Scott: Restrictions can be lifted as most vulnerable are vaccinated

By Guy Page

Gov. Scott hopes to relax restrictions as Vermonters become vaccinated, he said at today’s press conference.

Vermont Daily asked: “the dashboard shows that 59 of Vermont’s 72 deaths are 70 or over. Once the over-70 population is sufficiently vaccinated, will you continue work, gathering, educational and travel restrictions and if so why, if the risk to the most threatened demographic has been greatly mitigated?”

Gov. Scott responded: “What we’re hoping is that we can start to reduce the restrictions once people get vaccinated. First we have to have a vaccine okayed by the FDA. And then we will have to have a quantity of vaccines distributed widely enough… to have enough effect,” he said. 

Without specifically mentioning vaccination among age groups, Gov. Scott said, “If we can get to the population that is most vulnerable,” restrictions can be lifted, Scott said. “Nothing would make me happier.”

According to the Vermont Health Department dashboard published today, five people under the age of 60 have died of Covid-19. Mortality figures by age group are:  eight, ages 60-69; ages 70-79, 26; and ages 80 and over, 33.

Vermont Department of Health demographic data for 72 Covid-19 deaths as of 12/1/2020

Health Commissioner adamant about Irasburg church info – Health Commissioner Mark Levine remains convinced that a worshipper at New Hope Bible Church Nov. 22 tested positive for Covid-19 – even though the church’s pastor has told reporters that the person in question wasn’t there, and anyway hasn’t tested positive.

“We feel very comfortable because we have had multiple people interacting with the church and the community, that we are well aware that we had a positive test, and what risks do and do not exist,” Levine said. 

Andrew McGregor of the Caledonian-Record then noted pastor George Lawson maintains the person in question not only wasn’t in church that Sunday, but was tested three times and was found negative.

“Both of those are contrary to my understanding in its entirety,” Levine replied said. Church members should get tested and/or quarantine if they attended on the dates listed, he said. 

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  1. Vermont Daily should interview Commissioner Levine again and ask WHY the statement by Pastor George Lawson is “… contrary to [Levine’s] understanding in its entirety,”

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