Scott signs suicide prevention bill

Gov. Phil Scott has signed into law a public health suicide prevention bill.

H481 requires a statewide plan to reduce suicide, with a focus on youth and school programs. 

On June 8, Governor Scott also signed these bills:

H.125, additions, subtractions, and changes to state boards and commissions

H.157, Vermont basic needs budget – how much does it cost to live in Vermont?

H.452, expanding apprenticeship and other workforce opportunities

H.488, approval of the adoption of the charter of the Town of Ludlow

H.489, approval of an amendment to the charter of the Town of Shelburne

H.504, approval of amendments to the charter of the Town of Berlin

H.505, approval of an amendment to the charter of the City of Rutland.

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  1. Unfortunately, this can be used against people. Someone reports that you’re talking about suicide, or that you seem despondent. Maybe enemies who claim that they’re your friends. Your protestations are ignored.

    • Gee, we never thought of that!! Remember, politicians aren’t very bright. They call it unintended consequences.

      • When we have a legislature whose motivation is to pass legislation for the sole purpose of virtue signaling and “feeling good about themselves”, we end up with many unintended consequences. A majority of Vermonters voted for this supermajority. We is dumb.

  2. I can’t seem to reconcile State funded suicide prevention and State funded suicide assistance laws passed in the same session.

  3. And the insanity persists. There’s NO limit.
    Boys are not boys.
    Girls are not girls.
    AND….if you want to kill yourself we will help you…I mean stop you…I mean you have that right…I mean we have to stop you…I mean…


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