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Man dies fighting fire / cops assaulted / 113 MPH in Manchester / Starving dog abandoned

The following Vermont State Police reports were edited and published by the Newport Dispatch.

A man died after trying to fight a wildland fire in Rochester Thursday May 12. 

Authorities were notified of a deceased man located in the woods while firefighters were extinguishing a wildland fire on Jones Mountain Road in Rochester at around 8:20 p.m.

The deceased man was transported to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner for autopsy and identification. He was located in the woods about 200 yards east of a homestead.

It appears he had been attempting to suppress the fire by himself. Police say there is no indication that the fire was the result of direct human involvement and does not appear to be a criminal event. About 2-3 acres were burned. 

Cops assaulted – a 24-year-old man is facing multiple charges following an incident in Derby on Thursday May 12. Authorities say they were investigating an active in-progress burglary at 25 Ducharme Drive at around 10 PM, suspect Timothy Christopher of Derby became uncooperative and assaultive towards troopers.

A physical altercation between police and Christopher ensued and he was taken into custody. Following an investigation, police allege that Christopher entered an occupied residence without permission and right to do so, stealing multiple household items. Police say all stolen property was located and returned to the home. 

Christopher was transported to the Derby barracks and processed. He was charged with burglary, simple assault, assault on protected professionals, resisting arrest, and aggravated disorderly conduct. He was lodged at Northern State Correctional Facility.

113 MPH in Manchester – Elijah Johnson of Manchester was clocked at 113 MPH on US Route 7, near the Sunderland/Manchester line Friday May 13. 

Police say Johnson’s vehicle was observed traveling at a high rate of speed, passing several vehicles, and heading north. He was issued a traffic citation and a criminal citation to appear in court on charges of negligent operation and excessive speed.

Driver misses turkeys, gets DUI – Sunday at 3:10 PM, state police received a report of a vehicle off the road on VT Route 106 in Reading. Police say Brian Corliss, 61 of Reading was traveling north on VT Route 106 and swerved to avoid a flock of turkeys. He was subsequently arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence and transported to Springfield Police Department for processing. He was released with a citation to appear in court.

Starving pit bull left on side of road – Two Lamoille County people were cited for cruelty to animals following an investigation in Elmore this month. On May 1, authorities say they were notified of an emaciated abandoned pitbull that was located at the intersection of Brown Hill Road and Eagle Ledge Road.

With the assistance of the public through social media and local community resources, the owner of the dog was identified as Tara Smith, 30, of Morrisville. Police say that Smith had possession of the dog beginning in the fall of 2021.

During ownership, Smith deprived the dog of adequate nutrition resulting in the dog becoming emaciated as well as inhumanely containing the dog in unsanitary living conditions. On May 1, Michael Phair, 32, of Johnson, a relative of Smith, removed the dog from the home, acknowledging the dog’s condition, and deteriorating health, and abandoned him on the side of the road where the dog was found by a passerby later that afternoon.

Combined efforts with the Lamoille County Sherriff’s Department, the Wolcott Animal Control Officer, and the North Country Animal League, the dog was surrendered by Smith and is now being cared for by the NCAL.

Smith and Phair were each cited to appear in court on July 27 to answer the charge.

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  1. Have these geniuses ever heard of an animal shelter?? The total disregard and cruelty is astonishing. I hope they serve jail time & are never allowed to own a dog again.

    To add to this inhumanity, research has long proven the interconnectivity between cruelty/abuse to animals and that same towards other people.

    Get the pipes out of their mouths & get them into counseling for the good of everyone.

    • Buckle up- In twenty years, this state will have twice as many losers as it already does once all the rural Planned Parenthood’s are gone. Thanks alot!

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