Fireovid: veto S15, vote-by-mail bill

Do you want to give up your voting rights? No?  Well then, we have ONE option left to kill this bill. We have to convince Gov. Scott to veto it, and we have to convince Republican legislators to oppose any effort by Democratic legislators to override the Governor’s veto.

CFV: VT economic recovery needs capital, workers

Acquiring capital has always been a challenge for Vermont. We don’t have many deep-pocketed families willing to invest millions of dollars in startup ventures like the former merchant cities of Boston and New York or the gold-rich investors of northern California. Fortunately, what we do have is proximity to financial markets.

McClaughry: George Till, salesman for the Service Tax

I think Rep. Till would be startled to learn that quite a few of his average constituents use tax preparation services and investment advice, and almost all of them use  plumbers, electricians, lawn mowers, auto mechanics, driveway plowers, computer techies, tailors, accountants, taxi drivers, lawyers, tutors, music teachers, delivery drivers, loggers, excavators, barbers, cosmetologists, manicurists, day care operators, babysitters, gravediggers, and as many as 140 more service occupations.