Kidnapper at large

Search efforts for Harley Breer, 51, of Marshfield continued throughout the day Sunday, with members of the Vermont State Police checking numerous locations and conducting interviews. Breer was not located and remains at large. State police will continue the investigation throughout the night.

Steelhead leap Willoughby Falls

One of the state’s premier wildlife watching opportunities is taking place in Vermont.  The steelhead rainbow trout have started their upstream migration, leaping up waterfalls in a spectacular display of determination on their way to their spawning grounds.

Dems gamble on pension fund – what will it mean for 2022?

The political credibility Progressives bought with labor leaders is not the only factor working in their favor. By delaying the pension issue to next year, Krowinski is not only kicking the can down the road, she’s setting it up for a time closer to the 2022 elections. This issue will be much more ripe in voters minds, and union members in particular will be more likely to recall whatever actions the Legislature takes next session.

Baby kidnapped

On April 8 at about 7 pm, state troopers were notified of multiple 911 calls about a male attempting to take a baby away from a female on the side of the road along VT-109 in Belvidere, police say.

Rob Wagman: the Sheppard in Heather

I have broken my wife’s heart before, so I know the depths of that cry that encapsulates the sound of unbearable pain.  When we got the news of Heather Sheppard’s passing, my wife’s cries started with the lip curling, but within minutes, that all too familiar bellow that a hug can only hold down, but not quiet.

Stella: other states ban ‘vaccine passports’

Meanwhile, here in Vermont, discrimination is being encouraged. Vermont Gov. Phil Scott has announced that vaccinated persons shall be free to travel in/out of Vermont, without government quarantine restrictions. He has also elaborated on how un-vaccinated persons should be treated differently, and how vaccinated persons do not need to be tested, or quarantine.