House bill protects ‘academic freedom’ to teach about gender identity, racism

Also: Climate disaster fund, gun control, getting paid before payday

By Guy Page

A bill introduced this week into the Vermont House would “protect the academic freedom of public educators and their right to teach on matters of gender identity and systemic and structural racism.”

Rep. Troy Headrick

H106 is a ‘short form’ bill that does not explain how it would fulfill that goal. Educators across Vermont are under fire for teaching Critical Race Theory-based teaching on racism. In Milton, more than 1000 voter petitioners have asked the school board to eliminate CRT-based academics and not impose a proposed diversity/equity/inclusion program. 

“An act relating to the academic freedom of public educators” was sponsored by Rep. Troy Headrick, a Burlington lawmaker who works at UVM as the Assistant Director at the Center for Student Conduct. The other 24 sponsors are liberal Democrats or Progressives. 

The bill was referred to the House Education Committee.

Below are all House Bills introduced as of 4 pm Wednesday, January 25.

Bill #IntroducedTitleLead SponsorSponsor’s partyCommittee
H.1081/25/2023Update Vermont School Bus Manual and the CDL testsLaBountyDemocratTransportation
H.1071/25/2023Hartford infrastructure financingChristieDemocratWays and Means
H.1061/25/2023Protect teaching gender-identity and racismHeadrickProg./ DemocratEducation
H.1051/25/2023Create $3 mil disaster fundSimsDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.1041/25/2023Defining membership in worker cooperativesAndrianoDemocratCommerce and Economic Development
H.1031/25/2023Required state reporting on staff-to-patient ratiosPageRepublicanHealth Care
H.1021/25/2023Amending the Art in State Buildings ProgramCoffeyDem./ Rep.Corrections and Institutions
H.1011/25/2023Reducing transportation carbon emissionsBurke/ StebbinsDemocratTransportation
H.1001/25/2023Seasonal signs at pedestrian crossingsDolan/ McGillDemocratTransportation
H.991/25/2023Amending National Guard Tuition Benefit ProgramHango/ Birong/ SibiliaDemocratEducation
H.981/24/2023Firearms storage restrictions, 10-day waiting periodMulvaney-StanakProg./ DemocratJudiciary
H.971/24/2023Write-in candidates, primary electionsScheuDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.961/24/2023Clean Heat StandardStebbins/ SibiliaDemocrat/ Ind.Environment and Energy
H.951/24/2023Municipal Energy GrantsWillamsDemocratEnvironment and Energy
H.941/24/2023Reach UpGarofano/ Gregoire/ Brumsted/ SmallDem./ Rep.Human Services
H.931/24/2023Reach Up benefitsGarofano/ Gregoire/ Brumsted/ SmallDem./ Rep.Human Services
H.921/24/2023Uneemployment insurance after voluntary separationMulvaney-StanakProg./ DemocratCommerce and Economic Development
H.911/24/2023Paid family leave for serious injuryStevensDemocratGeneral and Housing
H.901/24/2023defunct Congregational churchesStevensDemocratJudiciary
H.891/24/2023Legal protections for abortion, transgender service providersDonally/ LaLonde/ SmallDemocrat/ Prog.Judiciary
H.881/24/2023Cash bail restrictions, prohibitionsBos-LunDemocratJudiciary
H.871/24/2023Access to wages before paydayMarcotteRepublicanCommerce and Economic Development
H.861/24/2023Audiology, Speech Pathology Interstate CompactMcCarthyDemocratHealth Care
H.851/24/2023Public trails accessibilityBurroughsDemocrat/ Prog.Agriculture, Food Resiliency, and Forestry
H.841/24/2023Wastewater discharge permitsSimsDemocratEnvironment and Energy
H.831/20/2023Tax credits for living organ donationsNoyesDemocratWays and Means
H.821/20/2023Sell two state buildings to Town of WaterburyWoodDemocratCorrections and Institutions
H.811/20/2023Ensure fair repair of agricultural equipmentDonahue/ SimsRep./ Dem.Agriculture, Food Resiliency, and Forestry
H.801/20/2023License freestanding birth centersCordesDemocratHealth Care
H.791/20/2023Ensure rights to independent auto repairDonahue/ SimsRep./ Dem.Commerce and Economic Development
H.781/20/2023Takeout of alcoholic beveragesBirongDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.771/20/2023Adopting the Physical Therapy Licensure CompactOdeDemocratHealth Care
H.761/20/2023Regulating captive insurance companiesMarcotteRepublicanEnvironment and Energy
H.751/20/2023Notify planned outages of 911 servicesSibiliaIndependentEnvironment and Energy
H.741/20/2023Repeal Global Warming Solutions ActHigleyRepublicanEnvironment and Energy
H.731/20/2023Revoking VT use of California’s Clean Air Act waiverHigleyRepublicanEnvironment and Energy
H.721/19/2023Safe injection sitesSmallProg./ DemocratJudiciary
H.711/19/2023Expanding DMV veteran designationsPetersonRepublicanTransportation
H.701/19/2023Restrictions on telecommunications sitingsDolan/ PattDemocratEnvironment and Energy
H.691/19/2023Ban smoking outdoors near entrancesDolanDemocratHuman Services
H.681/19/2023Urban zoning, housing developmentBongartzDemocratEnvironment and Energy
H.671/19/2023Manufacturers pay for household hazardous products collectionDolanDemocratHuman Services
H.661/19/2023Mandated family and medical leave insuranceKornheiser/ Scheu/ StevensDemocratGeneral and Housing
H.651/18/2023Raise Small claims from $5,000 to $10,000PattDemocratJudiciary
H.641/18/2023Ban on wake boatsSimsDemocratTransportation
H.631/18/2023Marriage/family therapists licensed clinical social workersCoffeyDemocratHealth Care
H.621/18/2023Interstate Counseling CompactHoughton/ DurfeeDemocratHealth Care
H.611/18/2023Elective income tax and creditHarrisonRepublicanWays and Means
H.601/18/2023More 4th classes licenses for alcohol manufacturersBirongDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.591/18/2023Amending veterans‘ death certificatesCoffeyDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.581/18/2023Unbiased appointment of zoning administratorsPetersonRepublicanGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.571/18/2023Dog trainers, client consentCoffeyDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.561/18/2023Ban natural gas line extensionCordes/ ElderDemocratEnvironment and Energy
H.551/18/2023Unemployment insurance amendmentsMarcotteRepublicanCommerce and Economic Development
H.541/17/2023Municipal services supportAnthonyDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.531/17/2023Eliminate driver’s license suspension for some nonpaymentDolan/ LaLondeDem./ Rep.Transportation
H.521/13/2023Retirement benefits for temporary state employeesCaseyDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.511/13/2023Boaters pay $20 for aquatic nuisance passesDolanDemocratEnvironment and Energy
H.501/13/2023Ban on sale of PFA productsDolan/ WhitmanDemocratEnvironment and Energy
H.491/13/2023Retirement plan for volunteer firefightersNicollDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.481/12/2023Find new landfill siteSims/ PageDem./ Rep.Environment and Energy
H.471/12/2023Disposal of solar panelsHarrisonRepublicanEnvironment and Energy
H.461/12/2023Dissolution of Colchester Fire District No. 3TaylorDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.451/12/2023Restrict litigation against abuse survivorsDonnallyDemocratJudiciary
H.441/12/2023Small town local option taxDolanDemocratWays and Means
H.431/12/2023Military protection ordersOdeDemocratJudiciary
H.421/11/2023Public meetings alternativesGov. Ops.referralWays and Means
H.411/11/2023domestic/sex assault cases to community justice centersDolanDemocratJudiciary
H.401/11/2023Make contraceptive tampering a crimeRachelsonDemocratJudiciary
H.391/11/2023new plan for State distributing revenues to municipalitiesAnthonyDemocratWays and Means
H.381/11/2023Device-distracted drivingShawRepublicanTransportation
H.371/11/2023Require winter tires on rental carsPattDemocratTransportation
H.361/11/2023Exempt forests from small town planningParsonsRepublicanEnvironment and Energy
H.351/10/2023Responsibility for Victims Assistance ProgramRachelsonDemocratJudiciary
H.341/10/2023State-owned public restroom near CapitolCaseyDemocratCorrections and Institutions
H.331/10/2023Legislator expenses: reimbursement or allowanceHarrisonRepublicanGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.321/10/2023Social Security benefits exemptionHarrisonRepublicanWays and Means
H.311/10/2023Aquatic nuisance control moratoriumBongartzDemocratEnvironment and Energy
H.301/10/2023Increase acreage of wetlandsSheldonDemocratEnvironment and Energy
H.291/10/2023Restrict all mapped river corridor developmentSheldonDemocratEnvironment and Energy
H.281/10/2023Expand expungement of court diversion casesLaLondeDemocratJudiciary
H.271/10/2023Coercive controlling behavior basis for abuse orderDonnallyDemocratJudiciary
H.261/10/2023National Guard income tax exemptionBirongDemocratWays and Means
H.251/6/2023Feasibility study for child care facility in a State buildingAnthonyDemocratCorrections and Institutions
H.241/6/2023State Auditor examining State contractor recordsPageRepublicanGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.231/6/2023Mail-in ballots upon request only for general electionsLaborRepublicanGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.221/6/2023Sexual exploitation by policeSmallProg./ DemocratJudiciary
H.211/6/2023Require utility to notify landlord of disconnectionsPageRepublicanGeneral and Housing
H.201/5/2023One person, one vote’ reapportionment studySimsDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.191/5/2023Municipal boards of abatementArrisonDemocratGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.181/5/2023Ban sale of single-use-filter cannabis and tobacco productsPageRepublicanHuman Services
H.171/5/2023More time, money for towing abandoned vehiclesPageRepublicanTransportation
H.161/5/2023Study to expand passenger, freight rail servicePageRepublicanTransportation
H.151/5/2023Protecting golf courses from developmentPageRepublicanEnvironment and Energy
H.141/5/2023More pay for jurorsCoffeyDemocratJudiciary
H.131/5/2023Legalizing switchblade knivesBrennanRepublicanJudiciary
H.121/5/2023Dismiss nonviolent misdemeanors to reduce court backlogLaLonde/ Burditt/ ChristieRep./ Dem.Judiciary
H.111/5/2023Insurance for epinephrine auto-injectorsHangoRepublicanHealth Care
H.101/5/2023Create VEGI oversight boardKornheiser/ MarcotteDem./ Rep.Commerce and Economic Development
H.91/5/2023Exempt EVs from inspection for 40 monthsAnthonyDemocratTransportation
H.81/5/2023Repeal statute of limitations for childhood emotional abuseAustinDemocratJudiciary
H.71/5/2023Replacing term “cider” with “hard cider“DonahueRepublicanGovernment Operations and Military Affairs
H.61/5/2023Expand development ban down to 1,500 ft.AnthonyDemocratEnvironment and Energy
H.51/5/2023Regional plan reformBongartzDemocratEnvironment and Energy
H.41/5/2023Removal of pilings causing ice jams at Barre bridgeAnthonyDemocratTransportation
H.31/5/2023$800K for mental health providers working with policeAnthonyDemocratHealth Care
H.21/5/2023Exempt aircraft hangars from Act 250 reviewCorcoranDemocratEnvironment and Energy
H.11/5/2023Payment, case management for developmental disability servicesMcFaun/ WoodRep./ Dem.Human Services

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  1. Just: NO.

    Math, Science, English, & History.

    Remember the crazy left’s “Resist” bumper stickers? Here’s mine: REVOLT.

  2. Virtually every Dem/Prog bill introduced as shown above is essentially clinically insane. The Republican bills are the only remotely rational ones listed.

    Small’s bill addressing sexual exploitation by police???? Umm…pretty positive that it’s the drag queens’ and the authors of twisted children’s books such as “Gender Queer” doing the sexual exploitation & not the monumental majority of the courageous men & women in blue who place their own lives on the line each & every day to protect & serve the Vermont public – including the likes of guys like Small who well know it. Yeah, Small – we ALL well know that in between administering Narcan & administering CPR to addicts O.D.’ing across the state and diving into active gun battles into gangsta’s turf wars (on the streets of Burlington & Bennington & Springfield and all the other locales in Vermont now destroyed by your insane radical policies) in order to save the very lives of innocents – spend much of their “down time” plundering & despoiling whilst on patrol in between radio calls. Your mindset and mission as you blithely manipulate the time and what ought to be the importance of the Vermont legislature’s business by introducing such nonsense in a twisted attempt to continue to propagandize and to further destroy the traditional tenets of American culture as opposed to actually serving the people of this state is unbelievably sad and disordered to describe it mildly.

  3. Using our own system of government to turn Vermont into a totally socialist police state.

    “There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for me to live without breaking laws. Who wants a nation of law-abiding citizens? What’s there in that for anyone? But just pass the kind of laws that can neither be observed or enforced nor objectively interpreted – and you create a nation of law-breakers – and then you cash in on guilt.” – Ayn Rand

  4. In Davos last week, a panel of elitists, globalist demons discussed pushing the alphabet soup equity agenda in North America and the EU. One panelist discussing how difficult it is to integrate their agenda in the United States. Lamenting the push back from parents and the pending legislation to outlaw the practices they developed. Their answer to push on anyway? To incentivize community level orgaizations and ground level activism to push legislation in their favor. Here is the link: https://youtu.be/uwZMbK4zxK4 Be prepared as this discussion will make you want to vomit. It will answer the question as to why these demons are gaining unjust favoritism in our society and the target is children. Pay particular attention to the Disney executive and the woke Disney agenda. Playbook known and who is financing it is known as well.

  5. “protect the academic freedom of public educators and their right to teach on matters of gender identity and systemic and structural racism.”

    What about a parent’s right to chose the educators teaching their children?

    Let the public schools teach whatever they like. Just let parents chose the education programs they believe best meet the needs of their children.

    Problem solved!

    • Thank you Jay ! As a supporter of Freedom of Speech i was getting really annoyed at all the calls to ban teachers from talking about this or that.

      I might disagree with the progressive agenda but i don’t have the right to use the government to stop people talking about it.

      • Sandy F, would you want teachers talking to their classroom about what they did the night before in bed with their partner ? That would also fall under free speech. Can’t talk about God or the Bible in public schools or Creation, but teachers spouting their humanistic philosophies falls under free speech? Humanistic philosophies are a religion. We the People do have a right to assert appropriate education. Math. Science. Reading. Writing. History Teachers should keep their political views private. CRT and LGBTQ+ sex education is indoctrination, not education. This bill is the opposite of freedom. It is educational tyranny.

      • Renee, it doesn’t matter what Sandy thinks is appropriate. She’s entitled to her opinion, as you are yours.

        Again, a school choice tuition voucher solves everyone’s issues simultaneously. Parents choose the school they believe best meets the needs of their children. No politics. No debate.

        I can’t emphasize enough how simple the School Choice fix is. And I also can’t explain why anyone doesn’t understand this.

      • There’s academic freedom, and there’s state-sponsored proselytizing to children with a legal obligation to attend. This is a religion, and classes about it should be treated like classes about the Qur’an, Joseph Smith, or the Torah.

      • I tried to read this bill as referenced by VDC above, but the text was omitted from the short form. Can anyone help?

        If the bill lived up to its stated purpose, was enforced evenly across all viewpoints, all viewpoints were evenly represented, and students the were trained in critical thinking, this might be an appropriate bill. But, by implication, this bill advocates for only one viewpoint, therefore, it is doubtful in the present political climate, that it will be enforced evenly.

        In effect this bill outlaws the the teaching of any other viewpoint. Who thinks that, under this bill, teachers would be allowed to teach the Biblical concept that there is only one race? The concept of multiple human races is distinctly Darwinian. Could the concept of forgiveness between ethnic identities be taught. These concepts are not compatible with critical race theory, but the law as stated should allow them to be taught.

        The progressive agenda cannot tolerate criticism or it would fall apart. This is why they can’t afford to have other ideas allowed in the public square.

    • H. Jay Eshelman, appropriateness totally matters in a child’s education. Again, education versus indoctrination. Math, science, reading, history. CRT and LGBTQ+ sex ed is indoctrination, not education. It’s not hard to distinguish the difference.

  6. Reading, writing and arithmetic. Leave our kids alone. Parents have the “say” not you idiots.

  7. Anyone who thinks a male can be a female or some other creature is too nutty to be making laws for anyone. They need to be involuntary committed.

  8. …then it should be fair game for a teacher to cover creationism and promote the pro-life agenda in public schools, in the interest of “academic freedom”…

  9. This is not a freedom of speech issue. Teachers are state employees. The constitution protects people from actions of the state. That includes state employees’ actions. When they go to work for the state the 1st amendment rights of the students take precedence over those of the teachers.

  10. If you’re a public servant, you serve the public… you do not enact your twisted sickening ideologies upon the children of the public. You do what you boss tells you to do, that’s the rule of every job in the world.

  11. If the legislature wants to protect academic freedom to teach about gender identity and racism, fine, offer a course in gender identity and racism. However, keep that crap out of every other subject area–Math, Science, History, Language.

  12. Let the kids be kids, teachers are there to teach their subject . Leave your personal thoughts and life at home.

  13. How about teaching our young people skills to get a job with. Leave the CRT and sex out. They’ll figure it out; didn’t you. Oh, maybe that’s the problem!

  14. These people do not understand that these students are ours, the parents and not the governments or public schoolboards and Marxist leftist. Liberals do not support this filth. I am on this now friends. I have already reached out the people on the committee. I strongly encourage you all to contact your Legislators in the House and Senate today. Further, let your family and friends, neighbors and co-workers know to march on Montpelier in March to say NO. We The People, the Parents & grandparent will stand-up to this filth. Thank you,

  15. Every time I think things in Montpelier couldn’t get any more insane, along comes a bill like this. Show me where that is an enumerated right, anywhere. I’ll wait.