Opinion: $29,000 to replace EV battery! / Biden’s many failures

Replacing EV battery almost $30K – In case you were thinking of saving money by buying an electric car please consider the attached invoice.

Someone drove their Chevy Volt a little over 70,000 miles when the battery died. The bill for replacing the battery is more than $29,000.

This comes as California has mandated 100% electric vehicles 13 years from now. (an absolute impossibility) We are being ruled by evil and foolish people! Vote Republican! – Ed Wheeler

Editor’s note – USA Today and other fact checkers determined the quote shown is legitimate, if on the high side of the $3500 (cheap refurbished) – $34,000 (new, top quality) price range for an EV replacement battery.

Biden destroying U.S. culture, economy, and world leadership – News stories today are centered on Trump, the Mar-a-Largo raid and bashing Trump supporters. It’s a clever Democrat strategy to attract independents and to divert attention from Biden’s dismal leadership that’s an affront to Americans. Fueling this strategy is Republican leadership’s inability focus on Biden’s mess that’s destroying our culture, economic stability and leadership in the world.

Biden has lost control of the southern border where illegals and drugs are entering at all time high rates. Overdoses, violent crimes and soft crime policies by Democrats have created dangerous war zones in our communities. Biden’s catering to teacher unions and keeping schools closed during Covid has reduced test scores, further dumbing down America. Inflation is Biden’s hidden tax created by Congresses’ reckless spending, it reduces families purchasing power by $6,000 and causes interest rates, fuel, food and housing to reach now highs. His federal voting reform agenda will lead us into a fascists New World Order.

Our foreign policy influence has diminished. We’ve given the Taliban billions in weapons with our chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan that motivated Putin to invade Ukraine and increase China’s influence in the Pacific. Biden is negotiating giving Iran $100 billion in cash which will fund worldwide terrorists’ activities. His climate change agenda is creating power and food supply shortages around the world.

Yet, with all these failures, Biden is blaming those who want to Make America Great Again. He’s a divisive president who with Congressional Democrats are destroying what we stand for with scary consequences. – Frank Mazur, South Burlington

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  1. The truth is unpopular, unattractive, not woke or politically correct, and that’s why you will never see it in VT Digger, 7 Daze, Free Press or Barre Times. Sadly, not enough people read the Chronicle, where facts get a fair shake. Liberal propaganda just feels and sounds better to egos always needing to virtue signal their way to atheist nirvana somewhere in a gulag where they hope to reeducate conservatives.

    • Just noticing how Google’s algorithm refuses to autocomplete the words “Vermont Daily Chronicle”, a site I nearly visit everyday, is all the information I need why more Vermonters have yet to find this site…. It is also buried pages deep in a basic search for “VT News”, but hey, at least we have easy access to the “Sobu City News” page if anyone is curious what those on the winning side of that particular wealth gap is up to!

      • I learned a long time ago that Google was worthless for finding websites. The mission at Google and Microsoft Edge and others is to hide the non-progressive/democrat news. Use Duck Duck Go, Brave or Mozilla for searches. Everyone should ditch Google; they are Anti-American and censor the free press.

  2. If you want a laugh at liberal propaganda…look no further than the home page of the once great Burlington Freep.

    There in the middle of the page, for subscribers only, you’ll find two articles. One is on receding shorelines and the second is on rising sea levels. Which is it liberals?

    Climate change is such an obvious hoax.

  3. The big lie exposes itself. Europeans sitting in the dark with no heat is real life now. Californians and Coloradans are finding out the hard way now. The climate council freaks of misery and their partners, the WEF death merchants, will be on the run trying to hide from the tar and feathers. The entire false narative is blowing up bigly.

    • It seems that California, Colorado and Vermont’s emotional liberals really don’t see the consequence of ‘feel good’ legislation. While the politically astute and elitist Vermont legislature pushed their duties off on Boards and Councils to determine the fate of the ‘governed’- liberals, socialists and others clamor for immediate action and demand ‘social justice’ for the environment. These emotion-based thinkers have indeed backed Vermont into a corner with few workable energy choices. It is apparent that these groups, led by the climate evangelists and grifters will never regret their choices and actions, merely shifting ‘blame’ for the predictable outcomes to those that opposed them to begin with.
      It seems apparent that the demographic of Vermont will continue to evolve into a socialist nirvana, requiring more ‘social’ programs to compensate for the folly of these actions. Programs require tax revenue- and we are beyond the tipping point for local and state taxation. Next step (already in progress) is a vast decline in taxpayers as these folks abandon the state.
      Once the “marginalized” population exceeds the tax-paying population, Vermont’s economy will fail completely. We are not far from that point now.

      • Vermont is not immune to the larger economic pressures and it may appear the merry band of nihilists are enjoying their powertripping. Their days are numbered in the singular. As the old saying goes – can’t get blood from a stone. The defaults are happening now. Insurance companies are pulling back off the banks due to lawsuits for the coof (deaths, injuries, unlawful termination.) The storm is here. They are desparate and with that comes utter failure. Amen and Halleluja!

  4. This has nothing to do with the Environment! Its all about Controlling you the people period!! With a Flick of a Switch period!!
    Wake up people Wake up!!
    Vote out the liberal Dem Swamp Rats 🐀
    🐀 period folks!!
    Enough is Enough of this liberal Clown 🤡 Show!! WAKE UP!!

  5. Biden was put into office by the same people who deny there was election fraud. It is that in a nutshell.
    The heads of BOTH parties need to be sure everything is in order for a fair and honest outcome in 2024, and the one coming up in about 5-6 weeks. If that cannot happen, we are doomed. The voters should be asking the party leadership what the plans are for fair and honest, upright elections.