Roxbury fish hatchery rebuilt

The renovated facility will produce 25,000 pounds of fish — approximately 60,000 brook and rainbow trout annually for stocking in state waters. These fish will provide opportunities for anglers and play an important role in Vermont’s economy. Previous studies from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service have shown the Roxbury Fish Culture Station has contributed about $2.4 million dollars in annual economic impact to the state.

Prop 5 could prioritize abortion, sterilization, gender surgeries over other procedures, Right to Life warns

I encourage the UVM MC board members to contemplate how that guarantee, if successfully passed, will impact the delivery of health care services. And to further contemplate to what extent abortions, sterilizations, sterilization reversals, surrogacy, fertility treatments, gender reassignment surgeries and their reversals, and other reproductive services would become a priority of not only funding, but also the provision of care over other health care services that are not a constitutional guarantee.

Hartford CT men sold coke, heroin in Rutland, fed say

The defendants are: Ralph Mariani (a.k.a. “D”), 27, of East Hartford, Connecticut; Cedano Brownswell, 26, of Hartford, Connecticut; and Rashane Wedderburn, 25, of Hartford, Connecticut. The five-count indictment includes charges that: Mariani and Wedderburn distributed Fentanyl; Mariani possessed, with the intent to distribute cocaine base and fentanyl; and Brownswell possessed cocaine base.