Police have surveillance video of State House vandalism during ‘Night of Rage’

Above, broken storm windows on Sgt. of Arms office. “It makes me sad,” Assistant to the Sgt. of Arms Sid McLam said today. Below, Capitol police chief Matt Romei and graffiti spraypainted on original `1859 granite entryway outside front door of Vermont State House.
Four of the broken windows on ground floor of State House – from left, Lt. Governor’s outer office (no plywood), Senate Human Services, Senate Judiciary, and front lobby. Other rooms with broken windows included Sgt. of Arms, Senate Appropriations, and Senate Government Operations committee rooms. Page photo

by Guy Page

Less than 24 hours after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe V. Wade Friday morning, June 24, vandalism and threats took place at the Vermont State House in apparent protest to the decision.

Some opponents of the decision promised a national “Night of Rage.” Until the investigation is complete, the motives of the vandals will not be known, police say.

State House Capitol Police Chief Matthew Romei describes the abortion-related vandalism that occurred Saturday morning following Friday’s SCOTUS decision to overturn Roe V. Wade. Chronicle video

Capitol Police say that shortly after two a.m. this morning, an unknown person or persons vandalized the Vermont State House, breaking seven windows on the ground floor across the front of the building. Additionally, “if abortions aren’t safe you’re not either” was spray painted on the front portico of the State House.

Damage is estimated in excess of $25,000. The Vermont State House was expected to open today beginning the Summer Tour Schedule. However, the State House remained closed to facilitate emergency repairs and clean up. The State House reopened Monday morning at 7:45 a.m. on the normal schedule.

Anyone with information concerning this incident is requested to contact the Capitol Police at 802-828-2273.

In a Vermont Daily Chronicle interview this morning, Capitol Police Chief Matt Romei said the State House has surveillance video of the graffiti desecration of the front door portico, less than a yard from the Ethan Allen statue.

Vermont Building and Grounds staff have been able to remove much of the graffiti with a chemical graffiti remover and power washer. RK Miles is donating a more potent graffiti removing chemical to remove the remaining graffiti, a state worker on site said this morning.

The granite is original 1859 stone, laid down with the rest of the building. It is highly porous and thus resistant to graffiti removal. In addition to removal efforts, state workers have covered most of the graffiti with a heavy, black rubber outdoor “runner.”

Vermont Daily Chronicle knows of only one state-level official to publicly condemn the vandalism: Lt. Gov. Molly Gray, who decried the Dobbs decision but also the vandalism that followed. Gov. Phil Scott – a former member of the Senate whose windows were smashed – has said nothing on social media about the vandalism, but has called for Congress to legalize abortion nationwide. Senator Becca Balint, the Senate Pro Tem the leader of the Vermont Senate, has said nothing on her social media about the vandalism that broke windows in the Senate Government Operations, Judiciary and Appropriations committee rooms.

The Chronicle happened to meet Sen. Andrew Perchlik (D/P Washington) at the Montpelier Post Office and asked him to comment on the vandalism. He said it represents a “failure of the public civics education” because the vandal apparently didn’t realize the Vermont Legislature has been the most proactive state house in the nation to further “reproductive liberty.”

“They picked the wrong place,” Perchlik said.

Sid McLam works in the Sgt. of Arms office, where a window was broken. “It makes me sad,” he said. Like Perchlik, he said the lawmakers who work in the State House have done all they can to protect legal abortion.

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  1. “They picked the wrong place,” Perchlik said”. So it would have been acceptable at different place?

    • Hi Patrick,
      I keyed in on the same thing. The only Senator to comment does not comment on the defacement and it being wrong, but that the vandal(s) had not been educated enough to know there was no need to deface such a pinnacle of wokism. Gives great insight into where their heads are at.

      • Yah, you would think they’d get sick to their stomachs considering where their heads are at !

      • Only one Senator has commented on the damage done to the State Capital building…….This is a very sad commentary on the Vermont legislature.

        Where’s the outrage from Senate Leader Rebecca Balint, House Speaker Jill Krowinski and all the others in the Vermont legislature who are so quick to tell us how we should live in Vermont.

        Shame , shame on Balint, Krowinski and the rest of the legislature for their silent when the State Capital or symbol of Vermont democracy is under attack.

        Their silence demonstrates how little these people care about the State….They do not deserve the support or votes from the people of Vermont.

  2. “Insurrection”, apparently it’s OK in Vermont . Throw them in solitary confinement without due process.
    Sorry, I forgot, they only use that against the oppisition party.

  3. The historic nature of those windows should be studied. I have read about the historical research and money invested in all the Vermont State House renovations. Everything in that State House is absolutely historic and beautiful. Were the floors damaged under the windows? Replacing those windows may cost a lot more than $25,000.

  4. Hey Per Chik —– People who commit abortion have PLENTY of “choices” other than murdering their own child —

    1.) DON’T have sex unless you are ready to accept the possibility of procreation.
    2.) Use birth control……that goes for boys too & all the 127 other genders you believe exist.
    3.) Ever heard of: Adoption?
    4.) Murdering a baby is NOT a “right”; no matter how many times you repeat it.

    Indeed, you are right on one point though: The current educational system (which essentially excludes civics thanks to your brainiac ideologies) – have indeed FAILED. Most of these “kids” (that is legal adults functioning as children do) cannot name the VP, don’t know what the Declaration of Independence is or what the Constitution is for, etc. But you guys love it that way….now you can “build better” upon convincing them boys can be girls & vice versa.

    And keep those drugs pouring in too, but of course!

    “Offended” by my remarks, Per Chick? Feeling “harassed”? Well, see…..I’m OFFENDED by yours!!!

    Just try to have me “arrested”. Despite your unlawful legislation, you are NO MORE “protected” by Freedom of Speech than me. Sorry, dude.

    • Why do “Baby Makers” skip choices, Step 1 and Step 2? All that fancy sex education has evidently been wasted, or completely forgotten!

    • With as many people as there are as confused as to what is or is not a woman (and therefore a man) is it any wonder that pregnancy, what causes it, and how to deal with it, is also in question ? Remember the Kink’s song Lola ?
      “Girls will be boys and boys will be girls
      It’s a mixed up, muddled up, shook up world
      Except for Lola
      And that was in 1970 ! It was funny then, but evidently he haven’t learned much, that’s just sad !

  5. I will not be surprised to learn that this act was committed by an anti-abortion person to throw discredit on those of us who are in fact peaceably protesting the decision of SCOTUS, which will cause death, injury, and economic catastrophe for many in the future, not to speak of the emotional consequences and the future erosion of people’s rights to their personal freedoms and indeed the right to be secure in their persons. If this vandalism was in fact the work of a pro-choice person, then I am ashamed for them and sorry that they lack the understanding to know that destruction of property is never the way forward.

    • “…cause death, injury, and economic catastrophe for many in the future…”

      It seems it is easily forgotten that the purpose and natural result of sexual union is life. Or maybe it is because “sex ed” is more about teaching preventing children and about sex for pleasure which cannot produce children. The definition of a successful abortion is the death of a growing human. In Vermont there is currently no change to abortion law which went well beyond R v. W specifying no restrictions. Shamefully from my point of view this continues to be the law.

      Could you elaborate how more death ensues if abortion is less common? Regarding “economic catastrophe” surely there will be a significant loss of revenue Planned Parenthood will experience in states where life is prioritized and abortion is not. I argue that the funding currently channeled to abortion (it is significant) would be best spent supporting families, adoption, maternity care, etc. It is understandable that many are not aware of the support that is out there waiting to be expanded. When searching for “pregnancy support” it is easy to find abortion services and Q&A with gentle guidance towards abortion. It is more difficult to find Birthright International, Care Net, or Heartbeat International for example.

      “…emotional consequences…” surely having an abortion has serious emotional consequence for both the mother and father. Rachel’s Vineyard among others focuses on support for this.

      “…erosion of people’s rights…” the rights of the human in the womb are not considered. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”. It seems is no longer self-evident to many.

      It is so hard for me to imagine making a conscious choice to even offer advise an have an abortion (of course ruling out ectopic pregnancy for example). It is equally hard for me to understand how folks do not recognize a fetus as a human life with dignity and a right to life.

  6. Hey Phil, looks like insurrection to me, oh wait…. I apologize, that was only on January 6th. What the hell was I thinking!!!

  7. I want to be clear. Adoption can be a choice. There are many children in this country who would be happy to be adopted, but they are not wanted. There are also many people who get pregnant and have no access to adoption services. And there are those for whom adoption simply is not realistic: there are no prospective adoptive parents where they live, or who want their baby. As to not having sex—sometimes the person who ends up pregnant does not have that choice to make. Rape, incest, coercion to have sex sadly all exist. As to birth control: yes. Is it available? Affordable? There are places where it is neither. And some women cannot take the pill or hormones, and if their partners refuse to use condoms or to have a vasectomy? Finally: the fetus is not a person. Legally. That may be some people’s moral understanding, but legally. No. Right now a person who is legally brain dead has more rights to their body than a pregnant woman. And this is frightening. What’s next? Will we be required to give up body parts because someone else needs or wants them? Wake up, please, and do some dispassionate research into the issues that this SCOTUS decision will land us all with down the road. As to other issues about sex, gender, autonomy, etc., you are entitled to your views, but you are not entitled to make me share them by law or by force.

    • Giving up body parts because someone else needs them or wants them? Why, that’s PRECISELY what Planned Parenthood DID with baby parts, Gina – they sold them for $$$ – from arms, livers, & legs to tiny baby testicles, to be frank. The proof is on video though it has NEVER been aired by the lamestream media. Pretty sure those unborn babies didn’t give THEIR consent to be murdered & their body parts sold. And by the way, “hero” Fauci utilized the SCALPS of those babies in yet more gruesome experiments he funded – pretty Frankensteinish, right?

      And MOST of life’s problems or inconveniences or challenges or tribulations don’t have easy “solutions” that lead you to simply get rid of your current conundrum as if it never existed. Life tests you & such challenges and even hardships & sacrifices lead you to evolve into a stronger, more courageous individual. How DARE we proclaim that another human being ought not to have the chance to live their life because it’s just too “difficult” for us or THEIR own life MIGHT be “too difficult” for them? The answer is: We can NOT!

      Condoms & birth control are available for FREE at Planned Parenthood & if you cannot afford “free”, guess what? You & your male partner (because ONLY males can impregnate & ONLY females can become pregnant despite what you have apparently been told) should NOT be having intercourse. Sorry, but that’s the truth. Try instead: Accountability, responsibility, AND morals! Yes: MORALS – Morals are the cornerstone & foundation of WESTERN LAWS, Gina – and any attorney or judge can explain that to you.

      We don’t get to commit murder because we didn’t like or expect or anticipate the outcome, again, sorry.

      And by the way…since I’m sure you consider yourself a “feminist” – people in VT can TERMINATE their pregnancy or murder their own child because they don’t want the sex it is via ultrasound. Guess how many “future women” have had their lives exterminated based on that “choice”, Gina?

      You’ve been fed a lot of garbage & you’ve bought it hook, line, & sinker. Try looking up the hundreds of aborted baby pics online….it AIN’T what you’ve been spoon-fed.

      • Planned Parenthood doesn’t like to provide condoms or other birth control! PP loves to do abortions! That is where the money is! For the abortion procedure and the embryonic or baby parts or products that are sold to laboratories, surgery centers and researchers.

    • READ BELOW……..And search the internet for pics & facts of what is mentioned in my reply to yours below…..learn to discriminate between FACT & FICTION. It’s NOT what you’ve be taught.

  8. Wait a minute. That sounds like a threat to me……Is that a threat?? didn’t the LEG vote for special protection for themselves?? This really SOUNDS exactly like that “criminal threatening bill” they passed for themselves.

    • Yes, and as you can see? I’m “TERRIFIED”. FREEDOM OF SPEECH. FOREVER.

      The VT legislature cannot take that away because the VT legislature never gave it to a single person. The right to speak, express oneself, congregate, etc. are from: G-O-D.

  9. Meanwhile, back at the January 6 kangaroo committee the pursuit of truth, justice and the American way continues with the political persecution of those who dare to oppose total Democrat rule.

  10. Gina, respectfully, after the summer of 2020 rioting, looting, burning, mudering (yes 42 people were killed, women were raped, countless people hurt and billions of dollars of property damage was done) in the name of “social justice” by blm, antifa and left wing activists, promoted by democrat elected officials and the media; to say that this state house vandalism was likely done by conservatives looking to discredit liberal pro-abortion folks is asinine. Democrats are violent and have set the precedent for national domestic terrorism amongst their supporters. Id bet my last dollar you are wrong.

  11. No comment from the selected occupiers of the Golden Dome means they approve. It is their side calling for violence to get their point across. It is well documented on many platforms. Besides, the damage is paid by the taxpayers so no big deal. Nothing to see here, move along.

  12. The Vermont State House is the venue of perhaps the MOST pro-choice Legislature in the US.
    The fact that it was targeted is a testimonial to the ignorance and incomprehension that pervades the American Left. Based on the legendary bias exhibited by most Vermont prosecutors, we can fully expect that no one will be named or prosecuted for this affront to the Peoples’ House.

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