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Licata: Bills increase government revenue, take from taxpayers

The Bottle Bill (H.175), the modernization and recalibration of Vermont’s Tax System (S.53), the bill requiring registration of construction contractors (H.157) and the COVID Recovery Bill (H.315) all increase revenues to the government while adding greater burdens on business and individuals. In addition, the roughly six billion dollars in unfunded liabilities was, once again, deferred and not resolved.

Two found dead in Lewis Creek

The Vermont State Police is investigating the deaths of two individuals whose bodies were found in Lewis Creek in Charlotte on Monday afternoon, April 19. The victims are identified as 70-year-old Martha Illick and her husband 71-year-old Terrence Dinnan, both of whom resided on Lewis Creek Road in Charlotte.

Hospital vax role limited

“Hospitals are getting some allocation of vaccine right now,” Health Commissioner Levine explained at last Friday’s press conference. “The goal of that is mainly for their emergency room setting where they may see somebody who is vulnerable and may not actually have any other contact with the health care system and this provides a great opportunity to begin their vaccine process.” 

Billado: School choice is winning

One of the remarkable things about Cady’s school board win, was that not only did she get a seat on the board of a public school when her own kids go to private school – but she actually campaigned on a school choice platform – and she won! On the “School Choice” tab of her website she argues that the competition that school choice creates can actually have the effect of improving our public schools as well.


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Monique Thurston on Vermont Daily: “Just in time!”

Monique Thurston

Vermont Daily testimonial by Monique Thurston:

Just in time!

Vermont needs Vermont Daily like an anemic patient needs a blood transfusion. It is frustrating to be a Vermonter today.  

Montpelier is like a mill – run by activists and lobbyists of all sorts who grind into oblivion those who do not fit their political agenda.  To the Democrat/Progressive majority, taxpayers are an inexhaustible supply of money for their schemes.  

Now Vermont Daily and True North gives Vermonters another choice than the “mainstream media” reporting of VTDigger, Seven Days or WCAX, whose sympathetic bias to the power structure is evident in the slant they give to the news as well as the news and opinions they choose to ignore. Adding insult to injury, VTDigger and Seven Days eliminated reader comments thereby squelching all but their point of view.

Vermont Daily Publisher Guy Page is determined to give his readers a “bigger picture “of what is going on in Vermont. Now we know that a new VTDigger editor tweets about affluent neighborhoods full of “rich boring white people;” that Elizabeth Cady, opposed to the national Black Lives Matter movement’s Marxist roots, won her race for school board in Essex; and that H39, a bill that proposed to require that Climate Council members with connection to the renewable industry need to declare their conflict of interest, is still languishing in the Energy and Technology Committee.    

And in a victory to free speech, readers ‘ comments on articles are allowed and lively debate is encouraged. Springtime in Vermont!

Monique Thurston is a retired radiologist living in Ferrisburgh.