Ross: It must be now. Silence is defeat

By Weiland Ross, Jr. 

If you are one who believes in the greatness and goodness of America it is time to come to the aid of your country.  

The past few years have seen the rise to power of a group of people whose main aim is to destroy the American way of life.They must be called out and defeated. Those who believe in a free society based on individual rights and equality of opportunity are in danger of being silenced forever.  

This attack on our country has not come from a foreign source.  It is a case of self-abuse.        

Too many Americans have allowed themselves to be defined as the enemy. This attack on our values starts with the majority party in Congress and includes our President. Their attacks are relentless as well as mindless. They lie shamelessly, they ignore the Constitution, they are re-writing American history to fit their false narrative, and they pursue an agenda that will end the society that has made our country the envy of the world.        

It is hard to determine any rational basis for the set of beliefs that have emerged. To list their crimes against American values is no problem. In the face of a population that is 70% Caucasian in origin they argue that this majority are all racists and that only non-Caucasains should determine our future. 

They view every act of society as somehow part of a plot to oppress minorities.Their claim that America’s white population is an obsessively racist group ia patently false. There are racists of all colors. They are not the majority of any group, they are a very small fringe of our population. 

Racism is not systemicly institutionalized as the haters claim. They ignore the progress and tremendous changes that have taken place since the Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s. The ignore as irrelevant the accomplishments of Dr. Martin Luther King, jr., the freedom riders, CORE, even Malcolm X which resulted in a sea-change in our society.  

The work of Robert Kennedy’s Justice Department is forgotten.  Who would have  predicted in 1968 that Mississippi, the scene of perhaps the worst single atrocity against voting rights activists would, by 2010, have more black voters registered than white voters? 

The Black Lives Matter movement is a study in self-delusion. ALL lives matter. Period.  When they claim that all violence stems from white racism they ignore the black on black slaughter that is routine in Chicago and several other cities with a large. black population. 

Every study of violent crime indicates that interracial violence is uncommon. The 1619 Project is more fiction than fact, yet it is widely adopted as curriculum In urban schools.  The ‘Hamilton’ musical made some valid points, but it is not the case that Hamilton did much to oppose slavery. His wife’s family, with whom he resided, kept slaves. He had no compunction about being served by slaves, even if he did not own them himself.

In their attempt to keep power permanently, the ruling party wants to write a whole agenda of bad laws. Their move to make the District of Columbia a state requires a constitutional amendment, but they have started to legislate it. They  want to put term limits on Supreme Court justices. This also requires a Constitutional amendment to accomplish.  

They want to make Puerto Rico a state, but it is an open question whether or not Puerto Rico wants to be a state, Every time they have had a referendum on this, they chose to remain a “commonwealth”. The island’s people are full American citizens, but they are exempt from many of the obligations of citizens of states.        

Another power push is to re-write the voting laws to make them universal in the U.S.  This also probably needs an amendment to achieve. Their aim seems to be to make voting a farce. No I.D. requirement, no pre-registration, and lower the voting age to 16!  Who are they kidding?  

Rational people have to push back, hard. Find out what your student is being taught.  Write letters to anyone in government. Don’t let anyone call you a racist because of your color. In discussions make the case for America. Demand that the local and state governments abandon the “zoom” hoax and meet in person in public. Keep the pressure on as much as you can.  

Silence is defeat.  

The author is a Sunderland resident.

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  1. Indeed, Americans have been apathetic, non-participatory, and silent with concern to the very fabric & foundation this nation was created. We just experienced, undoubtedly to so many, our first fraudulent presidential election!

    What is it going to take for Americans to stand up and fight en masse against the deconstruction of our nation and way of life??

    VTGOP: Wake up & fight fire with fire. Being sheepish and non-controversial got you to this point. It DOESN’T work.

    • You’re exactly right. Worrying whether liberals like us is how they get to define us. They understand one language, and they need to hear it spoken back to them. It’s remarkable how quickly they retreat when they meet resistance, especially well-informed resistance.

  2. This is alarming, to say the least. But it comes both from right and left. Raising taxes on the truly wealthy to pre-Reagan levels would be a start. In the disability activist community there are those with enough sense to see that the danger comes from both sides. Also, at upper echelons of wealth, party doesn’t matter as much.Money does.

    • Quite wrong. Soaking the “rich” doesn’t work, except in Bernie’s fantasy of Utopia. Which, of course would turn out to be Dystopia. The top 1% of earners already pay 38.5% of total income tax. The top 5% pay 59.1%. And the top 10% pay 70.1%. The top 50% pay 96.9% of all income tax. The rest pay nothing. Here’s an idea. How about the federal and state governments stop spending money they do not have, and stop taxing people as part of politicians’ thinly-veiled reelection campaigns? Why is a certain segment of our population fascinated with confiscating more wealth from those pesky rick folk instead of insisting we all live within our means?

      • …and perhaps start the process of returning value-producing functions to the private sector? If the government has already done the “start-up” for enterprises that the citizens value would they be viable as self sustaining private service entities?

  3. The people who espouse these woke positions that blame present day Americans for all the wrongs, and indiscretions that have ever happened in this country, remind me of the Flagellants, a sorry group of  Christens that wandered Europe during the plague blaming, and beating themselves in penance for human indiscretions that they believed caused the plague. It was ignorant then, it is manipulatively wrong now. 

  4. Defeating demoKKKrats is tough because you can’t compete with Santa Clause and deadbeat Ummericans are addicted to the free rent, free hotel rooms, free food, free “stimulus” checks, free school hot meals etc etc. Leftists are so concerned about the climate problems our children are going to inherit but ignore the debt Armageddon they will face due to the largesse. Freedom-minded Americans need to ignore the insanity of critical race theory and get back to being color blind. We need to realize that BLM and antifa are Marxist threats to our Constitutional Republic.

  5. Talking up gets you cancelled at your job. Talking up against vaccines get you banned from restaurants, concerts, sporting events, airplanes. Talking up gets you shadow banded or kicked off twitter and Facebook. Talking up and being effective gets you an IRS audit or banded from owning a gun. Thats what happened to Laura Loomer for speaking out. Progressives want to put you in gulags’ whether thats digitally or through banning you from making a living. When they are in power they drive the judicial system where you will not get a fair shake. We need to talk up at the dinner table and within our families and friends. We need to defend ourselves against people who want to harm us. At this point be prepared to defend ourselves because the political left is coming for all of us, even their own. No amount of speaking up will change their hatred. Band together with like minded citizens. Find out who is friend or foe. Its the unfortunate truth.

  6. Everyone who believes in the Constitution and America cannot be silent. Look at how Vermont is run and look how long it has been this way. When people are complacent the people get steamrolled. This is pure and simple Communism right at our door. Americans must defeat Communism at all fronts, school boards, municipalities, businesses, our local government, ALL fronts. Stand UP or be Defeated. Plain and Simple. You cannot be afraid of their tactics or you will be steamrolled and lose ALL your Liberties.

    Liberty is from God not men.

  7. Weiland…I think you’re right. Objecting and refuting need to take a more prominent role in our response to all this. It also occurs to me that the nonsense they are putting out is aimed at CONVINCING US. It’s them that have the burden of proof. It’s also effective to simply signal that they’ve failed…”SAY WHAT??? That’s just silly…sorry folks, not convinced”

  8. Absolutely cannot be said enough. These attacks have been going since the ’60’s, and now have reached a crecendo of demands and blames, assaults and lies, cheats and bullying.

    Our road is turning left so fast that we are going to go off the road, and spiral intt the dust, our earned rights and sucesses are going to die beside the road.

    Then the little people think become the only power and drag the rest of us down to their miserable hatefilled level

    Push back, accept no blame, protect your rights, your possessions and your freedom to think and speak out!!

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