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Conservatives must Get Out the Vote

Well, it’s been three days and still no official results from the VT Secretary of State Election division on how well or poorly the Senate candidates did in the primary election. They are blaming a glitch in the software and the redistricting that took place – how many months ago?  Actually, this was predictable.

I have ascertained this much though – Republicans were outvoted at least two to one in the districts and there is no way that we will be able elect conservative candidates to preserve our freedom without those results going the other way.

Has everyone with conservative values moved away from our Republic of Vermont already? I think not. They just don’t vote. We must turn that around. We have 88 days to change those results and we will, with your help.

Every one of us knows someone who doesn’t vote or isn’t registered to vote; some in our own family. Please speak to them and ask them to get registered and offer them a ride to the polling place on the 8th of November.

Remember – Everyone will receive a ballot in the mail for the general election which is November 8. Be careful that they don’t get tossed in the trash, because you won’t get another one.  Fill it out and bring it to your polling place and place it in the tabulator yourself, that way you know that it counted.

We can do this together – ‘Keep Vermont – Vermont!’ Terry Williams, GOP nominee for the Vermont Senate from Rutland County.

Hold GOP leadership accountable

Primary Day is behind us. Three of the highest elected offices for Vermont will have people who have betrayed Real Vermont Republicans by their votes, actions and words will be running as Republicans. 

Phil Scott will once again have an R behind his name on the Ballot in November. Despite the multitude of reasons he is not a Republican. 100% rating from planned parenthood, illegal mandates, calling 116,000 Vermonters that voted in the 2020 election for President Trump  ” White Supremacists and Racist,” interrogating school children to find out who visited Grandma at Thanksgiving and Christmas, taking five million dollars from programs that help and protect children at risk from domestic abuse and adults suffering from cancer and the effects of smoking, to give to illegal aliens who weren’t eligible for Stimulus Checks.  

He supports Article 22 and will vote for it in November. He signed H57 which made abortion till the moment of birth legal in VT. He signed S221 and H422, the illegal Gun Laws on the Statehouse steps on April 11, 2018. He signed S4, a Bill which was unnecessary because protections for hospitals were already law. 

He blackmailed school districts with money for those that had high jab rates while withholding money from other school districts. He shut down small businesses while allowing major chains to remain open.  He kept planned parenthood and VT Liquor stores open throughout the pandemic. And most importantly, ” You Aren’t Essential. ” Along with so many other reasons. 

Joe Benning will have an R behind his name on the Ballot in November. He argued against Tax Relief for Veterans and protections for Health Care Workers during the VTGOP Platform Committee meetings. He voted for Prop 5 twice as a State Senator. He admitted at the Republican forum in Rockingham he will vote for Article 22 in November.

The day after Scott attacked Vermonters who voted for President Trump, Benning was on WCAX parroting the words. He also thinks Trump supporters are “White Supremacists and Racist.”

Liam Madden won the Republican Congressional Primary against Ericka Redic and Anya Tynio. Despite stating clearly throughout this process “he was not a Republican.”

This should be embarrassing to every real VT Republican.

A massive failure by Paul Dame VTGOP Chair and Tom Koch VTGOP Rules Committee Chair to allow Madden one second of time in any forum, debate or discussion with Ericka and Anya. 

This is exactly what Dame and Koch want though, it is part of their ” Big Tent ” philosophy. If you claim to be a Republican it doesn’t matter what you stand for. They have proven that the VTGOP Platform stands for nothing. 

Twice I introduced Amendments that would give the VTGOP the method to remove all financial support and endorsements from those who violate the VTGOP Platform. Twice it was voted down by two thirds of the voting members at State GOP meetings. Twice Dame and Koch cheered the defeat of my efforts. 

Steven Bellows ran a Statewide campaign to run for Governor as a Pro Life, Constitutional Republican. Steve went to every corner of the State on his Dime and his time. He received over 5000 votes. What would have happened if he had support ? He was denied any support or endorsement from the VTGOP by Paul Dame. Dame held a debate by the Senate, Congressional and Lt Governor candidates. Steve asked for some time, Dame said No. He was not only denied the right to debate Scott, Steve was denied the opportunity to speak to Vermonters about his platform. 

The language in the VTGOP Platform is clear:

  • Section 4, line 5 – Respect for the inherent value of all human life regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, ability, socioeconomic status, or national origin. We value the sanctity of life from conception to natural death. 
  • In the Conclusion – Vermont Republicans believe in one nation under God, individual liberty, compassion for the needy, low taxes, a free market economy, and local control. The principles set forth in this platform reflect the beliefs and values that characterize the Vermont Republican Party. While individual Republicans may hold diverse opinions in some areas, such differences should not deflect from advancing the principles that unite us as a party. 

Scott, Benning and Madden are not Republicans. Only Madden is honest about it. He should never have been allowed to run as a Republican. Chairman Dame and Rules Committee Chair Koch don’t stand by the VTGOP Platform. And that means they don’t support Real Vermont Republicans. – Jim Sexton, Essex Junction 

Article 22 confusing

On Nov. 8, Vermonters will vote on whether to add the language of the following proposed amendment to the Vermont Constitution:

Article 22 Personal Reproductive Liberty — “That an individual’s right to personal reproductive autonomy is central to the liberty and dignity to determine one’s own life course and shall not be denied or infringed unless justified by a compelling State interest achieved by the least restrictive means.”

Sound confusing? That’s because it is. If Article 22 is truly about enshrining the right to access abortion for women in Vermont, why do the words “pregnancy,” “abortion” and “women” not even appear in its wording? While its sponsors insist on the contrary, it is really a veiled attempt to codify Roe. But Article 22 goes far beyond anything ever intended by Roe.

Article 22 is completely unnecessary because abortion is already legal and fully accessible in Vermont. Voting ‘no’ to Article 22 in November would still have no effect on the ability to have an abortion here.

One of the more troubling aspects of Article 22 was expressed by Rep. Anne Donahue, of Northfield, when she said “it takes a deeply ethical dilemma that divides good people … and it chooses the most absolute extreme of one side of a debate and enshrines it in the state constitution …”

She also stated: “Good people have, in the past, made grievous mistakes and violated human rights, whether through imperialism or slavery or eugenics. Perspectives of time make us recognize the evil but in their time, they were in accord with their society’s values.”

Wherever you stand on the issues of abortion, choice, liberty and personal reproductive autonomy, intentionally ending the lives of innocent, defenseless, preborn babies and diminishing their humanity at any stage of pregnancy, does not represent the values of the majority of Vermont voters. Yet, Article 22 completely disregards these values and would enshrine late-term abortion as a constitutional right.

In terms of our responsibility to shape the future of Vermont’s moral and political landscape for our children, this referendum is the most crucial issue ever to be placed before Vermont voters. It really is a matter of life and death.
Let us not be found on Nov. 9 deeply regretting the ratification of this poorly written, extreme and unnecessary amendment to the Vermont Constitution. This is why we must vote ‘no’ to Article 22 on Nov. 8. – Martin Green, Morrisville

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    • Exorcism might not work. The hideous Vermont Gorgon showed a lot of clout this past week.

  1. I have spent my entire voting life being taken for granted by the Republican hierarchy. The only thing that remains is my conservative values that I will not surrender. The party can go to h e double hockey sticks.