St. Albans pastor reflects on 37 years at Church of the Rock

Ludlam was the spiritual leader of the Church of the Rock from 1983 until March when he retired. His journey encompassed every aspect of church and community life. The high points of joy within the church’s sanctuary with weddings and birth and the low and sad points of funerals and death. Ludlum took it all on in stride and became a pillar of the church and Franklin County community over the span of 37 years.

BLM: Black Lives Matter, or Be Like Marx?

After months of discussions, proposals, and counter proposals, including a contentious November 16 virtual debate, where Mayor Lucas Herring had four over-eager participants ejected, The Barre City Council finally approved a compromise to raise the BLM flag through December, but also the “Thin Blue Line” flag in January. “Clearly we’re not all on the same page here,” stated one attendee. That turn of phrase could be a sublime microcosm for the American public’s polarizing reaction to BLM.

Covid-19 update: No Vermonters on ventilators. School sports postponed. Truancy up. Survivor immunity uncertain. Statewide recovery could take a year

Vermont’s recovery from the pandemic won’t be over when the vaccine arrives next month, Scott cautioned. “This is going to take many many months….it could be up to a year,” Scott said. Levine said the optimists put the recovery date at spring 2021, the pessimists say late summer. “We’ll all have to practice masking and social distancing for a long period of time….into the spring, for sure,” he said.