Madden will accept GOP House nomination, Redic announces vigorous Libertarian campaign

#2 finisher in GOP primary for Congress seeks support from Republicans, Molly Gray Democrats

“Liam, let me tell you, you’ve messed with the wrong broad”

Ericka Redic and husband Ben Redic this morning announce her fight to U.S. House seat as Libertarian in wake of GOP primary winner Liam Madden’s reluctant acceptance of nomination. Stillshot from Facebook video program Generally Irritable.

By Guy Page

Game on, Ericka Redic, the Burlington Republican who finished second in the GOP race for U.S. Congress to independent and reluctant nominee Liam Madden, said today.

Speaking live on her Generally Irritable Facebook program, Redic announced she will be on the November 8 ballot on the Libertarian ticket, and that she has already won the support of the Chittenden County Republican Committee. 

“Liam has demonstrated he cannot be trusted,” Redic said. “He doesn’t trust Vermonters enough to run on his own values. Are we going to let him speak for Vermont?” 

Redic said she is finding support from the grassroots – and some GOP leaders, as well.

Following the primary, the Chittenden County GOP Committee met to discuss the situation, Redic said. “They will be submitting a resolution and issuing a press release that, as the most vote-getting Republican, the Chittenden County GOP recognizes me as the winner of the election,” she claimed. Any such resolution is likely to be a subject of discussion when the GOP State Committee meets Saturday in Montpelier.

“He never really planned on running as an independent,” the Burlington accountant continued. “We’re not going to bow out. We’re very upset. We have agreed that we’re going to continue the fight.”

Madden shocked Republicans yesterday when he told WCAX he might decline the GOP nomination and instead run as an independent, subject to negotiations with the GOP leadership. Today, WCAX reported that Madden will indeed accept the nomination – but only because he missed the deadline to run as an independent.

“My entire adult life as a Vermont voter, I saw that Bernie Sanders participated in a party primary and declines the nomination to run as an independent in the general election,” Madden told WCAX. “I didn’t understand that the only reason Bernie can decline the Democratic Party nomination and be an independent in the general was that he and the Democratic Party had to agree ahead of time to not replace the spot on the ballot he was leaving open with another candidate. Upon learning this, I doubted that the Republican Party wanted to leave the spot open if I declined the nomination.”

What’s not clear is whether an independent Congressman Madden would caucus with Republicans and vote for a Republican Speaker of the House. It’s possible history could repeat itself, when. Sen. James Jeffords won re-election in 2000, only to then vote as a Democrat, thus giving the Democrats control of the Senate.

“Vermont’s liberty-minded people are not going to take this lying down,” Redic said. “We can prove to the rest of the country that we’re a joke, we can sit back and do nothing, or we can do something about it.”

Madden, who has not returned Vermont Daily Chronicle inquiries, apparently wants to run as an independent provided the Republican Party runs no-one at all in the general election. 

Redic admitted some frustration with GOP leadership for seeming to allow an independent to win the nomination. But she urged all Libertarians, Republicans, and disaffected Molly Gray Democrats to rally behind her candidacy. 

“Leadership starts from the bottom up,” Redic said. “If Vermonters aren’t participating in their own government, what is leadership going to do?”

“Liam let me tell you – you have messed with the wrong broad,” Redic said. “You have underestimated the will of the Republican Party in Vermont. And it will be to your detriment.”

“We’re going to have a fun three way race this time,” Redic’s husband Ben Redic said. “You’re going to have to win on your issues.”

Redic urged that party members show up at the Vermont State Committee meeting 10:30 AM Saturday at Capitol Plaza in Vermont, where the party faithful will discuss what action to take given Madden’s announcement. They also will be appointing candidates for attorney general, auditor, treasurer, and secretary of state, which were won during the primary by H. Brooke Paige. He said last month he has found several likely candidates who have agreed to run in the general election. 

Libertarian Party of Vermont chair, Olga M. Mardach-Duclerc said; “Although she does not have the financial war chest of a Bernie backed candidate or the sleight of hand confidence of the not-republican nominee – she is very clear and consistent on her principles.” She continued, “We are proud to endorse her and excited that many Vermonters from all over the political spectrum have a candidate that can truly represent them in DC.”

More information about Ericka Redic’s campaign for Congress is available at RedicForCongress.com and her social media at Generally Irritable on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram

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  1. Check her numbers against Liam. Why would the Republicans back a sure loss?

    • They didn’t – democRats took republican ballots & voted for the candidates LEAST likely to pose any challenge to their lunatic candidates in the general election. They have been doing this for years. They NEED a one-party system with zero interference to carry out their treachery.

      • Madden is a shill, pure and simple. If there were a reporter in Vermont who had a set, this would be perfect political travesty to investigate.
        I’m backing Redic…

    • It is not a sure loss. The two real Republican women in the primary pulled more votes than Liam if you add them together. Now that Anya has been eliminated by that sneak Liam, I intend to vote for Erica on the Libertarian ticket for Congress. I will be voting Republican on everything else. I urge my hundreds of Facebook friends to vote for Erica Reddick. We grassroots Republicans need to send sneaky Liam a message. No money from us for him. No access to our GOP election lists or sources. The GOP VT State apparatus isn’t helping Liam either. Good!

  2. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. For all those who voted for this charlatan in the primary, don’t let him fool you again . Run Erica, run !!!!

  3. IMO – Droves of democRats voted on the Republican ballots in order to assist in nominating the least likely & lesser-known candidate(s) to be placed on the ballot in November’s general election. Redic lost. Nolan lost. Etc.

    DemocRats have been known to do this before & want ZERO challenges from candidates who might even shake things up and cause Vermonters to begin to think again. Their one-party system is their god.

    I’ll work for you Redic, but true to form – I’ve volunteered on line & over the phone to assist others previously and NO ONE contacts me. The GOP in VT is NOT organized properly and does NOT want to fight fire with fire. Ever. They’ll complacently state: “That’s not who we are”.

    Well, the GOP better know this: It is then because they “are who they are” that has caused their total loss in VT.

    I’ll work – the GOP? The ball is now in YOUR court.

  4. Chittenden County – the County that wants rank choice voting State wide. Good start to test the waters and muddy up the November election one way or another. The cheating and stealing is what they do and all they know. Not only here – this is going on across the entire nation.

  5. Ericka is the only true conservative in the race, she deserves financial support and your vote.

  6. You can blame the egomaniacal Governor Scott for the mess that is the Vermont GOP right now. He couldn’t give two hoots about his party… it’s all about him. He is the sole reason a fruitloop like Liam Madden was able to hijack the GOP primary.

    • I am not a Republican. I voted for Scott in the past because he is a moderate. I do not support gender ideology. I wanted to vote for Christian Nolan because ‘she’ is a moderate. I couldn’t because I had to choose between the Dem and Repub ticket. I chose to vote against Sarah George. The extremist in both parties is THE problem.
      You want a good take on Repubs read – Jesus and John Wayne – how Repubs co-opted religion. I will never vote for anyone that says ‘god is on our side’.
      Even though I support a women’s right to her own bodily choices. I will not vote for Prop 5 because the wording is too vague and could possibly create problems for women’s health choices. One that comes to mind is – women not being able to reject trans ‘women’ MDs for gynecological exams because they, not the woman patient will be protected by laws.

  7. I should have ran, I am to the right of my hero Trump, think anyone would have voted for me?

  8. Madden is a fraud. He doesn’t have the knowledge or the attention span to run this con on his own. His handlers succeeded not so much because they performed brilliantly, but because the GOP wasn’t paying attention. Shame on us.

  9. The Vermont Republican Party is responsible as they are reaping what they have sown. They write a Platform of Beliefs and Values and then allow anyone with any beliefs and/or worldview to run on the Republican Ballot of the Big Tent. No one knows who is REALLY a Republican. No one trusts the Vermont Republican Party.

    Along with the State Republican Party, the State System as a whole is a mess as well. People can change Parties however and whenever they want. What a CRAZY SYSTEM that is surely set up to fail.

  10. This is what happens with open primaries. You get an appealing cutie out of nowhere and, voilà! I started worrying when I saw him on the WCAX debate. He appeared to be humoring himself laughter about what he was doing.

  11. He spoke with me at the Vermont Young Republicans Red Wave Gala. Immediately he creeped me out. There were bad vibes in my radar. Come to think it it, his whole demeanor was one of absolute smugness, as though he already knew he had it in the bag! Is dark money backing this crafty snake? VT GOP needs to reject him outright, cut him off and hang him out to dry.

  12. I don’t get it. How is an independent listed on the republican ballot and how can an independent win a republican primary. I saw his name and wondered, why is he competing in a republican primary as an independent. I didn’t vote for him. I asked him twice on his commentaries which party would he caucus with if elected because independents have to align with one of the two parties, he didn’t answer so now we know he’s a fraud in independent clothing. The GOP should immediately withdraw their offer and appoint the 2nd actually 1st place winner in the primary. I won’t hold my breath, I’m fairly disillusioned over the GOP leaders. Me thinks they should be replaced. When your party leaders vote for the other party’s candidate (as in Joe Biden) it’s time for new leaders.

  13. The Vermont Republican Party got played by allowing in a Progressive “Trojan Horse.” Dumber than a bag of hammers!!!

  14. As much as I suport Ericka the third wheel never has a chance. I will vote for Liam and hope he can garner enough support to defeat Balint. We don’t need another extremist progressive in DC.

    • My opinion is that you need to reevaluate your judgement. Your guy, Myers according to you was the only one who could win in November. Unfortunately, he could only get 18% of the primary vote. Now, you will vote for the guy who openly claims that he’s not a republican and shouldn’t have been on the republican ballot. Well, good luck with that. I’m voting for the republican who won the primary who will now have to join the Libertarian party to get any respect. The republicans can’t even back their own people. The Vermont Republican party is either dead or dying a slow death. Actions like this blunder from the party will speed it along.
      You have a right to vote for whomever you wish, but this is another loser.

    • By Voting for Liam, you are supporting one and the same. Just like the fake Repub governor we have thats what you’ll get here. And the VTGOP is supporting him. Its laughable.

      • No, the state VT GOP is not supporting Liam. They have issued a public statement to that effect. He is on his own. Much of the grassroots is voting for Erica Reddick.

    • Keith… no offense intended, but you are a lost cause! Your judgment has proven to be wrong at every turn over the last decade. You once, several years ago, very vocally supported a far-left extremist socialist publicly on social media – until someone pointed out the obvious – that he was a far-left extremist socialist. Then you sheepishly reneged. Please just stay home!

  15. I am loving this! The Vermont GOP can’t even win their own primary. Go ahead, blame crossover Dems, the voting machines, the full moon – whatever.

    The sad truth is that the VT GOP cannot make a coherent case for why voters should firstly pick their primary and then vote for the ‘right’ candidate! Madden won the fundraising race and, as is so often the case, the votes followed the money. A split to the right of center with a GOP and independent/libertarian means that Ballint will win without even breaking into a quick stroll pace.

  16. How will we ever trust the Republican party if we completely ignore the will of the voters that voted for Madden to represent the republicans in the general in November.

    Liam was honest with his platform and people still found him the favorite to represent us.

    We now have Erica Redic who couldn’t wait to jump ship and claim to be a Libertarian now running on their ticket. What party does she really belong to?

    Neither of these people have any credible public service to base our consideration for this position in our government on.

    I did not vote for either of these candidates.

    So from here we have to look into the backgrounds of these two people who want to serve as our representative for congress from the state of Vermont.

    We know the corruption that takes place in Washington DC and how it has affected many politicians that have been elected to serve.

    We can not risk making a mistake in the representation we send to Washington.

    Republicans made a choice and we need to support our candidate in spite of the fact it may not be the one we hoped would proceed to represent us.

    We are going to split the vote and end up on the losing side again.

    We are going to toss out the opportunity to elect a candidate that won the primary that may go on to represent us properly or turn over the whole election to Becca Balint.