3 Letters: Madden Maddens / ‘Era of Big Government’ NOT over / Open letter to GOP Chair Dame

Madden Maddens – I was pretty maddened to read the transcript of an Vermont Public Radio interview with Liam Madden after his win in the Republican Primary.

I’m of the opinion that anyone who starts his political career with chicanery and manipulation is not worthy of the office he seeks. It appears that Liam entered the Republican Primary to be a spoiler. He started his bid for US Congress as an Independent. He may have gotten 35% of the vote, but his 2 opponents Ericka Redic and Anya Tynio, who had very similar beliefs and values in line with the Republican Party, combined, received 50% of the Republican primary votes.

Liam had hoped to step out of the Republican Slate and run as an Independent leaving a hole in the Republican slate on this very important US Congressional seat. He however, discovered that the law states he has 10 days to withdraw and the Republican Party can nominate a replacement. He says he does not want to run in a 3-way race. However Liam also never acquired and filled out the paperwork to shift over as an Independent, which begs the question of whether or not he ever intended to do so. So having no recourse, has decided to retain the Republican Nomination.

Liam may be too young to remember our US Senator Jim Jeffords. He was a RINO in the true sense of the word, before the term “RINO” was ever coined. He voted with the democrats on everything, at a time when it was NOT so dangerous to do so. Vermonters sent him to Washington over and over again. Then came the ultimate betrayal. The democrats were one person short of having control of the Senate and Jim Jeffords showed his true allegiance and changed parties so that the democrats could have control of the Senate. This was not taken lightly by Vermonters and it ended Jim Jeffords’ Political career!

We are in a day where honesty and Integrity are the most important values we want to see in our elected officials and especially in those who would represent the Republican Party. We want someone to represent us and Fight for us. Liam has some great ideas, but in my opinion, Liam Madden has already missed the mark and has failed to gain my trust!

Ericka Redic has decided to run as a Libertarian. The Libertarian Party had already endorsed her. Now let’s see if Liam Madden is a person of his word and will not run in a 3-way race? – Wendy Bucchieri, Arlington

Growing bureaucracy threatens freedom – In his 1996 State of the Union speech, President Clinton said the “Era of big government is over”. He got a polite response. Clinton worked with Speaker Gingrich to reduce government and submitted balanced budgets. The Biden administration isn’t emulating Clinton/Gingrich’s fiscal austerity. Instead, they’re infringing on individual freedoms with bigger bureaucracies, increased regulations and reducing states’ ability to govern.

In a 1932 decision, Justice Brandeis thought states should serve as “laboratories” of democracy, try different approaches and chart their own course. The Foundation of Government Accountability (FGA), based in Florida, is an organization working to restore power back to the states and develop policies to counter Washington’s “Great Reset” focus of Federal government control. For example, to help tame inflation, FGA is educating state and federal lawmakers how both Florida and Wisconsin require state bureaucrats to obtain legislative approval if proposed regulations, often influenced by Federal policy, exceed a cost threshold. This reform restores proper constitutional authority to the legislature and provides a way to push back on bureaucratic oversteps and overspending.

The Biden administration suspended work requirements, then increased welfare benefits, without Congressional approval, making it difficult for states to encourage work and fill open jobs. FGA helped Kansas find a solution where abled-bodied adults, without dependents, are required to participate in a state employment and training program to receive welfare benefits. We need more policies like those proposed by FGA to restore power back to the states and lessen Washington’s influence over our lives. – Frank Mazur, South Burlington

Open letter to Paul Dame, Vermont GOP Chairman – You are the elected leader of the Vermont Republican Party. The party is at a crossroads. It has been spiraling downward under a Republican Governor who shuns its meetings and governs with a complete distain for the party’s principles. During the 2022 Primary Election, the party has hit as close to rock bottom that it can and still survive.

If the Vermont Republican Party does not address the complete chaos, frauds and lethal political tactics that has been created by “open voting” across party lines, and follow its own principles, there is no party.

If the Vermont Republican Party does not regain control of its structure and values, it will spiral down into minor party status and mire within its own lack of consistency and faltering leadership.

The Vermont Republican Party must address the matter of a failed tabulating system that was fed by a flawed process starting with encouraging last minute voter registration and vote by mail.

The Vermont Republican Party must also address the lack of integrity and unprofessional behavior of Candidate Liam Madden. If not, the door will be left open for other game players to continue the destruction of the party. The “all inclusive” voting theme has the same results on elections as our country’s open southern border has had on national security and disease control.

For years, Phil Scott has shown complete distain for the Vermont Republican Party and its members without whom he would never have been elected Vermont Governor. Unfortunately, because of his personal/political agenda, you are left to walk point. It will take all your resolve and leadership skills to save the party. I wish you luck. Dolores Luebke, Member, Pawlet Republican Committee

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  1. There is a dilemma for people with neuro-metabolic “invisible disability”, such as mine. We may find ourselves excluded simply through the laziness and corruption of local agencies. It is a paradox that should be addressed.

  2. February 2019 – CCP invited into the State House. Photos of Governor Scott, Lt. Governor Zuckerman, Secretary of State Condos confabbing with CCP representatives. What does the CCP represent? How could it be that Republicans, Democrats, and Progressives are all working in unison to destroy the State of Vermont and the United States of America? How could it be that they are all in agreement, including the media, that anyone who questions their authority, their policies, their narratives are deemed domestic terrorists? Infiltration not invasion. Unconventional warfare. Information warfare. The war started against the People many years ago. Donald J. Trump and his supporters stuck a stick in the spokes of the enemy’s machine and plans. As much as they hate him, they hate us more. If the People do not take action and take control of what is ours to begin with – the State and the Country will be done, finished, destroyed. We, the People, are accountable and responsible for this madness. Take it back, take control, or lose it forever.

    • I’m sure that progressives, democrats and all others are enjoying the destruction of our economy, our freedom and the new misery index. If they aren’t, why are they voting for it? Are there that many happy progs that enjoy 14.9% inflation, $100.00 to fill a typical gas tank, $5.00 per gallon heating oil or propane. What about those who are barely putting food on the table, are they happy? What has happened to reasonable democrats, do they like this? Do they hate Donald Trump so much that they will go along with the destruction of this state and the country and deplete what little savings they have to make a point? Our governor and the top teer of the republican party all voted for Joe Biden. From the moment that DJT announced his run for office, every media outlet started on a mission to destroy him. The so-called deep state has manufactured fake stories, Hillary paid for a dossier that the FBI ran with, 2 impeachment trials and civil lawsuits as well as the corrupt AG in New York’s never ending witch hunts and the disgraceful J6 committee and to top it off a DOJ inspired FBI fishing expedition raid to keep him from running for office in ’24. Apparently, the lawless deep state, corrupt politicians, lobbyists and unelected bureaucrats have something to hide. Their actions express the frenzy they’ve created to get this man. They all loved him when he was handing out political money when they thought, and he was a democrat. The same goes for Vermont and it’s leaders. It’s a club and you are not a member so stop supporting those who hide who they really are. Is your life better under this corrupt democratic administration? If you answer yes, you are a political hack, to ignorant to know what’s going on or just plain stupid and you can’t commit to saying you are wrong. Something is not right, trying to ignore it won’t make it go away.

  3. Phil Scott was among those rebuked by SOS Pompeo at the 2020 National Governors Association meeting for earning a spot on the CCP “Friendly” list and engaging in dealings with the Chinese Communist Party which undermine US national security.

    Stunningly, neither Pompeo’s rebuke nor the chilling implications of Scott’s treachery were reported by any Vermont media.

    And we all know what happened after that: “Friendly” Phil Scott gave aid to America’s enemies, the Chinese Communist Party, by waging plandemic lockdown economic warfare against Vermont and colluding in Biden regime election theft and overthrow of President Trump.

    “Call Some Governors”: