Miro exploring run for governor

By Guy Page

Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger is exploring a run for governor. 

Last week, Weinberger announced he wouldn’t seek a fifth three-year term as the mayor of Vermont’s largest city. After delivering a ‘legacy’ speech highlighting his work on many key Democrat issues – which he described as “eradicating racism,” “common-sense gun control,” and “innovative local climate policies” –  Miro then teased his listeners:

“However, I want to be clear – while I am not certain what I will do next, I have every intention of staying involved. We still have an enormous housing shortage and the second-worst homelessness problem per capita of any state [italics by editor] in the nation. We have a deepening drug crisis that is taking an enormous toll on this community and the rest of Vermont, and a wide range of serious public safety problems. And we are not doing nearly enough as a state on the climate emergency.  These issues are bigger than any one city can solve, and they are not going to fix themselves. 

Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger, City of Burlington photo

“Addressing these challenges will require committed, tireless leadership and I am going to take some time to explore how I can best continue to work on them.”

True, Weinberger didn’t come right out and say, “I’m running for governor next year.” But it was a broad enough hint to encourage VDC to inquire of a longtime, high-level Vermont Democratic insider. Our source confirmed what Weinberger seemed to be hinting at: “Yes. He is exploring a run.”

Weinberger in some ways resembles our current Chief Executive, Phil Scott. Both are successful businessmen with experience building housing, Weinberger as a developer and Scott as a general contractor. Both have labored as an elected chief executive working closely with the legislative branch (the Legislature and Burlington City Council). 

Both are seen as fiscally-responsible political moderates by many in their parties. Both have been at odds with activists: Scott with MAGA Republicans, and Weinberger with DEI/BLM activists who sought more control over the police department. Both won the argument. Scott won another overwhelming victory in the last primary and general elections, and Weinberger prevented the formation of another police oversight commission whose advocates included some of the ‘defund the police’ movement. Weinberger’s office also commissioned an audit on former equity and inclusion chief Tyeastia Green’s apparent financial mismanagement of the Juneteenth celebration. 

At least two other current elected officials are believed to be interested in running for governor: Secretary of State Sarah Copeland-Hanzas of Bradford, and Chittenden County State Sen. Kesha Ram Hinsdale. Both have run for statewide office at least once already, and both have been mentioned on social media as possible contenders for the 2024 Democratic nomination. 

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  1. Well let’s just make the rest of Vermont like the crime infested city of Burlington. Surely Vermonters will embrace Miro as he has the only important qualification sitting at the end of his name (D)

    • While I am disappointed in many of the present Governor’s policies, I can’t imagine that the midget mayor would be a step in the right direction.

  2. Recall Bernie from D.C. to run as Lt. Governor so we can have a full house of loons and looters.

  3. See? Bad to worse in 24 hrs.

    You will own nothing and be happy. That is the “housing plan”……

    We are the training ground for Marxist’s leadership. We really need to change direction.

    • No worries, the clown car is loading up and ready to roll! The pukefest selection season is bound to be a doozy with all of Satan’s spawn well funded with global blood money. They are doubling down and pushing hard for the world war and civil war they are directed to start while the last nickels and dimes are stolen. The end game is here.

  4. Yes – because ruining Burlington isn’t enough – He needs to ruin all of Vermont to be happy.

  5. Great idea. Screw up the whole State with his progressive ideas so nobody notices how bad he destroyed Burlington,

  6. I thought you were kidding. I thought it was a joke, I even wrote it down in my diary. “Veronica had a very funny joke today” It isn’t enough to destroy a city, he wants all of Vermont to suffer.

  7. Miro has done such an exemplary job as Mayor of Burlington, that he deserves a promotion and a raise, ya know, like Gavin Newsome in California. Wouldn’t he make a great President ? (sarcasm)

  8. If every single person living in this state was fully nourished on air alone and walked on clouds,  the difference we would make as and ENTIRE STATE on the world environment would still never even be statistically significant.