Essex schools say U.S. society based on genocide, slavery, white privilege

By Michael Bielawski

The Essex-Westford School District’s equity policy considers the nation’s economic status a result of genocide, slavery, white privilege, ongoing systematic oppressions and more.

“This nation would not have evolved as it has without the genocide of the indigenous people, nor would the economic infrastructure exist as it does without the enslavement of native African people and their descendants,” the policy states. “In an effort to recognize and undo the harm of centuries of systemic inequities and oppression, we begin with this lens and framework.”

It continues that these victimized populations are still marginalized in today’s oppressive society.

It states, “EWSD recognizes the impact of systemic oppression of groups of people impacted by histories and current experiences of marginalization in addition to race including gender, abilities, and other identities. Given that identities are intersectional–meaning people have race, gender, abilities and other aspects of self, at the same time–this policy was developed to create equity in EWSD.”

Redistribution of resources

The policy also has a definition for the term equity. It is, “Distributing resources, power and decision making to marginalized groups or individuals in order to redress marginalization.”

In another part it states, “Equity recognizes that economic, social, political, and educational historical and current practices have created inequities that require explicit, intentional intervention.”

The policy alleges that resources are already directed towards preferred groups over oppressed ones. It defines systematic inequities as “Outcomes that occur when the fabric of organizations, institutions, governments or social networks contains an embedded bias which provides advantages for some members and marginalizes or produces disadvantages for other members.”

White privilege

There is also a definition of “privileged positions” stating that whole groups of people can be assumed to only have what they have because of special privileges due to their skin color or other identities. 

It states, “Unearned social power afforded by the formal and informal institutions of society to ALL members of a dominant group (e.g. white privilege, male privilege, etc.). Privilege is usually invisible to those who have it because they are taught not to see it, but nevertheless it puts them at an advantage over those who do not have it.

Other cultures still oppressed?

In the definition for “Non-Dominant culture” it implies that still currently suppressed groups are experiencing oppression and the oppressors may not even realize it.

“These attributes are actively or unconsciously oppressed by the dominant culture.  This results in a lack of representation in education, artistic expression, political process, decision making communication, and business.”

On radar of Parents Defending Education

The policy can be found at the Parent’s Defending Education incident report section. The national organization has been in Vermont and elsewhere tracking when schools adopt policies that violate the Constitutional rights of parents via politicized curricula, equity policies, and more.

Their introduction reads, “We believe our children’s education should be based on scholarship and facts, and should nurture their development into the happy, resilient, free-thinking, educated citizens every democracy needs. Our classrooms should include rigorous instruction in history, civics, literature, math, the sciences, and the ideas and values that enrich our country.”

They also detail how political activist organizations are behind this effort to indoctrinate schools.

“Schools are adopting this illiberal mission at the behest of a narrow group of activists, union leaders and high-priced consultants— without the consent of the students, parents, and communities whose interests the schools are supposed to serve. Those who dissent risk being called ugly names and shamed into silence.”

The author is a reporter for the Vermont Daily Chronicle

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  1. What is going on in this state? Why, oh God, why are we so focused on race, gender, and all this DEI garbage. Yes, slavery happened. Yes, Indians were killed. Yes, history sucks, why, because we have a history of hurting each other. But how do we change it, we learn and move on. Not by focusing on the past and trying to correct it. If we want change, be the change. Do what you can and God will do the rest. Tell people about him! Not all this cultural, waste of time, conversation filler. The only way this State and Country turn around is repentance and turning back to God. Enough with the alphabet community, enough race baiting, enough white supremacy garbage, enough with the drag queen’s, enough. 2 Genders, end if discussion. Skin color is irrelevant, any time race is put in front of any cause, it’s racist. There are good and bad in every race, skin color, male or female, etc. Skin color is irrelevant. Have a blessed day, Jesus is King.

    • If you send your children to school run by Ceaser, why are you surprised when they come home looking like a Roman ! The greatest, and most compassionate thing parents can do is get their children out of government schools run by Vermont education. Especially if they are in the Essex Westford school.
      If you wait, your children’s minds will be transformed just like a cult. As U.S. education on (reading, science, math, and history) become the secondary curriculum, to make room for EDI, and the push to form young minds they weren’t born in the right body (and we can help you do something about that). GET YOUR KIDS OUT !

    • We don’t. I lived in Essex and many fight against this. All parents who do not submit are slandered and harassed by community members and in instances by the school board. The school claims they are doing their important work. The unspoken piece is that they are indoctrinating children into being good citizens in the new social contract through the UNESCO Global Education 2030 Agenda, see my website I posted many documents.

  2. This is what happens when proven leaders of sound judgement do not run for local offices. We get the government we deserve.
    Backlash being, I would never hire a student brainwashed by this agenda.

    • Teaching history as it actually happened, and not the whitewashed version of cowboy and Indian movies is a good thing, right?

      • Wrong. It’s not how it actually happened. It’s meant to pin the guilt on White Caucasians.

        And it doesn’t describe the people who actually bankrolled the things that happened. They always get away with it.

    • The UN charter was written by a communist and foundation laid by American communists. Every secretary general has been a socialist. The UN Agenda has goals around equity to make outcomes more equal within and among nations. The UN supports, Antifa, reparations and the 1619 project. I put an article on my website about the Communist underpinning of the UN. It is on the Resources page.

  3. Get your kids out of Vermont schools. The indoctrination they are being subjected to is just not worth the “convenience.”

  4. Humans invented sin so they could sell redemption. Religion has never brought humanity together its big business that puts people at odds. Between the two biggest religions roughly half claim mohammad is king the other half say jesus is. This is not good stuff!

    • Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the father but through him. All ” religion ” is man made garbage. But, you’d better pick a side my friend, the time of his arrival is coming soon. We were all born with sin, that is why we need to be born again, through repentance and follow Jesus. But you are correct religion is divisive, we should all be the church of Christ, not defined by denomination. When the time comes, He will not ask for denomination status, but what you did for him and his kingdom. What you said and did not say. God bless, find him today.

  5. I’m proud of who I am, what I’ve done, and where I came from . If you are embarassed, or regretful of your hisory, there are planes, ships, buses, trains, and cars that leave this country all the time, maybe one of them could bring you to your utopia, don’t miss your opertunity to live your dream somewhere else ! Don’t let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya ! It is my belief that as long as we don’t let these apologists win, they lose !

  6. The DEI folks are long on systemic rhetoric and way short on details. What are my “white priviledges? Where and how do I take full advantage of them? [insert cricket sound here] Also, please explain to me how Black Lives Matter collected nearly $84 billion in contributions (that’s right, BILLION, from big corporations and useful idiots who believed their lies and deception.) Where did all that money go? Where is it!!!?? In case you missed it, George Floyd died of a drug overdose per the official autopsy report. So all that destruction and violence that ensued the Summer of 2020 was perpetrated based on a big, fat, evil lie. DEI is nothing more than conspiratorial fraud colluding with the education system and the government to inflict emotional abuse upon children and defraud adults. This illegal and evil laundering service is finished! Declared and decreed!

  7. Reparations and racism by any other names. Calling out and de-facto sanctioning people and children with white skin. Ugly stuff.

  8. Would a liberal or progressive please explain the overwhelming success of Asian and Indian families in America if “white privilege” is such a problem then? “Systems” don’t have conscious thought, therefore can never be “racist”. Systems only have participants and “non-participants”.

  9. Next Wednesday SPEAKVT is hosting an important presentation about the DEI platform that is being taught in VT schools, and most forcibly at Essex-Westford, and what the results have been on students and families. Consider attending and bring others o they might be better informed. The event is this Wednesday 11/8/23 at Holy Family Parish Hall in Essex Jct, 6:30 pm. Public invited, don’t have to be an Essex resident to attend.