Open Letter to Sen. Patrick Leahy on Equality Act – and his response

I sent this letter to Sen. Patrick Leahy, and also to Sen. Bernie Sanders and Pres. Joe Biden, Sunday afternoon. It states my opposition to HR 5, the Equality Act, which passed the House Feb. 24 and now faces a close vote in the Senate.

The links used to send the emails are printed below. Readers are welcome to use them as they see fit, including reprinting some or all of the content below. I could have said more. I hope others will.

Sen. Leahy’s response also is printed below.

Dear Sen. Leahy:

On February 25, Rep. Peter Welch joined 223 other members of the U.S. House of Representatives to pass HR 5, named the Equality Act. It was opposed by 206 representatives. 

I ask you to oppose this bill when it comes before you in the Senate. The closeness of this vote and the language in the bill suggests that despite its ‘who could argue with this?’ name, the passage of HR5 would:

  1. Undermine the inestimably precious institution of the one man, one woman family.

Section 2:A:2 refers to the “sex stereotype that marriage should only be between heterosexual couples.” Heterosexual marriage must not be denigrated as a “stereotype.” Both human history and modern academic studies show us that heterosexual marriage is not only the most enduring bond between adults, it is by far the most beneficial to children. By any meaningful standard – emotional security, educational and employment achievement, freedom from substance abuse, future family happiness – heterosexual marriage benefits children the most. While government should not discriminate against parents who do not fit this mold, government should unapologetically support the heterosexual family – not denigrate or dismantle it. We submit that both denigration and attempted dismantling happens when supporters of heterosexual marriage are called “hateful” and “discriminatory” by both media and government representatives – including many supporters of this bill. 

  1. Create unconstitutional demands on Americans of religious conscience. 

Section 1107 says “The Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 (42 U.S.C. 2000bb et seq.) shall not provide a claim concerning, or a defense to a claim under, a covered title, or provide a basis for challenging the application or enforcement of a covered title.” If we read this correctly, the RFRA – meant to establish in law the constitutional rights guaranteed by the First Amendment – would be null and void. The potentially abusive applications of this sweeping away of statute protecting religious expression are manifold. Furthermore, they will not – or at least should not – hold up under Supreme Court scrutiny. The Senate could save everyone the trouble of a successful court challenge by removing from HR5 any language that would impinge on Americans’ freedom of religion. 

  1. Cause harm to women. 

This bill would in effect allow biological men to use the same bathrooms as girls and women, and allow biological men to compete athletically against women. Both outcomes are distressing abuses of women’s hard-won privacy, dignity and right to compete. 

I ask you to uphold longstanding American values of individual, Constitutional freedom and oppose HR5.

Guy Page

Berlin Vermont


Sen. Bernie Sanders

Pres. Joe Biden



Dear Mr. Page:

Thank you for contacting me about the Equality Act.  I appreciate hearing from you.

The Equality Act was introduced in the House of Representatives on February 18, 2021.  That bill was voted on and passed the House chamber on February 24, with bipartisan support.  The Equality Act now awaits action by Leader Schumer in the Senate. 

As the son of Vermont printers, I learned at an early age the importance of the First Amendment to America’s identity as a free society.  The First Amendment is the cornerstone of our democracy, and I have long worked to uphold First Amendment protections, including those meant to protect religious freedom, and will continue to do so.  I am proud to have received the 2016 First Amendment Award from the New England First Amendment Coalition for my unwavering commitment to protecting Americans’ right to speak and worship freely. 

However, we must ensure that the shield of religious liberty is not used as a sword for discrimination.  Discrimination on the grounds of a person’s race, religion, gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation is antithetical to everything America stands for.
The Equality Act would simply ban discrimination against people based on sexual orientation and gender identity.  Please know I will keep your thoughts in mind as these issues arise in the future.  Thank you for contacting me.  Please keep in touch.


United States Senator

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  1. So, as per Leahy’s reply, the senator is so obsessed with the “discrimination” of less than 1% of transgender people, a concept that contradicts the most rudimentary science in most cases, that he feels compelled for the USA to instead DISCRIMINATE against 51% of the population – women!



  2. “Ugh” is my first response to Sen. Leahy. Women are being screwed by this patriarchal society that deems them insignificant…..once again.
    It is time for the Divine Feminine to rise and be heard. Yes, we are all equal…but women ARE granted freedoms and protections under the law, and this bill attempts to thwart those rights, predictably.
    Follow the money. It is only there that one sees the real reason for this erasure of the Female.
    And it ain’t pretty.

  3. I think our Senators should be required to watch the videos of trans MMA fighter Fallon Fox as he/she savagely beat up a female MMA fighter, fracturing her skull and causing a concussion. This was the second female MMA fighter he/she had done this to. The poor woman had no clue that she’d be fighting a biological male which is indeed what any guy who “transitions “ to being female is.

  4. Interestingly, a friend of mine received the exact same canned response from Leahy. When asked if if he would guarantee the Equality Act would not be used as a sword AGAINST religious freedoms Leahy had no response. Apparently they haven’t canned anything for that question, yet.

  5. Well, Senator Leahy, you say you are for free speech, but what about most of Vermont’s colleges and the majority of higher education establishments SQUELCHING free speech on campuses!! Have you EVER said anything against this or aggressively opposed such tyranny? Not that I know of. Sounds like you don’t know what is really going on outside the DC bubble!

  6. A form letter. I would expect no different from any of our D.C. “Swamp Monsters”.

  7. I, too, got the same form letter from Senator Leahy. So I wrote back to him….”As the daughter of hardworking Vermonters, I learned at an early age…”
    Term limits needed!

  8. I find it troubling that his support of no discrimination is one directional. By virtue of supporting this bill he is choosing to discriminate against women who will lose their natural born rights as well as constitutional rights granted them, like Title 9, to ensure fairness in pursuit of their lives. This is a tremendous step back for women’s rights and frankly for their safety. His one form letter response shows his blatant disregard for the issue and for Vermonters.

    • I sent a complaint to Sander’s office & got a form letter in return as well – stating he will support this completely!

      And despite all these dangerous, even illegal, illicit policies these extremists are pushing through even though many are NOT in line with what Americans want – the “Vermont Stepford Voters” will re-elect these two nut jobs yet again in order that they may continue their life-long “career” as politicos.

      TERM LIMITS!!!

  9. Mr. Page; I believe this letter overemphasizes the marriage aspect. I too believe that marriage should be limited to two people, but that it shouldn’t be limited. That being said, the dangers to women are inherent and obvious. States must begin to preserve Women’s Sports.
    Many feminists are allying with conservative Christian groups. This isn’t widely publicized.

  10. People of good will on this thread who can see what is really going on in this sad excuse for a nation right now, please RUN to your nearest computer or book store and order a copy of Rabbi Jonathan Cahn’s new book “The Return of the Gods”. And. I. Do. Mean. Immediately. Do. It. Now! It is unlike anything you have ever read, and it will tell you exactly what we are facing as Constitutional and conservative and Christian people. Barnes and Noble in South Burlington is selling it because it is a big seller right now. I just read it and I was blown away. You all need to read it immediately.

    • Re: “The Return of the Gods reveals that the strange transformations now overtaking America and world culture are all part of this ancient mystery.”

      It’s not a total mystery, Kay. Rational behavior always includes the juxtaposition of what we know to what we don’t know. But before we give all credence to ‘the Gods’ for what we don’t know, consider the many studies of human and animal behavior. From Mesopotamia to the November 8 mid-term elections, a blink of an eye in the context of the time when life on Earth began, our human nature hasn’t significantly changed. What we are witnessing today we have witnessed many times over the course of the last 8000 years or so. It’s a natural phenomenon. Nature’s way… if you will.

      As civilizations, throughout the world, over time immemorial, both human and animal populations reach restrictive limits. Some refer to these observations as Malthusian Theory – that population growth eventually (albeit temporarily) becomes unsustainable. Some cite food and energy shortages. Others cite ‘the return of the Gods’.

      But the one commonality occurs when the stress of overpopulation reaches the point in which our ‘normal’ social and physical characteristics begin to change. Consider this citation of a 1958 study by John Calhoun in Edward T. Halls book – The Hidden Dimension.

      “Crowding, however, disrupts important social functions and so leads to disorganization and ultimately to population collapse or largescale die-off … pansexuality and sadism were endemic. Rearing the young became almost totally disorganized. Social behavior of the males deteriorated, social hierarchies were unstable, and territorial taboos were disregarded unless backed by force. In fact, Calhoun’s evidence certainly points to an imminent crisis.”

      I do, however, admit to being somewhat amazed by the accuracy of many of the ancient prophecies, as recounted in the context of many different faiths. Consider, for example, Luke 23:28-29, in the context of the Calhoun study and the recent passage of Article 22.

      ” But Jesus turning unto them said, Daughters of Jerusalem, weep not for me, but weep for yourselves, and for your children. For indeed the days are coming in which they will say, ‘Blessed are the barren, wombs that never bore, and breasts which never nursed!’.

      The important point is that all of these observations have one thing in common – an understanding of behavioral norms. Assign the cause to nature or the Gods – your choice. But understand one important commonality – these cycles do not end well for most of the population.

      Again: praemonitus praemunitus (forewarned is forearmed)

      • Jay, Rabbi Cahn says the gods who have returned to America are demonic deities from Old Testament and pre Old Testament days. Demonic pagan gods like Baal and Ishtar and Molech and Dagon. Mr. Cahn is a profound thinker and his observations are stunning. America is in DEEP trouble and the root cause is far more spiritual than merely political. Molech was the god (demon) of child sacrifice. Ishtar is the goddess of all forms of perverted sexuality. There is nothing new under the Sun, as the Bible says.

  11. Leahy says he is a Catholic. No, he is not. He is an utter pagan. He is lost and on his way to hell unless he repents. He is violating the teachings of his own Church. He doesn’t give a care for the sanctity of either unborn human life OR the sanctity of marriage. What do you do with a politician who has such a reprobate mind? His immortal soul is in DANGER. And going to Confession won’t cut it if you are not sincere. You can ask God for forgiveness but you must MEAN it. It is a terrible thing to spit in God’s eye. If Leahy celebrates Christmas after his anti-life and anti family political votes he is being a hypocrite. God is not mocked.

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