Clinton campaign manager testifying about HRC role in Trump-Russia report born, raised in VT

By Guy Page

Robby Mook, the 2016 campaign manager for Hillary Clinton who testified Friday, May 20 in federal court that Clinton in the fall of 2016 personally approved sharing with media unproven allegations of collusion between Donald Trump and Russian bankers, is a Vermont born-and-raised political operative with numerous connections to prominent Vermont Democrats. 

In 2016, Mook and other top campaign officials brought to Clinton’s attention reports of cyberlinks between Trump and a Russian bank, CNN reported on the trial of campaign lawyer John Sussman Friday May 20. Should this potential bombshell information be shared with the press – even though it was of uncertain origin? “We discussed it with Hillary,” Mook reportedly said. He added later that “she agreed with the decision.”

The ‘Russian collusion’ information was shared with the media, eagerly published in Slate Magazine, and retweeted by Hillary. This was the beginning of the ‘Russiagate’ narrative employed to impeach then-President Trump. It later proved to be untrue. 

To date, Vermont’s statewide media – including VT Digger, VPR, WCAX, WPTZ, and Seven Days – have been silent about Mook’s testimony in the Sussman. 

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Mook, 42, is currently a Fellow at the Kennedy School at Harvard University, according to his Twitter account. He was born in the town of Sharon, and was raised in Norwich, a wealthy, liberal Windsor County bedroom community for Dartmouth College. Mook’s father was a Dartmouth professor and his mother an administrator at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Hospital. 

Mook became interested in politics when former legislator Matt Dunne was his high school theater director, his Wikipedia biography says. 

According to Wikipedia [everything below here quoted verbatim from Wikipedia entry], 

Mook worked on state campaigns and on Howard Dean’s 2004 presidential campaign. He then joined the Democratic National Committee and worked for Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign as a state director in three states.

Mook managed former Governor Jeanne Shaheen’s campaign during the 2008 United States Senate election in New Hampshire, served as the executive director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in 2012, and was the campaign manager for Terry McAuliffe’s successful 2013 gubernatorial campaign.

In the wake of the 2016 presidential election, Mook drew criticism for his campaign strategy, specifically his reliance on data analytics.

Early life and education

Mook was born in Sharon, the son of Kathryn and Delo Mook, and was raised in nearby Norwich, across the river from Hanover, New Hampshire. His father was a physics professor at Dartmouth College in Hanover, and his mother was a hospital administrator at Dartmouth–Hitchcock Medical Center, in nearby Lebanon, New Hampshire.

Mook attended Hanover High School, where Matt Dunne, a member of the Vermont House of Representatives, served as the theater director. Dunne met Mook when he auditioned for a school play, and Mook volunteered for Dunne’s reelection campaign. Mook graduated from Columbia University in 2002 with a Bachelor of Arts in classics. Mook also served in the United States Senate Page program.

Political campaigns

During the summer after Mook’s freshman year at Columbia, Dunne hired Mook as the first paid staffer for the Vermont Democratic House Campaign, working to elect Democrats to the Vermont House. Mook worked as a field director during the 2002 Vermont gubernatorial election, which the Democrats lost. He served as deputy field director during Dean’s 2004 presidential campaign in Wisconsin and New Hampshire. 

He joined the Democratic National Committee after Dean lost the nomination to John Kerry, serving as director of the get out the vote effort in Wisconsin during the general election. He worked for David W. Marsden, managing a campaign that won a previously Republican-held seat in the Virginia House of Delegates in 2005. In 2006, he coordinated the campaigns of Martin O’Malley, who defeated incumbent Bob Ehrlich in the Maryland gubernatorial election, and Ben Cardin, who defeated Michael Steele to win the United States Senate election.

Hillary Clinton 2008 presidential campaign

Mook joined Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign in 2007. He served as the campaign’s state director for Nevada, Indiana, and Ohio. Clinton won the popular vote in all three states. Mook then managed Jeanne Shaheen’s successful campaign for the United States Senate that fall.[4][7] Mook joined the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) in 2009 as their political director, and was named independent expenditure director of the DCCC in May 2010.[8] After the 2010 House of Representatives elections, where the Democrats lost the majority, Mook was named executive director. In the 2012 House of Representatives elections, he aided the Democrats in gaining eight seats, though Democrats had aimed for the 25 seats needed to retake the majority.

Terry McAuliffe campaign

In 2013, Mook left the DCCC and was named the campaign manager of Terry McAuliffe’s gubernatorial campaign. That year, Politico named Mook one of their “50 Politicos to Watch.” Mook led McAuliffe’s campaign to victory. He worked for McAuliffe’s political action committee as well as the Virginia Progress PAC, helping in the reelection campaign of Senator Mark Warner in 2014.

Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential campaign

In January 2015, Clinton hired Mook and Joel Benenson as strategists. Upon the April 2015 announcement of Clinton’s 2016 campaign for president, Mook was introduced as Clinton’s campaign manager. According to the Washington Post, as Clinton’s campaign manager, Mook won praise “both inside the campaign and among Clinton’s vast circle of second-guessers, for the airtight and drama-free campaign he has built.”[16] A group of about 150 young political operatives close to Mook became known as the “Mook Mafia.”

Mook played a key role in negotiating with Bernie Sanders’ campaign to win his endorsement for Clinton. During the campaign, Donna Brazile commented on Mook’s micro-tagging of voters based on purchasing preferences, alleging that it “missed the big picture.” Clinton did not win the election, losing to Republican Donald Trump.

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  1. Couldn’t happen to a “nicer” guy… Now Progressives want us to move on to other news stories since the Russia Trump Collusion narrative has been exposed for the dirty trick it was (and that it came from Candidate Clinton. Progressives have been denying this was a dirty trick right up to yesterday. These same people colluded to hamstrung the Trump presidency with a $30M inquiry that everyone involved knew was 100% sham. Now they want us to heal and move on. I don’t think so. Responsible parties need to be punished or they’ll do it again – and worse.

  2. I’m still waiting on prosecution for the Weiner laptop, the Hunter laptop, and Hillary’s lying to congress blatantly on television….

    The whole Russian collusion was nonsense from the beginning and if there was law and order
    then Mueller, Comey and anyone working underneath them would also go to jail for covering all of this up. To be honest I’m not sure what is more disgusting that the ruling class gets away with it or that the law enforcement helped!

    There is just one problem there is no law and order anymore it’s just lies and greed. There is no left vs. right, or red vs. blue, it’s the ruling class and the subjects, and the ruling class doesn’t have to answer for anything they do.

    How is this any different than being ruled by a king? Where did that American dream go?

  3. The Kennedy School at Harvard is building quite an impressive roster of governmental experts from Vermont.

    First it was Ex-Governor Peter Shumlin whose list of public service achievements is something one would expect to see in a “Three Stooges’ movie:

    1. The Shumlin Single Payer Health Care System that wasted years of legislative time, wasted more than $200 million of taxpayer money before cratering and burning without saving a penny of health care costs.

    2. Forcing Vermont Yankee to close resulting in the loss of more than 600 high paying Vermont jobs, loss of a low cost and non-fossil fuel power generating source and then buying nuclear power from the Seabrook plant in New Hampshire.

    3. Then there is the infamous EB-5 program fiasco…….Costing investors hundreds of millions of dollars, developers going to jail while Gov. Shumlin turned a blind eye to the fraud and Vermont getting a black-eye in public opinion.

    4. And let’s not forget the Shumlin’s shameful real estate deal with a neighbor back in 2013. The neighbor, a high-school dropout, who said he had trouble comprehending many things sold his 16 acre property to Shumlin for a far under market price that drew such a public up roar that Shumlin ultimately had to undue the deal…..

    Here it is: https://vtdigger.org/2013/05/24/digging-deep-into-the-shumlin-dodge-deal/

    And now the Kennedy School has added Robbie Mook to its list of notables. His achievements are also of “Three Stooges” quality:

    1. Mook lead a sure thing Hillary Clinton Presidential campaign to an unbelievable fiery crash in 2016 where he was involved in the:

    2. Creation of the Russian Collusion fraud caper that wasted millions on government investigations and divided the country.

    3. Mook must have been involved in Hillary’s “Deplorables” charge that blew up in her face.

    4. And what was Mook’s role in the Hillary’s computer mess and the missing 30,000 e-mails?

    5. In fairness to Mook…….Hillary was probably the worse candidate ever for President until 2020 when Joe Biden stepped forward and a new standard of unqualified was set.

    Who will be the next from Vermont to be called to service by the Kennedy School at Harvard……All the K-School has to do is look at the the just ended Legislative session and they will fine many deserving candidates to join Shumlin and Mook in Cambridge……And regardless of it pick, nothing will be lost on maintaining the “Three Stooges” standard of excellence.

  4. Wow, first Vermonter to be tried for treason. That he spoke out will mitigate the sentence.
    Good work, Mook.

  5. It’s interesting that the dem/prog cult prides itself as so much more intelligent then us low life, dirty conservatives but look at what they produce. The smarts they use are equivalent to a street criminal on a much higher scale. Everyone with an IQ over 70 should be able to see that the Clintons are high class grifters with no class. If I were Mr. Mook I would start looking for a professional bodyguard and security team. I believe at last count there were 57 people connected to the Clintons who mysteriously lost their lives during past scandals. Hence the term Arkancide. And then there’s the Biden crime family. I can’t wait until this all gets to the Obama’s. Making the case that they weren’t involved in all of this will not pass the smell test.

  6. Oh…..BTW, Wesley Mook was not a competent fellow (not that that’s a qualification for being a judge in blue states); however potentially having utilized him as a professional role model wasn’t obviously a really grand idea.

    Mook peruses (literally) dozens of pages of submitted documents in record-breaking time (must be a speed reader) & totally disregards witnesses because he loathes ANY non-native VT resident and is ALWAYS set upon rendering his “decisions” in favor of native Vermonters no matter how wrong or corrupt.

    But that’s the “democRAT” way, so……..looks like maybe the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Vermont apple. So, no worries there.

  7. Vermont is tied up to its eyeballs in the treasonous criminality at the highest levels on our gov’t thanks to the Pat ‘the spook’ Leahy. A little corruption, a little contract here, a little contract there, and the devil’s playground we are, raising’em right in Vermunt.

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