MacDonald: Brazil study shows Ivermectin reduces mortality 92%

Ivermectin photo from Reddit

by Steve MacDonald, Granite Grok

Remember when the media and public health machinery exclaimed that “research” out of Brazil published in the New England Journal of Medicine proved Ivermectin was ineffective? The together trial did prove something, but not what the experts claimed.

It proved that interested parties (Pfizer, Merck, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) get a study published that said whatever they needed, not that this was new or news, but the media left all that out.

Some doctors continue to look for the best outcomes for patients, so Brazil is back. This time, researchers compiled data from over 88,000 individuals.

Regular use of ivermectin as prophylaxis for COVID-19 led up to 92% reduction in COVID-19 mortality rate in a dose-response manner: results of a prospective observational study of a strictly controlled population of 88,012 subjects among 223,128 participants.

In the interest of public health, if that were a priority, any study that suggested proof of efficacy would be hailed as a positive step, especially for an FDA-licensed product with decades of documented safe use in people. One that even the WHO’s compiled research data from all studies suggests gets the best results.

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  1. So glad to see Covid issues getting a second look back.

    This comes from a Canadian mainstream network in Oct. of 21 –

    Start at 4:35 and watch for a few minutes

    Ivermectin kept a wing of a nursing home from being affected. They weren’t even trying to protect them from Covid, but it did.

    It also kept a whole S. American country from seeing much Covid.

    See reports of a renown Dade County, FL, pulminologist who tried Ivermectin for someone about to go on a ventilator. There was immense improvement in 2 days. The patient was out of the hospital within a week. He used it on 100’s with his team and only 2 were hospitalized and neither died. Congress gave it a hearing, but did nothing in the spring of 2020. A meta-analysis study of thousands of patients under the lead of renown Beth Israel pulminologist , NYC, shows ivermectin brought down death tolls and prevented Covid outbreaks. The clip shows how whole countries benefited from the cheap ivermectin preventative treatment. Taken from

    Ivermectin cost a few dollars. It was known as a preventative medicine that could have eradicated billions spent on all our Covid expenditures.

  2. Ivermectin has shown equally impressive efficacy against Covid in other countries where it has been deployed by public health agencies on a population-wide basis. ….Japan, Africa, Mexico City, Uttar Pradesh in India. I have been treating Covid for some months with it, and there is no longer any doubt in my mind that it is indeed remarkably effective in most cases. Had Ivermectin been sanctioned for early, pre-hospital, at home, treatment by our “experts”, rather than forbidding pharmacies from dispensing it, many needless hospitalizations and deaths could have been avoided, just as this study from Brazil illustrates.
    Shame on the CDC, FDA, and the rest of our public health officials who told us it was get vaccinated, or nothing.

  3. It has also been shown to prevent long covid in those who have been infected. But you might have to wait another 10 years for that study.

  4. Thank you Dr. Sandy Reider, for your support and thoughtful experienced comments…….if only…

  5. Blame that Fauci who STOMPED any REAL studies by ONLY “allowing” IVM to be “studied” on patients in LATE stages of Covid, thereby “proving” it didn’t “work”..BUT other non CDC/NIH-funded offshore studies SHOWED it helped when given tp patients EARLY, the earlier the better. THIS is what is called “regulatory capture”, the tail wagging the Big Pharma dog, aka Profits over People. What a nasty little Napoleonic Syndrome’d King Bureaucrat, hopefully EVERY Dog gets their day, and maybe next Jan. Herr Doktor Fauci WILL face the music. And to think he WAS worshipped by OUR Dr. Levine & Phil Scott shows THEIR mettle also, I remember their “Covid Conference” where only the “friendlies” were allowed their knee-padded “questions” for King Rat Fauci, Guy Page & I were placed (as usual) WAY back in the line of “reporters” (stenographers) to make sure WE were never heard ANY discouraging words for the good “doctor”..Typical. I can’t speak for Guy but I SURE had some questions for Fauci, hell, the Vt. DOH will STILL NOT answer questions about a “Policy Review” of their Covid mistakes. Like WHY did non-lockdown states FARE BETTER than lockdown ones, you know, like Vermont?

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