Evslin: U.S. must walk the vaccination walk

by Tom Evslin
The US government talks the talk about Covid vaccination but doesn’t walk the walk. The CDC and the FDA say “get vaccinated” but they don’t act as if they really believe in the efficacy of the shots.

Tom Evslin

You couldn’t be more pro Covid vaccination than me. I stayed up all night to make sure I could register for my shot the moment the Vermont computer would let me. After having both doses and waiting our two weeks, Mary and I joyfully broke our self-imposed quarantine and went on a six-week RV trip to get reacquainted with relatives and friends and then flew to Italy to meet our newest granddaughter.

Italy let us in without quarantine because we had vaccine certificates; they would also have let us in if we had negative Covid tests within 48 hours of our arrival. The US government didn’t care about our vaccinated status; instead they insisted on Covid tests three days before departure, which is a much less reliable indication of whether we were likely to bring the virus home. Italy’s actions encourage vaccination; the US doesn’t seem to think it’s important.

Canada says it is ready to let US citizens drive into their country with proof of vaccination. The US is neither wiling to reciprocate nor has it said that US citizens can use their vaccination status to drive home again. Canada is encouraging vaccination; the US doesn’t seem to think it’s important.

Colleges around the country including Vermont are requiring vaccination as a condition of returning in the fall. Good for them. But there isn’t even a US advisory which says that state and hospitals should make vaccination compulsory for health care workers.

It was entirely appropriate for the FDA to give “emergency approval” of the Covid vaccines when they did. It is, however, totally inappropriate that the vaccines have not now received final approval and that we have also not been told what the FDA is waiting for. Lack of final approval is an excuse – and not actually an unreasonable one – for people not to get vaccinated. Lack of information about what is required for final approval is a great way to stoke conspiracy theories.

If Dr. Fauci and President Biden believe approval will come before the end of August as they have both said, they need to tell us why there isn’t final approval now. I suspect the reasons are bureaucratic but that’s no excuse for undermining public confidence in both the vaccines and the approval process.

According to the NYTimes, “In France, as of Aug. 1, anyone without a “health pass” showing they have been vaccinated or recently tested negative will not be admitted to restaurants, cafes or movie theaters, and they will not be able to travel long distances by train…”

More than 2.2 million people signed up to get vaccinated in the first 48 hours after French President Macron made this announcement. Note he is not saying vaccination is mandatory; French people who don’t want to get vaccinated but do want to travel or eat out, just need to get the very frequent Covid tests necessary to protect others from them. But he did say the tests will not remain free. Fair enough.

Instead of acting as if vaccinations matter, the US government spends its efforts trying to ban “bad information”. The way to stop bad information is to provide good information. The way to strengthen conspiracy theories is trying to ban any sort of speech.

Accelerating infections from the Delta variant are now causing some Americans to rethink their opposition to vaccination. A federal government which acts as if it thinks vaccination matters instead of just talking can still assure us a practical if not absolute end to the pandemic by fall.

The author, an author, publisher of the blog Fractals of Change, entrepreneur, and former state official, lives in Stowe.

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  1. The reason for all of this is simply because the U.S. does not implement policies based upon common sense or the greater good – each and every one is set in place for purely political purposes, i.e.: to achieve a partisan political goal for the socialist “democrat” & progressive party.

    The country is locked down to our allies such as the Canadians, and immigration (legally or otherwise) from Cuba is strictly prohibited while our southern border is wide open to over 100 countries as the socialist “democrats” believe those masses of uneducated, unskilled, & often disease-carrying individuals are the key to installing & maintaining their one-party government.

  2. Perhaps Mr. Evslin should read up on pandemic bonds. Major corporations purchased these bonds in preparation for what was unleashed upon the planet well in advance. The bond tool made sure the purchaser was well reimbursed for any losses attributed to the pandemic. Also, the FDA recalled the test swabs – too many false positives. Plannedemic / Casedemic indeed.

  3. Does Mr. Evslin, or anyone else for that matter, have data showing that the mRNA ‘vaccines’ have better efficacy over the long term (a couple of years or so from now) than does the natural immunity one develops when exposed to the Covid virus and/or its mutated permutations?

    The answer is that no one has that data because the Covid vaccines are too new and remain ‘experimental’.

    These mRNA vaccines are not typical weakened live viruses used to stop polio, for example, or yellow fever, diphtheria, pertussis, or tetanus. Messenger RNA “instructs a cell to make a certain kind of protein only as long as the added RNA is around, which is not very long”. William Gunn, PhD in Biomedical Science from Tulane University 2009

    My primary concern is based on my having been administered a full course mRNA vaccine for the rabies virus a couple of months before the first Covid cases were discovered. I had come in contact with a rabid racoon. And I have yet to find anyone who knows that the efficacy of these new Covid mRNA vaccines won’t affect, or be affected by, my previous mRNA rabies vaccinations. Could the rabies mRNA vaccine be effective against Covid?

    In my personal opinion, the risk of not being vaccinated for Covid is less than the risk associated with not being vaccinated for rabies, rabies being an invariably fatal neurological disease. Because Covid has not been shown to be as dangerous as rabies, to me or to anyone I could infect, I remain uncommitted to receiving the Covid mRNA vaccines for now, and respect anyone else waiting while the jury remains in deliberation. I will also resist fanatic ‘gaslighting’ by anyone wanting to force me to take any vaccine before I choose to do so.

  4. What the writer clearly doesn’t understand is the fact that Phase 3 trials for the three injections currently granted EUA approval are not yet complete. Information about the clinical trials can be found at http://www.clinicaltrials.gov. For each trial, you can see key details, such as start date, projected end date, and information about the data the researchers are aiming to collect. None of the injections has completed Phase 3 clinical trials. Hence, no full FDA approval yet, and that is exactly how it should be. We should indeed carefully research medications and treatments *over time* in order to gain appropriate data about safety and efficacy. The information everyone is currently operating on comes from *preliminary* trial data, not completed trial data. In other words, after studying the efficacy and safety of the injections for a couple of months, preliminary data was released and broad statements, such as “100% safe and effective,” were made. Unfortunately, the actual data is not yet there to support those statements. The research has not been completed.

    We are starting to see parallels between the virus and the vaccine, such as blood clots and myocarditis/pericarditis. One great question to ask is “what do both the virus and the vaccine have in common?” The answer would be the spike protein, which both the virus and the “vaccine” cause your body to mass-produce. It stands to reason, therefore, that we need to devote time and resources to learning more about this specific protein and how/why it elicits the immune responses it sometimes does. Rushing a product through full FDA approval and mandating that people take the injection will do nothing to prove actual safety and efficacy. Only time and solid research can do that. Rushing approval and mandating shots will only serve to sicken, hurt, or possibly kill people who otherwise might have remained safe and healthy had they simply waited for the actual research to be done.

    We are so used to instant gratification these days. We want everything done immediately. Unfortunately, in this case, we need to take the time to do it right and to identify where we might need to make changes along the way.

  5. Either the author is in bed with the vaccine makers or had some other reasons for writing on this topic repeatedly. However anyone so concerned with having people get vaccinated for a virus with a staggering 99+% survival rate for people under 50 is irrational to say the least.

    I will not get the vaccine because I have a better chance of being struck by a bolt of lightening thrown by a leprechaun riding a Unicorn holding the winning Powerball ticket than I do if dying from COVID. The audacity of Americans who agree to the “my body, my choice”‘ethos to then turn around and demand others to inject themselves with an EXPERIMENTAL vaccine that has already killed more Americans than all vaccines combined over the last twenty years – and that’s only those deaths reported on VAERS – is mind boggling.

    Not to mention the four Big Pharma companies who produced this vaccine have paid out $35 BILLION in felony damages since 2010, so the author is suggesting Americans of almost no risk subject themselves to a known crime syndicate. I suggest the author read Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s book coming out this September on Fauci, Gates and this “philanthro-capitalist” venture that Gates bragged turned his $10 billion into $100 billion. This scam-demic is netting the cohort untold billions more as our fellow Americans lose their livelihoods.

    If you think the Fauci and the CDC are above reproach consider Fauci is an utter failure at his job. Disease among children under 18 was 11% when he took over the CDC in 1981. It is now 54%. The CDC priced they would experiment on Americans in Tuskegee taking advantage if African American men with syphillis.

    Read that again.

    The pontificating and virtue signaling by the ignorant pro-vaccine acolytes is beyond nauseating. If only their were a vaccine for propaganda.

  6. Aaron, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Wonderfully articulate piece based on fact. I demand that Vermont hospitals administer Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, and other anti-cytokine therapies on demand. It is inexcusable not to use these drugs upon request. Instead hospitals financial incentives are coercing the use of ventilators that hinder recoveries from covid. FDA approval flies in the head wind of death created by mRNA trials on animals and tens of thousands of deaths reported on VAERS after vaccine injection. “Vermont Mom” suggests that when the trials are over and the vaccine is approved that everything will be OK. I say garbage in, garbage out. The policies in place at present coincide with societal collapse. There are more important things to prepare for than Covid. Food, shelter, energy, safety. Get it while you still can.

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