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NRA magazine publishes Vermont home defense story 

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By Guy Page

It’s not often Vermont gets mentioned in “Armed Citizen”, a regular feature in the NRA mag America’s First Freedom. 

“Armed Citizen” tells stories of Americans defending themselves with firearms. Most of the stories are situated, not surprisingly, in big cities. Most, not surprisingly, have some illegal drug connection – often because a crook wanted the armed defender’s money to feed a drug habit.

Not surprisingly – at least to Vermonters aware of the state’s growing drug crime problem – one of the intruders mentioned in the June 22 issue is an alleged drug criminal living in Springfield, the scene many drug-related violent incidents this year.

“A mobile home in Westminster, Vt. was the scene of a shooting around 11 a.m. March 14,” the column begins. “The homeowner was inside when a man and a woman allegedly broke into his home. The homeowner was able to arm and defend himself, shooting at the duo and striking the male.”

The man who was shot – later identified as prison furloughee Daniel King, 40, of Westminster – was injured badly enough to need to be flown by helicopter to Dartmouth Hitchcock. He survived. Upon release he was returned to prison for lack of $10,000 bail, and faced charges in court in early April. 

His alleged accomplice was Jacquelyn Fougere, 29, of Springfield. The homeowner defending himself was identified later as Nathaniel Keefe, 37. 

Five days ago, federal charges were filed against Fougere and King. Federal court records say “the victim reported to law enforcement that King was carrying a firearm when he kicked down the door to the trailer. King also was carrying zip ties which were readied as make-shift handcuffs.” The pair reportedly were seeking cash and THC cartridges.

A June 23 Brattleboro Reformer report says Fougere is a suspect in the attempted robbery of a Springfield credit union Jan. 13, and that getting money to buy drugs was a motivation.

Fougere is also suspected of assisting Samuel Colby, 39, of Springfield, in attempting to rob the 802 Credit Union in Springfield on Jan. 13.

“Given the defendant’s involvement in these two attempted violent crimes, both of which were designed to obtain money to purchase illicit narcotics, the defendant should not be released without a structured plan designed to address her addiction,” states a motion for detention cited in the Reformer.

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  1. There are several incidents like this reported in this column in every NRA monthly publication, but unless it’s local, you won’t see it on TV. “Armed Citizens” defending themselves and/or loved ones do not fit the propaganda of left leaning politics. Add to this, I don’t believe that the FBI does, or can accurately track how often a criminal is dissuaded from committing a criminal act merely by the presence of a firearm on a mark.

  2. This story evolved around THC – a cannabis product and is one of several to come when communities open the door to commercialized cannabis. Legislators knew this and opened the doors anyway – because the media was silent and the people were uninformed and silenced.

    If you are in a community that hasn’t opened those doors – be a voice to keep it out – save lives in your community.

    Cannabis Concerns


    All the slides can be found in the drop box below with their blue ribbon primary source information included in the dropbox below.


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