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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to speak in South Burlington June 21

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

As part of its Gen. John Stark Lectures, the Ethan Allen Institute on June 21 will present a dinner with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., a noted environmentalist and advocate of individual liberty. Kennedy is a prolific and best-selling author, a nationally-syndicated radio host, and a frequent television commentator. He has been a traditional skeptic of government power–much like Thomas Jefferson was in his time. 

“The Ethan Allen Institute is pleased to give Kennedy a platform in the state to speak,” EAI President Myers Mermel said. “We are especially interested to learn more about his views on free market and economically fair solutions to climate issues. Our concern this past legislative session in Montpelier was that the Affordable Heat Act was not market based and would punish our middle and low income population. We hope we can find new avenues to explore within structured climate solutions based upon Mr. Kennedy’s perspective and insights on the energy issue.” 

What: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. speaking on the topic “Climate, Markets, and Economic Fairness” over seated dinner as part of the Gen. Stark Lectures hosted by the Ethan Allen Institute. 

When/Where: 6 PM June 21 at The Doubletree by Hilton, 870 Williston Road, South Burlington. 

Tickets: Dinner tickets may be purchased for $100 in advance at and Eventbrite

About: The Ethan Allen Institute is a nonpartisan, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization and does not engage in political activity of any kind. This lecture is purely educational in nature and not a political fundraiser or tied to any political campaign in any way. The speaker is here solely as an environmentalist, author, and advocate of personal liberty invited here to educate the audience on those topics. All proceeds will go to defer the cost of the event or to support the educational and charitable mission of the Ethan Allen Institute.

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  1. His appearance in Vermont gives us the rare opportunity to observe a democrat with common sense and individual ideas. His skepticism on the issue of mandatory vaccination policies long precedes the COVID panic which was so well capitalized on by his lock-step party.

  2. “Once liberty is lost, the cost is greater than most people are willing to pay.” – Chuck Baldwin

    Unfortunately, RFK Jr is NOT on board with our 2nd amendment

    • If supporting the 2nd Amendment, he would not be welcome in the democrat party.
      For that matter, his Uncle John Fitzgerald Kennedy would no longer be welcome in today’s democrat party…

  3. I’m betting that fake “pro-democracy” groups like the ones Lt. Governor David Zuckerman and party belong to will arrange a couple of forbidding “peaceful protests” and have anarchist-type plants in the audience waiting for their cue to disrupt Kennedy’s right to free speech, as is typical. Like the family’s political Dynasty or not, I often wonder what JFK & RFK are thinking as they witness their own Democrat party turning on them & this entire Constitutional Republic with this utter vitriol and revulsion.

    The new Amerikans best wake from their slumber and fully recognize that the evil that awaits all mankind is just knocking right at our door. And just as with Satan himself, the most effective way to keep people largely compliant, non-confrontational, and controllable is to make them believe that all that we fear now in present-day USA isn’t actually “real”, certainly isn’t threatening and that it is the patriots, the religious, and
    the traditionalists who are the true “dangers to democracy”!

    Just as the demon serpent very falsely advised Eve – “You will not surely die”. Beware of those who claim it can all be “free”, “free”, “free” – or as the old adage was once bantered: “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts”.

    NOTHING in life is free except life itself – the most precious gift of all bestowed by God alone and one that NO man can ever replicate or equal.

  4. “The speaker is here solely as an environmentalist, author, and advocate of personal liberty invited here to educate the audience on those topics.” and at $100 a plate price you won’t have many average Vermonters attending. I imagine RFK Jr. will speaking to the elite as they hobnob.

  5. RFK Jr. speaks truth to power. In today’s world, speaking the truth has become a revolutionary act. Man’s mind has endless possibilities. Artificial intelligence is a dead-end that leads to the extinction of the human race.

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