Judge finds no probable cause for state trooper beanbag assault charge

Reckless endangerment charge stands, though

by Mike Donoghue, republished from Caledonian-Record

BRATTLEBORO — A Vermont Superior Court judge has ruled there is no probable cause to charge two state troopers with simple assault in connection with firing a bean bag at an out-of-control man, who had smashed windows and caused damaged at a Newfane home last summer, records show.

Judge Katherine A. Hayes said there was a lack of evidence to charge Sgt. Ryan Wood and Trooper Zachary Trocki in the case involving Marshall “Todd” Dean, who eventually fell off a roof after refusing to follow multiple police commands.

“The court is unable to find probable cause for the charge. The affidavit fails to establish that the shooting of the bean bag caused Mr. Dean’s fall and injury,” Judge Hayes wrote. Read more here

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  1. With the two cases that have been thrown out in as many days, I hope that someone is investigating the AGO to make sure there is not a not so hidden agenda. If you can’t defund them, defame them.

  2. Paywalled link.

    It’s confusing to me that the reckless endangerment to stand after the judge ruled: “The affidavit fails to establish that the shooting of the bean bag caused Mr. Dean’s fall and injury” and that the bean bag wasn’t simple assault (meaning the the officer was justified in the use of force).

  3. The AG’s office is nothing more than the law enforcement arm of socialism. Mission 1 defund/defame the Police. These Troopers were in a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation. Happens to cops all the time. Were they just to leave this guy on the roof and go home? Then he falls off the roof, or uses the saw to inflict injury on an innocent victim, or damages more property. Troopers get arrested, sued, suspended, etc. Policing is a dirty job, and is often not pretty. But it’s a job that MUST be done.

  4. And yet these two officers are without pay………..sad state of affairs, can’t imagine if the officers had been forced to use deadly force on an out of control mental patient intending to do harm to others

  5. Now it is VSP-2- AGO-0. Is this AG trying to push the police into leaving the state or does she not understand basic concepts of Justice? Well, next time anyone is in trouble, should they just phone Charity Clark for assistance?

  6. So, the police were potentially endangering the individual they were in the process of stopping from endangering the public? OK. Um…just one question: Isn’t that their JOB????? Just another twisted way to DEFUND THE POLICE. Who woulda ever guessed that the George Soros-funded radicals would keep up their Communist lunacy?

  7. Wasn’t the man resisting arrest? Wasn’t he being non-complaint? How long was he up on the roof?

    Thank God these troopers weren’t rapping off duty, they would surely lose their jobs!

  8. This doesn’t bode well for the AG if she doesn’t understand PC. This is taught in 1st year of law school. And where is Guv Scott and Col Birmingham speaking in support of our Troopers

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