School resource officer helps intercept high school shooter threat 

Poultney High School

by Guy Page

State police say law enforcement, including the school resource officer, became aware of the possible threat at Poultney High school on Wednesday, June 7. 

Out of an abundance of caution, school leadership has decided to cancel classes on Thursday, June 8.

According to a local official, the Poultney Neighborhood Watch page (a private Facebook page) reported:

  • A Poultney High School student was bragging that he stole a gun and was going to come to school and shoot some folks.
  • A gun was reported stolen in connection with the threat
  • Afterwards, school officials met with law enforcement, as evidenced by the presence of four sheriff’s vehicles and one state police cruiser parked in front of the high school. 

Two other threats of deadly violence in Vermont schools have been reported since last Friday. 

Friday June 2, the Vermont State Police are investigating a threatening phone call at 2:29 PM targeting Timson Hill Preschool in Newfane. An unknown caller made a threat of carrying out a shooting at the school. Troopers responded and found no indication of anything amiss. The state police remained on scene until parents arrived to pick up their children. Preliminary investigation indicates the call originated from outside the area, and that the threat was not credible.

Wednesday, June 7, Milton Elementary School was evacuated after a bomb threat was found scrawled on a school bathroom mirror. Police searched the school but found no explosive device.

Shooting incident in Alburgh – The Vermont State Police is investigating a shooting into an occupied home in Alburgh that occurred early Thursday morning, June 8, 2023. No one was injured. 

The shooting occurred at about 12:27 a.m. at a home on Alburgh Springs Road owned by 42-year-old Brian Albu. Multiple shots were fired into the residence. Albu and another person were home at the time. They also reported an attempted forced entry into the home had occurred just prior to the shooting.

The investigation into this incident is active and ongoing. Anyone with information that might assist investigators is asked to call Detective Sgt. Angela Baker at the VSP St. Albans Barracks at 802-524-5993, or leave an anonymous tip.

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  1. But I thought public safety officers & police were the problem. Again, I’m confused.

  2. In the post-Set. 11 age, everyone now knows that if you run into your friend Jack inside the airport, you say hello, NOT “hi Jack”.
    It’s high time to take these kind of threats seriously, but instead we have a legislature that wants to reduce criminal responsibility in general for “youthful offenders”. That little maggot from Fair Haven Jack Sawyer made what were considered to be serious threats of gun violence against his former school a few years back and suffered ZERO legal responsibility. Instead it was the lawful and responsible gun owners of Vermont who were punished with restrictive legislation. Freedom of expression has it’s limits. Little pukes who make threats like that should be treated as adults and PUNISHED SEVERELY. Those who violate our existing, tough federal gun laws should get mandatory federal prison time.

    • We have a perfect storm for crime in Vermont: dispirited police departments due neuralgic distrust of the police fostered by our Dem-Prog coalition, an inept legislature, and catch-and-release state’s attorneys and judges.

  3. After reading numerous articles from around the country pertaining to shootings, a pattern arises as to those who are responsible. Currently, we are seeing young people who are the perpetrators. This week a 19 year old in Virginia, The age seems to be between 17 and the mid or late 20s.

    A 28 year old transgender female acting as a male shot and killed 3 children and 3 adults in a christian school. Mentioned above, Jack Sawyer threatened death with a shotgun he had purchased. Young black men in and around Burlington involved in numerous shootings and other similar incidents around Vermont and the country. Many with numerous convictions for felonies but out with little or no punishment to continue to prey on society.

    So instead of looking for a cause, the democrat/progressive legislature and the governor by his signature blame law abiding gun owners as if this will solve the problem. The latest suicide prevention law is another example of incompetence or is it part of an agenda. Red flag laws are similar, the state can confiscate and charge people with a crime on the word of almost anyone.

    There are no laws to cover thought crimes or crimes that have been not been committed but someone points a finger and an accusation can put an innocent person through judicial hell. That is not due process under our constitution it’s an excuse with no actual value. If the crime didn’t happen, how can anyone know if it would have. Or could it be a jealous ex-wife or husband or anyone out to get the target of an accuser? In other words, guilty until proven innocent. The exact reverse of what the constitution says.

    The new suicide prevention law punishes people who may be in danger from acquiring the protection they need especially if the police are miles or an hour away. The law is ridiculous in that if I walk into a sporting goods store with a rifle or handgun that I want to trade for a new one, I can’t walk out of the store with a new one. Can I wait 3 days, sure but why should I have to. And the underlying result will destroy gun shows in Vermont. Also maybe part of the agenda.

    Vermont has always had thousands of firearms. We are a hunting state. We have competitions using firearms and we have a right to keep and bare arms for our own and the states defense. Our constitutions, both state and federal prevent the government from infringing on those rights but they do it anyway and they violate their oaths of office to do no harm to our constitution.

    I think we all should know by now that the government can’t just legislate away all the dangers in life, they can’t wave their magical laws wand and end suicide or murder or anything else you can think of. Laws only work for rational well adjusted civil people and that’s a fact. The bottom line in all this is that we don’t have a firearms problem we have a people problem.

    From mental health to drug addiction to drugging our children at school to ignoring the real problems in our society. We have a sick society and no one wants to do anything about it. So they pass feel good laws, pat themselves on the back and wait for the next maniac to give them another opportunity to punish the people who aren’t the problem. Then they violate our constitutional rights, the same rights that they take an oath to protect. Let that sink in!

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