers who died trying to shield their students. If one, or both had of been armed…… I know, “if”

  5. It looks like the Statehouse needs a camera upgrade as well as a political upgrade…

  6. “This is unacceptable from any side of the equation”… this why the picture is so UN-CLEAR????

  7. Well Phil, seeing you cozying up to the CCP at the State House in February 2019 is truly unacceptable. There is a whole lot more unacceptable things you have done and judgement day is right around the corner. Tick Tock

  8. The person who vandalized the State House apparently doesn’t know that Vermont already has one of the most liberal abortion rights laws in the country. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court ruling didn’t change anything in Vermont.

    • Can you say: “SHEEP”? They are nothing but.

      Might as well allow ACTUAL livestock to vote in Vermont & elsewhere.

  9. Dano, I’m recopying your comment to this page – it fits here, too.

    The Capitol of Vermont’s state house, not one symbol of America’s Freedom Day adorning the building. Montpelier has the usual flags lining the streets, but the state house is plain gray granite. I think this is another expression of the state governments disrespect for the founding of our country. I hope that in the next few days we will see the people’s house (our house) decorated for the Independents Day festivities. There has been nothing decorated for the last two years. What a shame, but they can write Black Lives Matter in the street.

  10. Vandalism by any other name (“damage to public infrastructure”) is still unacceptable in a civil society. The word “Vandal” is attributed to a group of barbaric Germanic people, the Vandals, who conquered and then trashed everything where ever they went. The stigma of these people has stuck to this day due of the depravity of their conquests, their name is synonymous with this kind of act of mindless destruction. They are not “social justice warriors”, they are chicken____ mindless, destructive, Vandals !

    • It most certainly was vandalism to deliver the message and the message was a thinly-veiled THREAT against elected officials who make and execute our laws, meant to intimidate them…so, stronger words come to mind to describe this act such as INSURRECTION and TERRORISM.

  11. Scott says this behavior is “unacceptable.” I agree. the question is: Does Phil have the stones to DO something about it? I think not. He would have to go after his darling base and he won’t do that.

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