Early primary voting starts Friday

For August 9 primary, mailed ballots must be requested

Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos announced Friday, June 24 as the official start of early voting for the Vermont Statewide Primary Election, to be held on Tuesday, August 9.

To vote early in the August primaries, voters must request a ballot. In-person voting at the polls will still be available as usual. Ballots for the November general election will be mailed to every registered voter.

Vermont voters have been mailed a postcard by the Secretary of State’s Elections Division containing information and instructions on how to request an early ballot.

Early ballots can be requested through a voter’s unique MyVoterPage on the Secretary of State’s website, by phone, email or in writing directly from their Town or City Clerk, or by visiting their Clerk’s office in-person.

Voters will be provided three Primary ballots: Democratic, Republican and Progressive. They must only vote one and return the other two unvoted ballots. It is important that voters carefully follow all instructions included in their ballot package or they risk their ballot being deemed defective.

In Vermont, all ballots must be received by the Clerk by 7 pm on Election Day which is Tuesday, August 9, to be counted.

“In 2020 we saw a record number of voters safely and securely cast their ballots early by mail, in-person at the Clerk’s office, through a secure ballot drop box, or at the polls on Election Day,” said Condos.

Vermont elections ranked 1st in the country for two Presidential election cycles in a row (2016, 2020) by the MIT Election Data and Science Lab’s Election Performance Index (EPI). The EPI is a data-driven measure of a state’s election administration performance.

A record high number of Vermonters voted in the Vermont 2020 Statewide Primary and General elections, shattering previous early voting and total turnout numbers.

More information on Vermont elections, including resources for voters, can be found on the Secretary of State’s website under the ‘Elections’ tab.

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  1. So how log after the primary voting “season” does the mid term voting “season” begin ? With the advent of voting “seasons” as opposed to an election day, voting has become more like a sport…..

  2. Vote the day of it just gives them longer to rig it if you don’t.

    Time and time again in this society convenience is really about stealing your information, cheating you out of something, or taking your money. In this case it’s your vote.

    Don’t vote by mail. Go to the polls on the day of. And don’t skip this year.

    The whole concept that your vote doesn’t count even if it’s rigged is BS.

    I’ll tell you one thing it’s a lot more rigged if everybody doesn’t get out and do it.

  3. It is ridiculous to start voting 6 weeks out from any election! Much more information can come out from the candidates in that time period. Also, well hidden secrets (certain family’s corruption and fraud) could be exposed, but yet they ‘trip’ into office under false representation.

  4. Boo hoo to all you cranks who have a problem with a prolonged voting time. Keeping with the FUD campaign against inclusive elections, where more people can vote, and perhaps actualy vote their interests, instead of a corporate controlled two party duopoly. The next step is Rank Choice Voting to go beyond that. Here’s something for you all, the best to know if an election is stolen? When the candidate that got less popular votes ends up in office, like in 2016 with the Trumpster. Look how that turned out. And then he tried to overturn the next election when he lost both the popular and the archaic Electoral College vote. Seriously, that thing needs to go. Vermont still resembles a working democracy, thank the political gods for that!

    • If you only knew that the United States was a constitutional republic instead of a democracy and why that is you might actually understand anything that you said.

      • If you only knew how ignorant and disingenuous that statement is. First of all , I find it interesting how the “US is a republic, not a democracy” crowd gets their panties in a bunch, and their anuses tight over how secure the voting systems are. If you look around the world, at other Constitutional republics (all republics are Constitutional) France, Ireland, Germany, and others, where the head of state supposedly rules at the consent of the governed (the base definition of a republic), they are also democracies. The people there vote for people to represent them, and hopefully look out for their interests. France is on their Fifth republic or Constitution. Germany is on its fourth.
        The United States was a functioning democracy before the 1980s. (Google the Princeton Study for more details) where every so often, laws were passed to benefit ordinary people, like Social Security, Medicare etc. That happens rarely if not at all now. The US I would argue, is a republic in name only, and could best described as an Oligarchy, and an empire, of which is soon to come to an end. Also, there is the good possibility of us becoming an authoritarian fascist state, where the head of state rules by decree, and is essentially above the law. January 6th was just practice. Trumpism is being normalized whether Trump is in the picture or not. So the jokes on you.

    • Who are the political gods you speak of and bow down to? Soros, Clintons, Bidens, Bushes, Dominion, Crowd Strike, Act Blue? Why do you think a person of color is incapable of going to a poll to complete a ballot and put in the machine on election day? Why do you think a disabled person is incapable of voting on election day? Why did Bernie Sanders lead both Hillary and Joe and then suddenly bow out? C’mon man! You wag your finger at logical thinkers? Your corporate money-fed leaders tell you what to think and what to do. Consider you have no choice and no mind of your own when those political gods you speak of control everything and I mean every thing!

    • Mr. Smith,

      I’m sorry to have to say, you have either been indoctrinated by leftist failed ideas of the Marxist/Socialists and Progressives OR, you are completely ignorant of how a Constitutional Republic works. Please educate yourself. Get a copy of both the US and Vermont Constitutions and read them. If you open your mind to understand, you’ll appreciate the exceptional and brilliant formula and system that if followed, gives Freedom to All Individuals Equally.

      The Electoral College is NOT archaic. It’s a system designed purposefully to make sure the voting of The People in ALL areas of the United States, high population and low population are heard and have a genuine part in the election process.

      If you and others are ignoring and dismissing our Constitution and you are actively working against our Constitutional Republic form of government,
      you are true insurrectionists.

      If you don’t like our Foundational Laws and Constitutional System of Government, you are Free to leave. There are plenty of places you can move to that already have the broken and Freedom oppressing, Marxist/Socialist and Progressive systems of government that you are seeking.

  5. Rank choice voting is just more corporate control.

    See when there’s more money available to one side or the other like there is in Vermont where the Democrats outspend the Republicans probably three or five to one. What happens is there’s more money available for candidates which attracts more candidates and allows for more choice on one side or the other. This inevitably ends with the guarantee per the math that the side that throws up more candidates automatically wins. But of course those on the left like yourself probably don’t understand that math nor the reason why you would want those with more money to win.

    • Rank choice voting eliminates the spoiler effect, and gives third party candidates a better chance, corporate funded or not. Tight campaign finance laws, and the end of corporate personhood is the key to getting corporate money out of politics. But back to the main subject: Rank Choice Voting only comes into play when no one candidate gets more than 50% of the vote on the first round. The next round the 2nd choices are counted until a candidate gets better than 50%. If not then, then the third choices are counted, get the picture? It works well in Australia and New Zealand. Better democracies than us. They are not republics, and why do you think that is?

      • Better democracies than us? Bwahaaaahaaaaa Have you spoke to anyone over in those countries lately? Last Aussie I spoke to said whatever you do don’t give up your guns while they are building literal covid camps with a gas line to an open pipe.

        We are not a democracy. Here’s some reading to help you understand the difference between a democracy and a constitutional republic, and why the electoral college is so important:

        Back to your other point: How often do you think that the candidate gets 50%+ of the vote? How often do Republicans not even have one candidate running let alone two? I’ll give you a hint it would happen a lot and I think of it like choosing the lowest common denominator instead of the strongest candidate just not every time. As for independent candidates they are even more rare.

        Why do people want to change everything if we just followed the damn rules to begin with and didn’t cheat everything it would work fine.

  6. This is just one consequence to show how screwed up Vermont Elections are thanks to Comrade Secretary of State Condos. His clone, Chris Winters is running in 2022 to carry on and take the place of retiring Condos.

    Read your State and Federal Constitutions. We have a Right to Free and Fair Elections, but these two words are defined differently by Condos, his clones and the Communists/Marxists/Progressives that make up our present Vermont Government.

    They have opened up our elections for every opportunity to cheat, vote illegally and dilute the Voice of True Vermont Voters. They oppose ID’s that are common sense and required for most existing functions of everyday life. They now control us with their take over of early mass mailed ballots and mandated flawed ballot counting tabulators.

    Remember: It’s not who votes that counts, it’s who counts the vote.

    It will only get worse if these lawless and immoral people are allowed to continue. Work for 2022 Candidates who oppose them and let’s throw out ALL these insurrectionists.

  7. I got an e mail from the Sec of states office, ccing the town clerk, of my town, stating that I agreed to get my ballot electronically. I did no such thing, wrote back requesting an absentee ballot, via airmail,in time for the vote to count. This has only happened since I wrote in these pages, about the changes the Sec of State made, that disallowed me to vote, in time, for my vote to count! The SOS made these changes, then announced he is not running again. Stay tuned. I’ll keep you posted while I await my paper ballot here in Central Europe. Under the old system I always got my ballot in time and my vote counted. We shall see. A couple of watchdog groups in DC are also monitoring how the process goes with me.

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